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In the summer of 2012, a newer and better version of Woodstock Complete was released!

Today we have a better idea than ever as to who played what at Woodstock. As time passes, we get more information and there are still incredible recent Woodstock releases - like Santana's complete Woodstock set which is out since 2004. See this page as a Woodstock discography. It comprises all known official, bootleg and video sources.

Once you have a collection with much of the below cd's, the next thought is, "Can I create a version of Woodstock with all of the songs played in the same order as it happened?" Today there is a collaboration called Woodstock Complete which has put together a collection of all of the bootleg sources of Woodstock. It also has a list of official cd's needed to complete it and then tells you in what order to burn it. Cool, ah?

September 2013 - We moved our online discussion forum to this new location. The old Yahoo Group is a ghost town and this new forum is a great way to stay in touch with other Woodstock fans and collectors.

August 2009 Update!! - Guess what happened 40 years ago this month? If you can answer, maybe you weren't at Woodstock. 40 years after Woodstock, the iconic festival is as legendary as ever. Time has treated Woodstock well. With the Woodstock anniversary come a bunch of new releases. I'll get them over time. What I wanted most was a Woodstock dvd - and here it is!

Woodstock Diary 1969

Woodstock Diary 1969 is a terrific new Woodstock dvd from Wienerworld. Woodstock Diary 1969 is an all-in-one Woodstock concert compilation covering all three days, a documentary about how Woodstock came to be and as well as a documentary on what really went on at Woodstock. In the days when I had the Woodstock vhs tapes and dvd started to appear, I wondered how well they would preserve and create a dvd off of those tapes. The video quality is outstanding! My favorite video part that illustrates this is when Jimi Hendrix plays the Star Spangled Banner and the camera zooms in for a close up of Hendrix's hand playing guitar. The resolution, color and picture bring you as close to that magical moment as you'll ever be.

And then there's the setlist!
Richie Havens opens with I Can't Make It Anymore and Freedom. The first day is mostly acoustic music - Country Joe's classic moment, John Sebastian plays Rainbow All Over Your Blues, Tim Hardin sings the classic If I Were A Carpenter. Arlo Guthrie's humor reveals how surprised the performers were to see so many people at Woodstock.

My favorites of the second day include Santana's Soul Sacrifice, Sly & The Family Stone performing Love City (because they brought funk to Woodstock!), The Who performing My Generation (a song that says it all, then and now) and Jefferson Airplane's morning show with 60's classics Somebody To Love and White Rabbit.

I really appreciated the songs they chose here. We've all seen Joe Cocker perform With A Little Help From My Friends (and The Who performing See Me, Feel Me). Woodstock Diary 1969 has Cocker singing another appropriate Woodstock song - Let's Get Stoned. Crosby, Stills & Nash play Blackbird and then comes the finale - Sha Na Na (what a trip to think of them!) performs Duke of Earl and Jimi Hendrix does his magic on The Star Spangled Banner, Woodstock Improvisation and Villanova Junction.

Woodstock Diary 1969 is a very worthy upgrade from your old vhs tapes!

Woodstock - The 25th Anniversary Collection

The 4 disc Woodstock box set. Comes with a nice book. I think this is the first Woodstock cd with Creedence Clearwater Revival material - and half of their set at that! Four cd's of Woodstock bliss. Buy this and you start off with 53 songs played at Woodstock.

Woodstock Soundtrack

The Woodstock Soundtrack is 2 cd's and is the easiest of the Woodstock cd's to find. Its a great collection of must have songs from Woodstock. Many of these songs are Woodstock anthems. This was Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young's second show. Woodstock catches The Who during their 1969 Tommy tour. There is only one song here that isn't on the above box set - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young's Wooden Ships. Classic Americana. The Best of Woodstock is a single disc compilation of songs from the soundtrack.

Woodstock 2

Woodstock Two continues where the Woodstock Soundtrack left off -- with more songs from the festival. There are two covers for Woodstock Two - but its a case of same music different cover. This cd is more daring than the previous one. Instead of playing it safe, we get songs most of the record buying public hasn't heard. Melanie and Mountain get good exposure. The Butterfield Blues Band is the band Bob Dylan used at the 1965 Newport Festival when he first went electric.

