The Concert For New York City

On October 20, 2001, a concert was held to cheer up New York City and the entire US after the terrible events of September 11, 2001. Paul McCartney wrote a song, "Freedom," for the event. There's another interesting part to the Concert For New York. Three great 60's bands are represented - The Beatles (Paul McCartney), The Who and The Rolling Stones (Mick Jagger and Keith Richards played). Paul McCartney was a talent consultant for Monterey. The Who played at 5 of the 8 rock festivals covered on this site (Monterey, Woodstock, Isle of Wight, Live Aid and the Concert For New York). The Rolling Stones are represented at 3 of them (Altamont, Live Aid and the Concert For New York).

They participated in the original 60's rock festivals. The Concert For New York was probably their curtain call - we'll probably never see such greats on the same stage. (And if we do, I hope its to celebrate something next time!!!)

There is also an official video (I don't have it yet) and a bootleg video (3 video cassettes) of the entire performance.

The Concert For New York - Bootleg

If you want the entire show, you gotta go bootleg. But as the official cd is for a good cause, remember to buy it too. The first 5 cds are the entire show. The 6th cd has two versions of Paul's performance + bonus McCartney outtakes from Driving Rain. Its becoming a habit to listen to this complete Concert For New York every September 11th.

Paul McCartney - The Charity Gigs

The Charity Gigs starts off with Paul's complete performance at The Concert For New York - even the introduction by Jim Carrey. This Beatleg also has Paul's performance at The Prince's Trust concert, The Concert For Kampuchea (both charity gigs) and Knebworth 1990.

Paul McCartney - The Concert For New York City

Nice cover - how touching for a bootleg label! A few parts to this bootleg. Eight McCartney rehearsal songs from, The Concert For New York City VH1 TV Broadcast with all of Paul's set, The Concert For New York City CBS TV Re-Broadcast (partial set) and a few bonus tracks from

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