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The Lifehouse Chronicles - Box Set

The box set that will blow your mind. Six cds of Lifehouse - the songs, the show, alternate versions and some orchestra. Who fans dreamed for decades that this would finally be released and in 2000 it was. I grew up listening to songs like The Relay while playing with BBS's (the precursor to the Internet) in the 80's. When the Internet came around, Who fans knew what to expect. It also comes with a color booklet. Remember when Timothy Leary said, "This is the key to the universe" in Cheech and Chong's Nice Dreams? He was wrong. The key is here.

Lifehouse Elements and Lifehouse

Lifehouse Elements is a single cd of the above box set. Lifehouse is the single - Baba O'Riley and Who Are You (both are very cool versions, to say the least!).

Music From Lifehouse

This is the Lifehouse video. From the Sadler's Wells shows. Introspective, deep and everything else you'd expect from Pete Townshend.

Lifehouse - Pete Townshend

This is the program for the two Sadler's Wells shows on February 25-26, 2000.

Sadler's Wells 2000

Pete does Lifehouse. One of my favorite live shows.


Lifehouse, the book. Its the screenplay.