First to the cds themselves. Then a setlist - so you can build your own Monterey Pop Festival Complete and listen to it in the right order! Much of the Monterey Pop Festival has been released. Let's start with the official cds.

The Monterey International Pop Festival Box Set

This is a fantastic four cd box set. Comes with a colorful booklet. This and the bootleg compilation are the two most comprehensive Monterey releases. This is the show where The Who and Jimi Hendrix showed Americans what "auto-destruction" was all about. My favorites from this box set are The Association's "Windy," The Animal's doing "San Franciscan Nights," everything The Byrds did, Otis Redding playing "Respect" and The Mamas and The Papas doing the festival finale - "Dancing in the Streets."

Jimi Plays Monterey, Live At Monterey Pop Festival and Kiss The Sky

This is Jimi's premier US appearance. Rumor has it that Paul McCartney made sure he was going to play Monterey. Jimi had to go to England to get his start! Kiss The Sky is a compilation cd that has Killing Floor from Monterey. The last one is a bootleg of his set. I only have the artwork and hope to one day get it and compare it to the official versions.

Ravi Shankar - Live at Monterey 1967

Ravi Shankar released both his Monterey and Woodstock sets.

Jefferson Airplane - Live at the Monterey Festival

There are two Jefferson Airplane Monterey releases. The one on the left has the entire set. The one on the right (according to has five of the seven song set. What's the rest? Studio outtakes and rarities! But you won't know by reading the booklet. Nor does the booklet give a hint as to what the non-Monterey songs are. Either the bands don't mind (if it were my creation, I would!) or they don't have the power to say to someone, "Hey, let them know what they're buying!" (Still, its cool to finally know that there're other interesting songs to listen to on this cd.) The real Monterey cd kicks ass. This is my favorite live performance of Jefferson Airplane.

The Mamas and The Papas - Historic Performances Recorded Live at the Monterey International Pop Festival

I agree with the title - it was historic. "California Dreaming" during the Summer of Love. Its a short, but sweet, eight song set.

Now onto the bootlegs.
Simon & Garfunkel, The Byrds, Country Joe & The Fish at Monterey

This is one of my favorite cds. Simon & Garfunkel played an excellent set. Then a few from The Byrds. Two songs from Country Joe & The Fish make this cd so good - a New Orleans style version of "The Fixin' To Die Rag" played two years before the one you know of from Woodstock. And their classic, "Please Don't Drop That H-Bomb On Me." The bottom row are two bootlegs that have Simon & Garfunkel's Monterey set on them.

Come & Drum - The Who at Monterey

The version on the official box set is better. The Who's entire set is here. This is one of the best (and loudest) versions of My Generation. Just the thought of the angry members of The Who smashing their instruments in front of a crowd of flower children is enough to laugh!

Janis Joplin - Combination of the Two

Great bootleg. You get all of Janis' Monterey set and most of her Woodstock set!

Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Buffalo Springfield and Electric Flag

For What Its Worth is the most popular song on this Monterey compilation.

Buffalo Springfield - Missing Herd, Disc 6

Has 5 songs of their Monterey set.

Buffalo Springfield - Monterey And Gold Star

Another Buffalo Springfield at Monterey bootleg! This one has 23 songs - Monterey and outtakes and demos.

Canned Heat - The Owl Under The Moon

This Canned Heat bootleg has Rollin' And Tumblin' and Bullfrog Blues from Monterey. The other songs are from other concerts from 1966 and 1970. One of them, Reefer Blues, caught my attention.

Monterey Pop Festival - 1967

This is an excellent bootleg. Six cds of Monterey. Lots of songs not on the official box set. Psychedelic artwork. Looks like the guy who did the artwork had some of that brown acid from Woodstock! Light one up and check out what's on this cd:

Scott MacKenzie singing San Francisco, Simon and Garfunkel playing Feelin' Groovy, Punky's Dilemma and five other songs. Buffalo Springfield plays For What Its Worth, Country Joe does Please Don't Drop That H-Bomb On Me, the full Mamas and the Papas set, The Byrds covering Hey Joe, Jimi Hendrix covering Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - only two weeks after that song was released! The Animals cover Paint It Black. And Otis Redding covers Satisfaction. As Chong would say, this Monterey bootleg is a heavy, far-out thing.

The bottom left cover is from a 5 cd version of this bootleg - same song list, just no sixth cd. The bottom right cover is from the silver disc version - it has the same songlist as discs 3 and 4 and with a nice booklet.

