Keef Hartley played at Woodstock but none of their songs were included on any of the Woodstock cds. In fact, until 2004, nothing of their set showed up on even bootlegs! One song, Spanish Fly, was recorded by a member of the audience on cassette and appeared on a bootleg with previously unreleased songs from Sweetwater as well. I was honored to be the one to send Keef his first copy of part of his Woodstock set - he'd never heard it! An associate of his was kind enough to answer the big question - What happened to Keef Hartley since Woodstock?

"Keef more or less retired from music in the 1980s. Recently he played a few gigs with John Mayall just for old times sake. At the moment we are working on his biography. Did you know that the Woodstock show was the bands first ever US gig! Keef had played in the states before with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, but no one else in the band had. In a nutshell, Keef made 8 albums under his own name and also a number with John Mayall through the 60s and 70s. He later went on to play drums with Michael Chapman and into session work.

After leaving music he set up a business renovating and maintaining guitars with Roger Giffin (who now works for Fender in LA). This progressed into fitting out studios including The Manor (Virgin), Townhouse and Olympic studios (London) and also some work for Dave Gilmour. He semi retired in the early 90s, but still works as a cabinet maker, but only if its a project he likes! (and he only likes music related projects) He briefly came out of retirement to play with Michael Chapman on an album by Dave Gardner called Losers Paradise (year 2000), but this was just a one off as a favour to Michael and myself.

Of the band members Miller Anderson spends his time playing solo or with Spencer Davis. Hes released 3 solo albums in recent years and collaborated with Jon Lord on his last solo album. The other mainstay of the band, Gary Thain, left Keef to Join Uriah Heep in the 70s but sadly died. Spit James who played on halfbreed now plays Django Reinhardt guitar jazz. If you want to get in touch with Keef, you may do so with via this email address."

Wondering about the signed Woodstock 2 cd back cover above? Keef never got a copy of his Woodstock set. Imagine that - he and his band played at Woodstock but because they weren't on any of the Woodstock cds, they couldn't just go to the music store and pick up a copy. In early 2004, I got my hands on a rare Woodstock cd with audience recordings of Sweetwater, Santana and a Keef Hartley song that I'd never heard before. I mailed Keef the cd and the back cover to the Woodstock 2 cd -- he and his band could've and should've been on that cd or the Woodstock box set! Cool ah?