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Tommy and Quadrophenia

Tommy and Quadrophenia in one package! Yin meets Yang. Even though Who fans often criticize Tommy, I find myself watching it a few times a year. Quadrophenia is popular with my friends. Speaking of Quadrophenia.. During the 1973 Quadrophenia tour, Pete and Roger speak to the audience and explain Jimmy's story. This is incredible. While most rock stars pose on the stage, these two guys are standing there telling a story to the audience. A story about a kid growing up - something the audience was also attempting to do! The Who always tried new ways to communicate with their audience. The Tales From The Who bootleg is my favorite example of this. They perfected this during the 1996-1997 Quadrophenia tour.

Just the Quad, please. Hey Butthead -- that's the dude who sings Roxanne!

Quadrophenia - Movie CD

The Who go hi-tech! You can watch Quad from your laptop while at the beach.

Who's Next

This album absolutely justifies a behind-the-scenes video. All the players say their bit. I enjoy it when The Who show us the process - creative and otherwise - that they go through along the way. Yeaaaahhhh!

Who's Better, Who's Best

The safest Who video to put on when there are guests over. I love the Join Together clip!

Tommy - The Amazing Journey

A behind-the-scenes video for Tommy.

Guitar Method In The Style Of The Who

I haven't watched this one yet.

The Who Live - Featuring The Rock Opera Tommy

The charity gig in Los Angeles that featured Phil Collins, Billy Idol and Steve Winwood (who was also in the orchestra version of Tommy). I like this show - its pleasant Tommy.

The Who Rocks America

When I first got into The Who in the early 80's, this video was on HBO every ten minutes. I watched it hundreds of times. Glad they played Naked Eye.

The Who Live At The Royal Albert Hall

Fuckin' A! Its the year 2000 and The Who are playing better than ever! I hope I'm so active and able when I hit mid-50's. The guest performances are a good addition, but the story here is the famed live performance of The Who. They're aging gracefully and no one plays better.

Monterey Pop Festival

Some of The Who's legendary set. More on Monterey at The Woodstock Project - Monterey.

The Who at Woodstock

Three videos of The Who at Woodstock so far. The first one is a documentary of the festival. More of that on another site of mine - The Woodstock Project - Woodstock. It has a few clips of The Who. Woodstock - The Music is new and relatively unknown. Its the only official source I know of for My Generation at Woodstock. And of course there's the Woodstock movie we all know and love.

The Who At The 1970 Isle Of Wight Festival

My favorite live Who show. The first video is great - the story behind is at The Woodstock Project - Isle Of Wight. The second video is an official Japanese release of the show that finally made it to Tower Records. It has everything but Naked Eye! I made my own copy of the show connecting this video and Naked Eye from the first one. Get both of these - they're just as important to rock as Woodstock.