Woodstock Diary

Woodstock Diary is next. More of the genius of Richie Havens, Mountain and The Band - stuff not on the other cd's. And two classic Jefferson Airplane songs. There is also a two cd version of Woodstock Diary. The extra cd has the six previously unreleased tracks that are on the 25th Anniversary box set. If you get all of the cd's mentioned so far, you'll have 66 songs from Woodstock.

Double cd Jimi at WoodstockSingle cd Jimi at Woodstock
Hendrix Woodstock bootlegWoodstock Rehearsals bootleg
Jimi at Woodstock Sampler The Live Withdrawn

This cd is very easy to find. There's another one that is one cd -- its not the full set.The 2 cd version has everything but 2 songs (Master Mind and Gypsy Woman). You'll have to go bootleg to get them. What's good about these Woodstock releases is that there isn't much demand for them - so you can often find them for $10 or less. With this cd, you have just about all of Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock. While we're on Hendrix, completists will want his Woodstock Rehearsals. This cd was recorded on August 10th and 14th. 12 tracks recorded at Jimi's house in Shokan, New York and 2 from a cinema in Woodstock, New York. Listen to him get ready for his big moment! The Hendrix at Woodstock CD Sampler is a cool one. It has 3 songs + the video (for PC) for the song Fire! Its always on Ebay for less than $5. The Live Withdrawn has three songs from Woodstock and other live stuff from 1968 and 1970. Wanna read a detailed account of the differences between the official Hendrix at Woodstock cd and the complete bootleg? The single cd version has something not on any other cd, so you should get it - Final Stage Announcements by Chip Monck. The last minute and 54 seconds of Woodstock - the goodbye of Woodstock.

Ravi Shankar at the Woodstock Festival

Ravi Shankar also released his Monterey set.


This is Santana's first cd, titled "Santana." The remastered version has three Woodstock songs -- Savior, Fried Neckbones and Soul Sacrifice (which we already have). In 2004, a two cd version of Santana was released -- guess what? They didn't play 4 songs, they played 7 songs! Disc 2 has Santana's complete Woodstock performance. Absolutely worth listening to! The rest of it (besides the original songs from the cd) are studio outtakes - cool jams.

Viva Santana

Before 2004, when the above disc was released, the only way to get the song Persuasion was by buying Viva Santana.

Country Joe & The Fish

Country Joe and Arlo Guthrie are two of my favorite 'characters' from the 60's. Cool brand names who should be in high school textbooks. The Life And Times Of Country Joe & The Fish is a classic! It has one Woodstock song, Love Machine. All of the other songs are fun to listen to.

There are a few bootlegs with both sets - Country Joe's impromptu solo set and he and his band together. If you're a fan, check out Country Joe's site and the best Country Joe & The Fish collector site.

Sweetwater - Cycles

Sweetwater is the best kept secret of Woodstock. The singer of this band had her career cut short by a drunk driver a few months after Woodstock. None of their set ended up on the other Woodstock compilations. I never heard their music until I bought Cycles. Wow!! THIS is hippy music to the core. Lots of instruments and a singer with a beautiful voice. I listen to this cd a lot - I'm glad that collecting Woodstock led me to this band. The song "What's Wrong" is from Woodstock.

Jefferson Airplane Loves You

This part of collecting Woodstock is a test - you have to buy a three cd box set in order to get one song (Plastic Fantastic Lover). Now we have all but one song from Jefferson Airplane's set.

Grateful Dead at Woodstock

Everyone knows its kosher to tape and trade Grateful Dead shows - so we'll put official cd's and bootlegs together in this case. The first one is the easiest one to find. Next is a not-so-known cd - released in Russia! Looks like its official, but who knows. Try or Ebay. It has an extra minute and 14 seconds than the previous one - you get to hear Country Joe come on stage and warn people not to take acid. Its 73 minutes and 38 seconds long. The third one, a bootleg, was hardest to find. I found the artwork for it and a year later someone sent me the show. This is the one to look for. A double cd. 77 minutes and 2 seconds.

