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Although so much of our music evolved from African music, not many of us have African music in our collections. I hope to have more over time!

The Most Beautiful Songs of Africa is a collection of Kenyan and Tanzanian music. Behind the touristy cover is an upbeat cd of African songs. According to the booklet, "The Kenya music scene has proved to be the melting pot for the whole of Eastern Africa, and with each decade has come hit records out of Kenyan studios, (mainly in Nairobi), that have swept across East and Central Africa and beyond! This selection features some of the biggest selling records ever to come out of Kenya and Africa as a whole." Adventures in Afropea 3 - Telling Stories to the Sea, also by Luaka Bop, covers Afro-Portuguese music. As the back cover states, "This is the first compilation to represent the different branches of Afro-Portuguese music."

Cesaria Evora is a singer from Cape Verde, Africa. Her rich voice caught my attention and I bought these two cd's in Eilat in 2008.

Putumayo's African Dreamland is a collection of calming melodies from Africa. We got this in September 2008 with Euro Groove. Its our second Putumayo Kids cd. I recognized the names of two musicians on the cd. As soon as we got it we listened to it twice. Sounds like another winner from Putumayo.

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