In May 2009, I started a new toon. Yet another fury warrior! You can see photos of my first one here. This time, I used what I knew to speed things up. I quested to 75 and did pvp battlegrounds to 80. Once I hit 80, I went back and quested in Northrend. The quests in Northrend were a big improvement. There's a much more focused storyline. Northrend is as pretty and fun to explore as anything in the Warcraft universe.

They really developed a lot of things - daily quests, cooking, more pvp battlegrounds, dungeons and raids - to the point where each person really does have his or her own Warcraft game. Its the mix of things I do that make it so much fun. Here are some screenshots and animations..

A small collection of Warcraft achievements.

Ever see a tree dance? Once in Alterac Valley, I did.

Level 60 pvp gear was nice and shiny. I got all of the 60 gear. It was fun getting this toon into pvp and it helped a lot when I quested to 75. By mid-70's, most of it was replaced by Northrend greens.

Eye of the Storm is a cool looking battleground and everyone loves to carry the flag!

I hit level 80 while in Iceblood Tower in Alterac Valley. The Horde got to the tower too late.

In an airplane and exploring. Now I'm working on getting pvp gear and purples.

The bosses in Warcraft are original, especially the upper level ones. This one is a big face and its a colorful battle!