The Who - The Kids Are Alright + 30 Years of Maximum R&B.

The Kids Are Alright is a great movie if you haven't seen it. It has two Woodstock songs on it that we don't already have - Sparks and Pinball Wizard. The Who sang See Me, Feel Me and the "listening to you" lyric as the sun rose. This is one of the most memorable moments of the festival. 30 Years of Maximum R&B is The Who's box set. Its 4 cd's. It takes you through their career with remastered versions of songs and lots of unreleased stuff. The cd lists the song Underture from Woodstock but its the same Sparks from The Kids Are Alright with the last minute or so of Amazing Journey before it. You'll also hear part of the Abbie Hoffman Incident. There is also a single cd version of the box set.

This is the right place to mention the Abbie Hoffman incident. After Pinball Wizard, Abbie Hoffman gets on the stage and says something to the effect of, "This is a pile of crap, while John Sinclair rots in prison." (John Sinclair - someone busted for weed and given a long sentence. Lots of people protested his case. John Lennon wrote a good song about him. Sinclair was let out early.)

Pete Townshend kicks Abbie off the stage and yells, "Get off my stage, get off my fucking stage," into the microphone. After the next song, There's a Doctor (which talks about a "doctor in town who can cure the boy"), Pete yells out, "The next person who gets on this stage is dead, you hear me? Fucking dead!"

There's a lot of symbolism in the "rock God" kicking the hippie leader off the stage. During his 1998 Woodstock performance, Pete says that he never got the chance to speak to Abbie Hoffman afterwards. Life went on!

Janis Joplin - Box of Pearls

The ultimate Janis kit, you get all four of her albums (each with bonus tracks) plus an extra cd with live songs and outtakes. Phenomenal packaging. Two more songs from Janis' famed Woodstock performance - Summertime and Piece of My Heart.

Mountain - Live - The Road Goes Ever On

Mountain's most popular song was Mississippi Queen. Even Sam Kinison covered it! Leslie West played on The Who's Who's Next (the new Deluxe Edition or the bootleg From Lifehouse To Leeds has his signature style all over it), Billy Joel's River Of Dreams and is one of the great guitarists of that era. The Road Goes Ever On is a 33 minute cd - but it packs a punch! The last song, Nantucket Sleighride, ends it with a psychedelic/hard-rock groove. The Road Goes Ever On was originally was released as an album in 1972. It has four songs - two of which are from Woodstock. The cd booklet doesn't say it, but Long Red and Waiting To Take You Away are from Woodstock.

John Sebastian - Faithful Virtue: The Reprise Recordings

John Sebastian's five song set stands with the best of Woodstock. Hear it once and you'll know why - the songs and John's hippy stories between the songs are great pieces of that period. Guess what else John Sebastian is known for? He wrote the theme song for the 70's show Welcome Back, Kotter. Now that's a 70's flashback! I'm glad Woodstock brought me to this box set - I'm now a fan. Its made by Rhino Hand Made - the same people who did the Sweetwater cd. The packaging is as good as it gets - a thick color booklet tells you everything you need to know about John Sebastian. Faithful Virtue gets five stars for having John's complete Woodstock set.

That's it for official sources. Now for the unofficial, or bootleg, sources.

Let's do this part in the same order of the festival. We already have two songs of Richie Havens. Two more songs - With A Little Help From My Friends and Strawberry Fields Forever are available. He's great - now that I'm exposed to his music, I want to buy his cd's.

Two more of Joan Baez set are available on bootleg. "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" is on a hard to get bootleg and "We Shall Overcome" is on the Lost Performances bootleg. The Lost Performances is a 4 cd bootleg by Great Dane Records. A cooler booklet than the official cd's have. Now we have all of Joan Baez's Woodstock set.

Country Joe played twice at Woodstock - once by himself (that's the one with the famous "Gimme an F" moment) and once with his band. The Lost Performances bootleg has one song - Rockin' All Around The World. There's a Country Joe & The Fish bootleg with the second performance of the Fish Cheer/I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die-Rag. Thing Called Love is also available.

