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American music means so much to so many people. To me its folk, blues and jazz.

American Folk has a happy looking cover and is a compilation of light and pleasant American folk music and was released in August 2005. American Blues has some of the best showin' their stuff. It was released in 2003.

The more I hear New Orleans jazz, the more I like it. This section will grow over time. I bought this with a few others in Arad in August 2008.

There's only one music store here - a small Tower Records. When we got back from our December 2008 vacation, the small Arad Tower Records was gone! I'm glad we bought a few cd's there while we could. That's the trend - less music stores in the world. While on that vacation, I noticed a lot less music stores than expected - in Savannah, Orlando and Panama City Beach. We travelled through those cities extensively and it was a surprise to run into a music store.

Deep Moods - Warm Moments of Saxophone is a collection of romantic jazz (American and European) that I bought in October 2008. The saxophone and piano create a nice ambience. This cd was compiled in Israel by Nitzan Kramer, an Israeli jazz professional. I wasn't sure where to put it in my collection and decided that Jazz belongs with World Music. Jazz with a Brazilian feel to it (like Stan Getz's Compact Jazz) is in the Brazilian section.

I like these themed jazz cd's. When I want a few hours of instrumental ambience, I listen to this, Caribbean Jazz Projects and my Latin Jazz collections.

I bought The Best Of Stanley Jordan in Savannah, Georgia in December 2008. One of the songs on the cd is Georgia On My Mind! Every song here is incredibly arranged and performed. My favorites are his covers of My Favorite Things, Stairway To Heaven and Over The Rainbow. But everything on this cd counts - even the songs Jordan composed.

Being Jewish and Israeli doesn't preclude one from enjoying Christmas. I have great childhood memories of driving through Miami to see homes with Christmas lights in the 70's and 80's with my parents and brother. Christmas music is beautiful. While in Georgia and Florida in December 2008, I couldn't resist buying some Bing Crosby Christmas music!! As soon as we got to Georgia, we saw the Christmas decorations everywhere. The radio stations we listened to played Christmas music non-stop and we loved it! The Carnival Glory cruise ship that we spent a week on had Christmas and Hannukah decorations throughout the ship.

We're not religious, but even secular people can enjoy the holiday spirit!

I bought Christmas With Bing Crosby in Savannah. I found Bing Crosby Classic Holiday Treasures and Christmas With Bing Crosby & Perry Como in Orlando at a bookstore while it was pouring outside.

Mistify is Sea World's summer fireworks, laser and water show. We were at Sea World in December so saw another show, Christmas Miracles, at the end of the day. I couldn't resist buying a cd to remind me of the atmosphere at Sea World. The music at all of the shows we saw was stunning and so is this one. Its ethereal and takes you back to Sea World - Florida's most interesting park.

I'd been thinking of getting cd's of these two when I ran into this double cd compilation in Tel Aviv in July 2009. I recognize a few of the songs from my Stanley Jordan cd's. Cool trumpets!

I got these four jazz cd's in August 2009. Dexter Gordon was one of the great tenor saxophonists. His father was a doctor to the jazz greats. I'd heard his name and was glad to get this. When you see the words Blue Note on a cd, you know you're in for a good one. The music immediately grabs you and takes you to "jazz in the classic era". The cd's title - "Go!" - fits the bill. It was released in 1962 and was recorded on August 27, 1962 in New Jersey just before Dexter left for Europe. It wasn't easy for black musicians to live in the US in those days. I can't imagine the emotions and issues that he and his generation had to deal with. But I sure respect that his generation of black jazz musicians didn't let racism stop them from their beautiful contribution to music!

Is World Music really an open door for everyone to join in and play and listen? If Germans can do Dixieland Jazz, then the answer is yes! Dice of Dixie is a German Dixieland band. Two of the three cd's were recorded in 1980 and the third in 1991. It starts off with Sweet Georgia Brown and covers all the bases of Dixieland jazz. Other songs that I recognize here include God Bless The Child, Green Leaves of Summer and a cover of The Beatles classic Girl. I love Dixieland and I'm going to grow this part of the collection a lot over time. 135 minutes of New Orleans bliss.

No saxophone collection is complete without a few box sets of saxophone cheese! This Israeli compilation spreads the cheese over four cd's. Disc 1 is titled Hits On Sax. Barry Manilow's Mandy takes the cake here. Disc 2 is titled Midnight Sax and has saxophone covers of songs like Close To You, Greatest Love Of All and Rainy Days And Mondays. Discs 3 and 4 justified Sexy Sax - Latin Sax and Jazzy Sax. I love Brazilian music, so appreciated the saxophone covers of the best Bossa Nova songs. Jazzy Sax was also good - saxophone covers of jazz standards. Two cd's that are funny to listen to and two to take seriously.

Jazz is like a treasure chest. You don't know what you're getting until you listen to it and there are endless surprises out there in jazz. Sebastian Schunke's Back In New York is one such treasure. I'd never heard of him and didn't know what to expect. What I got was pensive jazz. Touches of Latin, quiet piano and expressive guitar. Some of my favorite cd's are the "ones I wouldn't have known to buy" that someone else picked for me - here's another.

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