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Here is a page dedicated to Putumayo, the best world music label. Putumayo is a welcome and interesting trend in music. The songs are carefully chosen and flow well. The artwork and booklet are all about quality and information - educating the listener about the music and performers. Putumayo cd's go for $15-$20 a piece - not cheap considering I have world music box sets of 3-5 cd's that cost the same. Putumayo is a 4 star music label. When I bought Latin Reggae and Cafe Cubano in August 2008, the store manager asked me if I wanted to listen to them first. "No, these are Putumayo. I know I'll like them."

The reviews for each cd are in the categories above - just the cd covers are here.

47 Putumayo cd's so far! Number 50 is in the mail!

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