Incredible String Band

Nice boobs on the Celtic folk singer! There's a Yahoo Group ( for the Incredible String Band.. One of the faithful there will help you get their 3 song set. .

CCR - Woodstock '69

Their complete set is on the Lost Performances cd.

Janis Joplin at Woodstock

Ditto with Janis - on the Lost Performances bootleg.

Sly & The Family Stone - Down On The Farm

This is a hard-to-find bootleg. I saw it go for over $100 on Ebay once. (Not to me - search for it on Google and you'll find an online cd store that sells it for $29.99) It has the complete Woodstock set and part of a show in Amsterdam on September 10, 1970. I didn't know much about Sly & The Family Stone before I heard them on the Woodstock cd's.

The Who at Woodstock

There are as many versions of The Who at Woodstock as there are stars in the galaxy! They're my favorite band - I have a site for my Who collection and of course own every official release they ever thought of - including solo stuff. After Pinball Wizard, Abbie Hoffman gets on stage and Pete Townshend doesn't like it! The Who weren't hippies. Rebels to the rebels. Roger Daltrey was always anti-drugs, kept in shape and shows a great attitude in his press interviews. This is how Tommy should be heard. The Who's full set is on a few bootleg labels - including Lost Performances. Most Who at Woodstock bootlegs don't list the Abbie Hoffman incident as a song (on its own) but the setlists we're using do. We already have four from official sources - Underture from the box set and Sparks, Pinball Wizard and See Me, Feel Me from The Kids Are Alright.

Stormy Monday, For Yasgur's Farm and Beside The Sea (referred to on the bootleg as You and Me) are what we get for Mountain.

The Band at Woodstock

There's a bootleg with seven songs of The Band's set. Too bad Dylan didn't join them for this one.

Only one song of Blood, Sweat & Tears out there -- and its on the Lost Performances bootleg. "More and More."

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

CSNY's played a historical set. Read more about it here. This is a 3 vcd (video cd) set. It has 3 songs we didn't have - Helplessly Hoping, Mr. Soul and Long Time Gone (which you heard on the Woodstock video but it wasn't on the cd).

The Paul Butterfield Band has one bootleg song - Driftin'. And its on Lost Performances.

One in late 2002, someone mailed me a double cd with a bunch of Woodstock songs that I didn't previously have. Instead of going back to each band, we'll keep things simple and add them here.I'll call this one the "New Bootleg." These are the new songs on it:

Richie Havens - High Flyin' Bird, With A Little Help From My Friends (a longer version here, but we've already listed this song so it doesn't count towards the total), Strawberry Fields Forever (same), Hey Jude (actually the end of Strawberry Fields breaks into the end of Hey Jude, but we'll still count it as a song as everyone else's Woodstock setlist has it).

John Sebastian - I Find Myself Missing You is here, but we already have his complete set.

Country Joe - I Find Myself Missing You (aka Janis), Flyin' High Around The World and Seen a Rocket are new.

Blood, Sweat and Tears - Why was this so hard to find?! Yet another Woodstock performance that'll cause me to get a cd of a band. They played 5 songs and until now, only More and More was released - and on the Lost Performances bootleg at that. The New Bootleg has Something Going On, I Love You Baby More Than You Ever Know and Spinning Wheel.

Butterfield Blues Band - All My Loving Coming Through To You is added.

Sha-Na-Na - Wipe Out, Teen Angel and The Book of Love. At the time, this one bootleg adds 13 songs that Woodstock collectors didn't have.