Monterey Pop - The Radio Concerts

This is the ultimate Monterey box set. During June 1988, 21 years after Monterey, a radio broadcast airs. 88 songs from Monterey are played. Many of the musicians, Tommy Smothers and actor Dennis Hopper (Monterey was a year before Easy Rider came out) are interviewed especially for the radio show. It flows well - you get to hear complete Monterey sets of Jefferson Airplane, The Mamas and The Papas and Jimi Hendrix mixed with what Ravi Shankar, Country Joe and Bob Weir thought of it all. Its a 9 cd flower power-house. The other Monterey bootlegs are based on the music here.


Monterey International Pop Festival

A famous video by a famous 60's filmmaker, D. A. Pennebaker. This video set the standard for filming rock festivals.

The Who - 30 Years of Maximum R&B Live

30 Years of Maximum R&B Live has The Who doing their first 'mini-opera,' A Quick One While He's Away.

The Who - The Kids Are Alright

The Kids Are Alright has The Who playing My Generation at Monterey. They're dressed like psychedelic gurus and smashing their instruments!

Jimi Plays Monterey

Pennebaker also made separate movies for Jimi Hendrix and Otis Redding ("He's from the band in Animal House, Beavis.."). See Jimi play Sgt. Pepper and Like A Rolling Stone live! Jimi Hendrix didn't play Sgt. Pepper at Monterey - the video here is from Christmas On Earth, London, December 22, 1967 and was filmed by a roadie of the Rolling Stones. A story is told where Paul McCartney and George Harrison heard Jimi play Sgt. Pepper days after this was released. This was at the Saville Theatre in London on June 4, 1967 - just before Monterey.

Monterey Pop 1967 - The Lost Performances

This video was broadcast on VH-1. Interviews and music. We get two more Who songs - Substitute and Summertime Blues (so we have 4 of The Who's 6 Monterey songs on video). Two more of The Mamas & The Papas, two of Simon & Garfunkel (Homeward Bound and Sounds of Silence!). What else? The Association play Along Comes Mary, The Byrd's play He Was A Friend Of Mine, Jefferson Airplane play Somebody To Love. And more! The interviews add a lot to this one - hearing Art Garfunkel, Pete Townshend and The Mamas & The Papas tell Monterey stories take me back to this 1967 microdot convention. Art Garfunkel says that Simon & Garfunkel saw themselves as in the same league as The Mamas & The Papas. And that Simon & Garfunkel were making music for university students. I have a bunch of their shows that took place at universities in the 60's. Art Garfunkel is right - Simon & Garfunkel's university performances in the 60's are among the coolest moments of the 60's! D. A. Pennebaker, the Monterey filmmaker, says his bit - making Monterey Pop 1967 The Lost Performances an important part of Monterey history.

If you have the above and want to listen to it all in the right order, here's how!
Monterey, CA June 16, 17, 18, 1967
The Definitive Collection in Chronological Order

Friday Evening, 6/16/67
1. John Phillips Festival Introduction (Complete Monterey Pop DVD)
2. Along Comes Mary (Complete Monterey Pop DVD-Includes Intro not found on box set)
3. Windy (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
4. Love Is A Hurtin’ Thing (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
5. Dead End Street (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
6. Tobacco Road (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
7.  Memphis (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
8. Paint It Black (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
9. San Francisco Nights (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
10. Ginhouse Blues (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)|
11. Hey Gyp (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
12. Homeward Bound (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
13. At The Zoo (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
14. Feelin’ Groovy (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
15. For Emily (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
16. Sounds Of Silence (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
17. Benedictus (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
18. Punky’s Dilemma (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)

The opening night of the 3 day festival headlined by Simon & Garfunkel.  Though they put on
an exemplary set, the bands to come over the next 2 nights (specifically The Who, Airplane
and Hendrix) would show that they were quickly being left behind. This night was more
mellow overall all than the rest of the festival with all bands involved, except maybe
Johnny Rivers lame version of “Memphis”, putting on fine sets.  The Association’s 2 songs
are very enjoyable once you get past their high schoolish approach to music.  A definite
highlight to this night is Eric Burdon & The Animals outstanding version of “Paint
It Black” complete with violin intro.

Saturday Afternoon, 6/17/67
1. Rollin’ and Tumblin’ (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
2. Dust My Broom (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
3. Bullfrog Blues (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
4. Down On Me (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
5. Combination Of The Two (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
6. Harry (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
7. Road Block (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
8. Ball And Chain (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
10. Not-So-Sweet Martha Lorraine (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
11. Fixin’ To Die Rag (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
12. Please Don’t Drop That H-Bomb (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
13. Section 43 (Complete Monterey Pop DVD)
14. (I Heard Her Say) Wake Me, Shake Me (Complete Monterey Pop DVD)

