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World music mixes and compilations can be so cool to listen to! Putumayo's samplers are my favorites - you can find them on Ebay. This is where I'll also put music that doesn't fit in any of the other categories.

Spirits Of The World is a popular Israeli world music series which focuses on the mellow and ambient. According to Helicon, the label behind Spirits of the World, the first disc has 16 songs from 16 different countries. Some - like Enigma's Return To Innocence - you'll recognize. The second in the series is just as good. It must be - they've done at least five so far!

Swing Around The World is just that - "A global swing dance party that's fun for the whole family." Swing from Zimbabwe, Italy, France, Hawaii and more.

The next seven cd's are Putumayo samplers from 2002-2008. Each disc has songs from different Putumayo releases of that year. To give you an idea of what this means, the 2004 Putumayo sampler has one song from Brazilian Groove, one from Nuevo Latino, then a song from Greece: A Musical Odyssey, World Reggae, Women Of Africa, American Blues, French Cafe and ends with a tune from Sahara Lounge. I got the 2008 one in Jerusalem for free when I bought Sahara Lounge. Takes you 'round the world in 30 minutes!

The back of Turkish Groove reads, "A musical mosaic of Balkan, Central Asian and Middle Eastern flavors mixed with sophisticated global pop and dance music." This mix of European and Asian music makes for an interesting sound.

Why is it that islands have brought us so much music? The booklet doesn't hide the purpose of Islands - "my thoughts drift to the tropical islands I've visited and memories of exquisite and lazy afternoons on white sandy beaches." Amen to that!! Here's a list of where the 10 songs on Islands originated - Cape Verde, Martinique, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Madagascar, Tahiti, Hawaii and Tortola.

Women's Work is a collection of songs by women from the US, Canada and Ireland. The emotional, revealing songs flow from Ani DiFranco to Toni Childs. Salsa Around The World is the kind of cd that puts Putumayo in a league of its own. You play the cd and hear a salsa beat. Then some celtic melody pops in. Its Scottish salsa! The same thing happens with each song - Italy, Curacao, Greece, Senegal, Morocco, India, Japan (Japanese salsa!), Cameroon, Finland and Haiti.

Putumayo World Lounge is yet another mindblowing Putumayo invention. As it says on the back, The ultimate chill-out soundtrack for a global cocktail party. Mellow yourself out to music from Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Algeria and other countries. Takes you for a ride for 50 minutes.

I bought these Putumayo compilations on Ebay in June 2009. I'd wanted Blues Around The World for a while and I'd read about the other cd's. Putumayo's compilations - or mixes - are second to none. These were refreshing and with the others here, get a lot of time on our stereo!

This came with one of the EBay auctions that I won. Every month has a print of the front cover of a different Putumayo release and over half of the days in the calendar commemorate a holiday taking place somewhere in the world.

If you're a fan of Putumayo, here's a page with pictures of all of my Putumayo cd's!

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