Like the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival, Altamont is another place where "aquarius" went wrong. Deadly wrong. Santana (who thinks this festival had the best music of all of the rock festivals), Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Jefferson Airplane, The Rolling Stones and other bands played.

A man was stabbed to death in front of the stage as the Rolling Stones played "Under My Thumb". A moment etched in dark rock'n'roll history. 800 people were treated by doctors for bad LSD trips. Another 3 people died in accidents. Altamont was a bad trip. Listen to Rolling Stones' set. Its an interesting hour of music.


2 cds. With the bands listed above.

There's No Angel Born In Hell

This cd has part of the Stones' Altamont set. If you can't find the 2 cd bootleg with the other bands, get this one as it has the part where there's action. You hear Mick Jagger dealing with things. I found this one in a Tel Aviv music shop for 28 shekels ($5.50).

The Killer Festival - Altamont 1969

The back of the artwork has a picture of a Hell's Angels jacket. This is the complete Stones set.

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