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Like other types of world music, I could've put this one in another category - Asian. The sound is closest to Arabic music so it belongs here. The back of Turkish Groove reads, "A musical mosaic of Balkan, Central Asian and Middle Eastern flavors mixed with sophisticated global pop and dance music."

Arabic Groove was a pleasant surprise. I didn't know what to expect. It was a nice intro to Arabic music. Instead of calling it dance music, I'd call it "exotic chill-out". The back of the cd reads, "Rock the kasbah with this collection of funky, contemporary music from North Africa and the Middle East."

Some of the best chill-out music in the world is from the Arab world. I often listen to these together with Bolivian and Andean music - there's a similar relaxing rhythm in both. I bought Chill Arabia when I lived in Eilat.

In June 2008, I went on a short three day trip to Jordan. In Amman, I found a few music stores and bought some cd's. Then I walked to the local market and bought lots of stuff - including cd's. The saxophone collection is interesting - saxophone and Arabic instrumental music. The two Bas Al Tabla cd's focus on Arab percussion. Tamer Hosny is a successful Egyptian musician. Tears and Whispers & Tears are collections of melancholy instrumental music. The other cd's are dance and chill-out - some with vocals and some instrumental.

Then there are three rows of belly dance cd's. I loves these! The covers are nostalgic - they look like something from the 70's and 80's. The music is great - if you're new to world music, see these as "original chillout music" - without the modern makeover. We came home from Jordan with many souvenirs - but the best were the cd's. Though we were raised in cultures as far from Arab culture as can be, we love Arabic instrumental music.

I bought Putumayo Sahara Lounge in Jerusalem in April 2009. It took time to find the only remaining music store in the center of town! They had a big collection of Putumayo cd's and I figured if I was going to get one, I'd get something with a Middle Eastern flavor. I love the two Putumayo cd's above. The Putumayo Groove and Lounge series are two of my favorite collections of music - you put a bunch of them into a cd changer and enjoy the mood.

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