1. Look Over Yonders Wall (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
2. Mystery Train (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
3. Born In Chicago (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
4. Double Trouble (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
5. Mary Ann (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
6. Droppin' Out (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
7. Driftin' Blues (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
8. One More Heartache (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
9. All I Ever Wanted To Do (Was To Love You) (Complete Monterey Pop DVD)
10. Mercury Blues (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
11. Drinkin’ Wine (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
12. Groovin’ Is Easy (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
13. Night Time Is The Right Time (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)

The Saturday afternoon show begins with a fairly safe set from Canned Heat, a nice listen
but nothing outstanding.  Big Brother & The Holding Company play both Saturday afternoon
and Sunday night. Most gig guides list the bulk of the show available coming from
Saturday afternoon, therefore the majority of their set is sequenced here.  There is one
other song available, a second version of “Combination of Two” and it can found on the
Sunday night portion of this collection.  Big Brother’s show is up to their usual high
standards of playing, great stuff.  Country Joe sounds very dated on their usual
political banter, however, their set does now includes the instrumental “Section 43”.
Not previously available until the release of the “Complete Monterey Pop DVD” it proves
that politics aside they could play some good music.  Al Kooper’s set is documented with
one outstanding song now available due to the release of the  ”Complete Monterey Pop DVD”
set. As with Big Brother, Butterfield Blues Band play both Saturday afternoon and Sunday
night. All available songs are sequenced here and it is unknown which songs are from
which set. It is a very enjoyable blues tinged set of covers.  We now have one song
available from Quicksilver Messenger Service due to the DVD set release, it is an
excellent song and I would love to someday get my hands on their entire set. Steve
Miller is up next with an adequate, and average, blues followed by another highlight,
the unusual Jazz influenced rock of The Electric Flag.  There seems to be little in
the way of live Electric Flag available, though they played the Fillmore West on
numerous occasions, and it is nice to have these 3 songs available.

Saturday night, 6/17/67
1. Tommy Smothers introduction (Dark Magic Bootleg)
2. Indifference (Dark Magic Bootleg)
3. Mr. Blues (Dark Magic Bootleg)
4. Sittin’ By The Window (Dark Magic Bootleg)
5. Omaha (Dark Magic Bootleg)
6. Bajabula Bonke (Healing Song) (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
7. Renaissance Fair (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
8. Have You Ever Seen Her Face (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
9. Hey Joe (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
13. He Was A Friend Of Mine (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
14. Lady Friend (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
15. Chimes Of Freedom (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
16. So You Wanna Be A Rock ‘N’ Roll Starn (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
17. Today (Complete Monterey Pop DVD)
18. Wedding Song (Complete Monterey Pop DVD)
19. Poverty Train (Complete Monterey Pop DVD)

1. Somebody To Love (Jefferson Airplane Live at the Monterey Festival)
2. The Other Side Of This Life (Jefferson Airplane Live at the Monterey Festival)
3. White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane Live at the Monterey Festival)
4. High Flying Bird (Jefferson Airplane Live at the Monterey Festival)
5. Today (Jefferson Airplane Live at the Monterey Festival)
6. She Has Funny Cars (Jefferson Airplane Live at the Monterey Festival)
7. Young Girl Sunday Blues (Jefferson Airplane Live at the Monterey Festival)
8. Ballad Of You, Me and Pooneil (Jefferson Airplane Live at the Monterey Festival)
9. Booker-Loo (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
10. Hip Hug-Her (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
11. Philly Dog w/The Mar-Keys (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
12. Shake (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
13. Respect (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
14. I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
15. Satisfaction (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
16. Try A Little Tenderness (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)

Saturday night opens with a solid set from Moby Grape, not their best performance ever
but not the worst I’ve ever heard from them either. Hugh Masekela is next with a very
dull “Healing Song”. The Byrds at the time were being touted as America’s answer to
The Beatles. Their lackluster set shows that at least on this night this was not the
case. It is an average and rather boring set for a great Rock & Folk band. I’m not
even sure why Laura Nyro was there, she really did not fit the mix of artists playing
on Saturday Night and would have found a better home on Friday night.  Her 3 songs
really don’t do much for me but I am not familiar with her music so it’s not really
my place to judge the performance.  With the exception of Moby Grape (because I’m a
big fan) this is my least favorite disc of the festival. Disc five is like night and
day to disc four in my opinion, opening with an excellent set from Jefferson Airplane
they prove that they could live up to all the press and publicity surrounding them at
the time. Their sound was changing at the time to a harder Rock edge and less Folky
edge, the performance is wonderful to my ears, it is taken from the Thunder Bolt import
disc rather than the Monterey Bootleg as the sound on the import is fuller and a little
less shrill.  Booker T does their usual high standard of performance as well as doing
one song with the Mar-Keys and then we have what I find is another highlight of the
entire festival. Otis Redding’s set is powerful and very tight, one of those great
moments in Rock and Roll history.

