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White City

The media didn't get this one - they missed out! I like the music and the story. I hope my 40's look better than Jimmy's. Night School is added on as a bonus.

Pete Townshend Live

This is Psychoderelict Live. I love the story. The press seem to trash anything that is critical of them. Shame on the British and entertainment media! I like the story of Ray High. I like the idea of Ray/Pete delving into old projects. It worked - a few years later, Pete completed Lifehouse. The video works better than the cd, so go buy this.

The Secret Policeman's Ball

Amnesty's yearly show. Haven't watched it yet.

Pete Townshend's Deep End

Clips of one of Pete's best live shows. David Gilmour is here and they play a song he wrote for Gilmour. I like the version of Won't Get Fooled Again and Stop Hurting People.