Woodstock Nation LP

This is a very hard to find LP that came out in the late 80's. The first few songs on the album can't be from Woodstock (B. B. King is listed and he didn't play at Woodstock - and what you hear there is Ted Nugent who also didn't play at Woodstock). There are ten songs here that could be from Woodstock. One of them we already have:
1. Butterfield Blues Band - Born Under a Bad Sign
2. Country Joe & The Fish - Barry's Caviar Dream
3. Country Joe & The Fish - Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine
4. Canned Heat - Let's Work Together
5. Canned Heat - Too Many Drivers
6. Sha-Na-Na - Theme
7. Sha-Na-Na - Yakety Yak
8. Sha-Na-Na - Teen Angel (we already have - from "The New Bootleg")
9. Sha-Na-Na - Jailhouse Rock
10. Sha-Na-Na - Theme
There is evidence that Woodstock Nation isn't from Woodstock. Teen Angel - which we also have on The New Bootleg (its source is Woodstock Outtakes, a bootleg video) and Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine aren't from Woodstock. Also, I went to the Yahoo Group for Sha-Na-Na. There's a vibrant group there! Everyone who listened to it told me it couldn't have been from Woodstock based on who was singing and other details. A third reason - at the end, the announcer closes the festival by saying that there'll be more festivals all summer long. But it was August 18 and the only festival left was Texas Pop two weeks later. If anyone has any info, let me know. In the summer of 2005 we found out that Woodstock Nation is probably from the 1970 Kickapoo Festival in Illinois. There's even a movie titled Incident At Kickapoo - if you've seen it or have it, let me know.

The Lost Performances video (below) has four songs that we don't have yet. Arlo Guthrie sings Amazing Grace - closing for us his three song set. Next comes Bert Sommer - he sings the beautiful song Jennifer. Quill does Waitin' For You and Sha-Na-Na plays Duke of Earl.

There is a Country Joe & The Fish Woodstock bootleg making the rounds on the Internet - we're missing two songs of that set that are here. Barry's Caviar Dream and Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine.

Woodstock - Freedom

This is a cool compilation bootleg that I found in Tel Aviv. Its made by On Stage - you may have some of their other bootlegs. It doesn't have anything on it that any Woodstock collector won't have, but it has a great selection of songs!

There is a cd which is an audience recording from Woodstock. Its called "Audience Participation Woodstock". Two people, Derek Redmond and Paul Campbell, deserve warm credit for this. We get two more songs of Sweetwater (Motherless Child and For Pete's Sake), Joan Baez singing Eleanor Rigby by a campfire, Quill playing They Live The Life and BBY, two more of Santana - Waiting and You Just Don't Care. Also our first song of Keef Hartley - Spanish Fly (Click here to read what happened to Keef Hartley since Woodstock!), Joe Cocker belting out Dear Landlord, another piece of Jefferson Airplane playing The Other Side Of This Life and Johnny Winter's Leland Mississippi Blues.

Bert Sommer has a website with a must see Woodstock page. You'll hear something you never heard before -- Bert Sommer playing Simon & Garfunkel's America!! Its only since the summer of 2005 that we have this song.

The current version of Woodstock Complete has a few more unofficial songs which aren't mentioned here. Its impossible to track each unofficial song - some don't originate on silver discs that collectors buy. There are a bunch of other cd's connected with Woodstock. These are the ones that are worth mentioning.

Summer Rock Festival has a bunch of songs from different rock festivals. The important one for us is Matthew's Southern Comfort's wonderful cover of the song Woodstock. A Day In The Garden is the only post-Woodstock event worth looking at. Richie Havens, Pete Townshend, Donovan, Ten Years After and other bands played at the August 1998 event. Pete Townshend discusses the Abbie Hoffman incident and otherthings. You can't tell that 29 years have passed when you hear Richie Havens singing and strumming. Pete and Richie act as the elder statesmen of Woodstock and the others fill their roles. Before & After has Jimi Hendrix's Woodstock Rehearsals and something else that's important - Jimi's September 8, 1969 appearance on The Dick Cavett Show. He plays Izabella and Machine Gun and is interviewed for about six minutes. You can hear how tired Hendrix was two weeks after Woodstock. The interviews by festival performers and organizers are what make the Woodstock cdrom so cool. Joni Mitchell wrote the song Woodstock and it first appeared on her album Ladies of the Canyon. Five Way Street is a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young studio bootleg with two studio outtakes of the song Woodstock!

