This was a sort of festival for its day. It was held on April 11, 1965 at Wembley Stadium. A music magazine has a yearly poll and invites the winners to play. You end up with The Moody Blues, The Rolling Stones, Donovan, The Animals, The Kinks and The Beatles playing the same venue. Its cool to hear a show that includes The Beatles playing with their peers. The New Musical Express 1965 Poll Winners' Concert is a snapshot of rock music the moment before it became rebellious. The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were still mop tops singing love songs. The Beatles had only been introduced to marijuana eight months earlier (it was none other than Bob Dylan who turned them on for the first time), it was four months before The Beatles released their first album with pot references (Help!), and My Generation was still a dirty thought in Pete Townshend's mind. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards weren't yet the bad asses they were about to become.

1965 NME Poll Winners' Concert

2 cds. The best one day festival of its time. Vigotone, a popular bootleg publisher, released this show. They're the only bootleg publisher with a website devoted to it -- Here is the setlist for this cd (which I believe is complete):

Disc 1

Introduction by Derek Johnson and Jimmy Savile
1. The Moody Blues - Bo Diddley
2. The Moody Blues - Go Now
3. Freddie And The Dreamers - Little Bitty Pretty One
4. Freddie And The Dreamers - A Little You
5. Georgie Fame And The Blue Flames - Yeh Yeh
6. Georgie Fame And The Blue Flames - Walking The Dog
7. The Seekers - I'll Never Find Another You
8. The Seekers - A World Of Our Own
9. Herman's Hermits - Wonderful World
10. Herman's Hermits - Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter
11. The Ivy League And Division Two - Funny How Love Can Be
12. The Ivy League And Division Two - Sweet And Tender Romance
13. The Ivy League And Division Two - That's Why I'm Crying
14. Sound Incorporated - Time For You
15. Sound Incorporated - In The Hall Of The Mountain King
16. Wayne Fontana And The Mindbenders - Game Of Love
17. Wayne Fontana And The Mindbenders - Just A Little Bit Too Late
18. The Rolling Stones - Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
19. The Rolling Stones - Pain In My Heart
20. The Rolling Stones - Around And Around
21. The Rolling Stones - The Last Time
22. Cilla Black With Sounds Incorporated - Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
23. Cilla Black With Sounds Incorporated - Going Out Of My Head

Disc 2

1. Donovan - You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond
2. Donovan - Catch The Wind
3. Them - Here Comes The Night
4. Them - Turn On Your Love Light
5. The Searchers - Bumble Bee
6. The Searchers - Let The Good Times Roll
7. Dusty Springfield with The Echoes - Dancing In The Street
8. Dusty Springfield with The Echoes - Mockingbird
9. Dusty Springfield with The Echoes - Can't Hear You
10. The Animals - Boom Boom
11. The Animals - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
12. The Animals - Talkin 'bout You
13. The Kinks - You Really Got Me
14. The Kinks - Tired Of Waiting For You
15. The Beatles - I Feel Fine
16. The Beatles - She's A Woman
17. The Beatles - Baby's In Black
18. The Beatles - Ticket To Ride
19. The Beatles - Long Tall Sally
Look at that setlist! This one day festival is nothing short of historical. The Beatles' marketing department would never let anyone release a show with the fab four playing with other bands. Its a shame that the general public never got to hear the music of this cool day in London.

Poll Winners Go To Blackpool

This cd has The Beatles' 1964 and 1965 (which is on the above cd) NME Poll Winners' Concert shows. Takes you back! The Bootlegzone has all the info on this cd. Bootlegzone is Beatles bootleg heaven, if you didn't know.

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