Sunday afternoon, 6/18/67
1. Raga Bhimpalasi (Ravi Shankar at the Monterey International Pop Festival)
2. Tabla Solo In Ektal (Ravi Shankar at the Monterey International Pop Festival)
3. Dhun (Dadra and Fast Teental) (Ravi Shankar at the Monterey International Pop Festival)

Sunday afternoon is about as mellow as it comes with only Ravi Shankar performing. Not
really my cup of tea, this is pretty much pure music and like classical music, I very
much respect it but don’t really understand it.  Ravi’s complete performance is only
available on the long out of print cd “Ravi Shankar at the Monterey International Pop


Sunday night, 6/18/67
1. The Flute Thing  (Complete Monterey Pop DVD)
2. Combination of Two (Complete Monterey Pop DVD)
3. Introduction (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
4. For What It’s Worth (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
5. A Child’s Claim To Fame (Buffalo Springfield Bootleg)
6. Pretty Girl Why (Cut) (Buffalo Springfield Bootleg)
5. Nowaday’s Clancy Can’t Even Sing (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
6. Rock & Roll Woman (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
7. Bluebird (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
8. Substitute (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
9. Summertime Blues (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
10. Pictures Of Lily  (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
11. A Quick One (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
12. Happy Jack (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
13. My Generation (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)

Sunday night opens with a meandering “Flute Thing” from The Blues Project.  Big Brother
then put on another set which by all accounts wasn’t as tight as their first set.  A
second version of “Combination of Two” is featured here from the Complete Monterey DVD
set but it is unknown if this is from Saturday or Sunday’s performance.  Buffalo
Springfield are next with a relatively unexciting set, then things really start to heat
up with The Who.  They put on an exciting set of pure destruction, the Monterey crowd
didn’t know what hit them.

Sunday night, 6/18/67 continued
1. Viola Lee Blues (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
2. Cold Rain and Snow (Monterey Pop Festival Bootleg)
1. Killing Floor (Jimi Plays Monterey)
2. Foxey Lady (Jimi Plays Monterey)
3. Like A Rolling Stone (Jimi Plays Monterey)
4. Rock Me Baby (Jimi Plays Monterey)
5. Hey Joe (Jimi Plays Monterey)
6. Can You See Me (Jimi Plays Monterey)
7. The Wind Cries Mary (Jimi Plays Monterey)
8. Purple Haze (Jimi Plays Monterey)
9. Wild Thing (Jimi Plays Monterey)

Sunday night, 6/18/67 continued
1. San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair) (Monterey Pop Festival Box Set)
2. Straight Shooter (The Mama’s & The Papa’s-Monterey International Pop Festival)
3. Got A Feelin’ (The Mama’s & The Papa’s-Monterey International Pop Festival)
4. California Dreamin’ (The Mama’s & The Papa’s-Monterey International Pop Festival)
5. Spanish Harlem (The Mama’s & The Papa’s-Monterey International Pop Festival)
6. Somebody Groovy (The Mama’s & The Papa’s-Monterey International Pop Festival)
7. I Call Your Name (The Mama’s & The Papa’s-Monterey International Pop Festival)
8. Monday, Monday (The Mama’s & The Papa’s-Monterey International Pop Festival)
9. Dancing In The Street (The Mama’s & The Papa’s-Monterey International Pop Festival)

Sunday night continues with two more excellent sets, first we get two tight songs
from the Dead.  A very good listen, there is one more song that has been listed as
from this show showing up on some bootlegs. It is unconfirmed from this show and
most collector’s do not consider it from this show, it is therefore not included
with their set. Jimi Hendrix is up next with another highlight to the entire
festival.  Probably one of the most heard and written about sets of the entire 3
days, this was Jimi’s debut US performance and he did not disappoint. Disc nine
ends the set and festival with Scott McKenzie’s Monterey Anthem “San Francisco”
followed by an uneven closing set from The Mama’s & Papa’s.

The following sources were used to compile the festival:
The Monterey International Pop Festival  June 16-17-18 1967 Official Box Set
Monterey Pop Festival Vol. 1-3  6CD Bootleg Set
The Complete Monterey Pop Festival Criterion Collection 3 DVD Set
Dark Magic Bootleg (Moby Grape Set)
Jimi Hendrix-Jimi Plays Monterey CD
Jefferson Airplane-Live At The Monterey Festival CD
Ravi Shankar-Live At The Monterey International Pop Festival CD
The Mama’s & The Papa’s-Monterey International Pop Festival CD
Buffalo Springfield-Whittier High School, Gold Star, Monterey Bootleg CD
I'd like to thank Mark Kirklin for putting together the chronological setlist.