The Woodstock 25th Anniversary cd with Hendrix on the cover is a French cd with a few songs from Hendrix's set. Next is an advance copy of his 2 cd official cd. Sounds the same as the release to me. I also have the press kit for the official cd. Next is a promo cd for The Best of Woodstock (the single cd of Woodstock). Three songs on it as you can see. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young do a great cover of the song Woodstock. "So Far" is a greatest hits cd that was released in 1974. Wavy fucking Gravy! One of the coolest characters to come out of Woodstock!! Do yourself a favor and pick this one up. He tells great Woodstock and Texas Pop Festival stories. He's funny, charismatic and wasn't just a rebel - Wavy Gravy did good things for people back then and still does. I respect him. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young performed at Woodstock '94 and played a set similar to their Woodstock '69 mindblower. In 1998, Joni Mitchell finally made it to Woodstock. The quiet, melodic show ends with the song Woodstock. There are two versions of the artwork.

There aren't many Woodstock videos out there. This is history, folks! Get your hands on anything you can find. If you find any of these (official or otherwise), pass it on! I'd love to see some Sweetwater at Woodstock, among others.

Woodstock and Woodstock II

Woodstock is the video most people have seen. Woodstock 2 is a lesser known video with stuff taken from the Woodstock video. The picture is shorter because its printed on a different type of packaging. If the Monterey video set the standard for rock festival videos, the Woodstock video wrote the book.

Woodstock - The Director's Cut

They made the best thing even better. 30 minutes of footage added! This is probably the best rock movie in existence.

Woodstock - The Lost Performances

Richie Haven's version of Strawberry Fields Forever should've been on the Woodstock soundtrack - its great. We get another Beatles cover with Crosby,Stills, Nash and Young's rendition of Blackbird. I love seeing Arlo Guthrie in action.

Woodstock - The Music

Why didn't I know of this one earlier?!? Great idea -- one videotape for each of the 3 days of Woodstock. Lots of material not on the above videos. Richie Havens doing I Can't Make It Anymore, John Sebastian does Rainbow All Over Your Blues, The Who play My Generation. We finally get to see Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit on video. Joe Cocker does Let's Go Get Stoned (the audio of this is on Woodstock Diary). And a second Sha-Na-Na song, Duke of Earl, is released to the public. It came out in 2001 by Gravity. This and the Lost Performances video weren't marketed much, were they? These are two of the best official Woodstock items.

August 15, 1969

This is a Japanese release of videotape one (August 15, 1969) of the above video. In 2006, I got this update from Video Watchdog - "I can confirm that the August 16 and 17 programs were also issued in Japan, not only on tape but on laserdisc. I own all three laserdisc releases, and they're fantastic. This programming was also aired on Showtime in the early '90s under the title Woodstock Diary."

Woodstock 1969 Music Festival

Finally, we get to hear the story from the horses' mouths!! All four of the festival founders are interviewed (if they're reading this, I'd love an autograph!). Like in the Isle of Wight video, we get to see things as they really are. Woodstock was a business venture. One that probably went well over time. It wasn't a free festival - an investor put up millions of dollars. Promoters, businessmen, and those working with them worked their asses off for a year to make this happen. Instead of pretending that "music should be free," we should applaud the people who initiate ventures that gave us great music. I learned a lot from listening to the interviews. Plus, you get to see what Arlo Guthrie and Country Joe looked like in the 90's! This video is easy to find on Amazon and Ebay.

The Who - The Kids Are Alright

A must have. The Who playing Sparks, Pinball Wizard and See Me, Feel Me. A moment you won't want to miss.

Viva Santana

The video companion to a rockin' 2 cd set. Like many people I know, Santana was on acid when he had his revelation. He tells all about it. Soul Sacrifice, from Woodstock, is here.

Jimi Hendrix - Live at Woodstock

A must have. About half of Jimi Hendrix's magestical performance.

Sweetwater - A True Rock Story

VH-1 did this movie with the band. Its very different than other rock'n'roll documentaries. Sweetwater will go down in history as the first band to play at Woodstock - they performed after Richie Havens. Sweetwater's story is inspirationaland is a lot easier to identify with than that of other bands. The movie has brief clips of their Woodstock performance. Do yourself a favor - either watch the Sweetwater video on VH-1 or buy it on Ebay. Its a great way to round-out your Woodstock education!

Here's where I'll add non-musical things that I have.. First is the Woodstock Handbill.

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