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I'm not a big fan of modern European pop music, but Europe has always given the world great sounds! Celtic and French music are my favorites, but there's much more to explore!

From the Celtic Crossroads liner notes - "Ancient traditions meet modern technology in this captivating collection of contemporary Celtic music." I love Celtic music and I'm sure I'll get more over time. A Mediterranean Odyssey is a collection of acoustic songs from France, Spain, Italy and Greece. Brilliant acoustic rhythms - only Putumayo can create such listenable compilations! French Cafe and Paris are both interesting compilations of chanson. French Cafe, released in 2003, even has a song by the French icon Brigette Bardot. Paris, released in 2006, continues on the same theme. Even if you've never heard French music, you'll appreciate the passion of French chanson!

A fun mix of new and old. Modern dance mixed with traditional sounds, that's Putumayo's Groove series. Perfect for those fun nights..

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