On July 13, 1985, a one day festival was held on two continents. The middle of the summer and the middle of the 80's. The Who and Led Zeppelin reunited for Live Aid. Phil Collins seta record by playing in London and in Philadelphia on the same day. Everyone watched it on MTV,the new and cool cable channel of the 80's. www.live-aid.info has all the info you'll ever need about Live Aid. As to the music of Live Aid...

Live Aid Complete

There is a terrific 17 cd bootleg of Live Aid that is making the rounds. Its as complete as can be - even the new DVD doesn't claim to includeevery song played at Live Aid. Here's where you can read more about it and find theartwork. The creators of this masterpiece even made artwork for a booklet! The site also tells you how to get a copy.

Live Aid - The Missing Bits

Almost all of the songs not on the official Live Aid dvd! A Live Aid collector put this together. Everything from the quality of the dvd's to the artwork is stunning.

The Who - Live Aid

This cd has two full versions of The Who's Live Aid set - from two different tv/cablenetworks that broadcast it live. One is MTV. Two songs from Led Zeppelin's set arealso here (Whole Lotta Love and Stairway to Heaven). The Who and Led Zeppelin also sharethe same management - they should be on some official cds together!

Paul McCartney - The Charity Gigs

This cd has Paul's complete Concert For New York set, one song from Live Aid and more.

Bob Dylan, Ron Wood & Keith Richards - Voices Of Freedom

Has the set plus rehearsals.

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