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The Who - Maximum R&B

Found in Who homes across the globe.. This and David Marsh's book are the two most popular Who books. The original of this one came with a flexy 45" with Pete's Pinball Wizard and Won't Get Fooled Again demos.

Before I Get Old

A lot less pictures than in Maximum R&B but a lot more pages.

Horse's Neck

Pete's book of autobiographical fiction. The critics liked it too. I make it a point to read it every year.

The Minstrel's Dilemma

Right on! A professor analysing Pete's work from the literary perspective and the artist-business struggle that our favorite minstrel goes through. I waited years for a book like this. There should be more!

The Who Concert File

Co-written by Who author extraordinaire Irish Jack, this book is The Bible for those of us who have 200+ Who shows on cd.

The Who

A great Who book - pictures and stories.

The Complete Guide To The Music Of The Who

Chris Charlesworth gives us his Cliffs' Notes to Who songs. I also have the Paul Simon version of this book series. Great for beach reading.

Rock'n'roll Comics - The Who

They don't look 100% like The Who, but this pirate comic is also great beach reading material.

1981 Tour Program

It makes my day when I find these in a record store or on Ebay.

1982 Tour Program and Book

The book sums up where The Who were when they called it quits.

1989 Tour Program

One more for the gipper.

Time Magazine

My heroes on the cover of Time Magazine! I was in Time a number of years ago. I'm still shooting for the cover, like The Who.

Musician Magazine

As the 1989 tour approached..

Teenage Wasteland - The Early Who

I found this one in Tower Records.

The Who Guitar Books

Tommy, The Definitive Collection and Its Hard. The Definitive Collection is a four volume set with the chords/tablature to every Who song - its the one to get. I've sat for hours on these books and can play a mean version of the Overture. The first thing I did on the Internet was search for the tablature for Who songs. I put up a collection of Who tabs and next thing I knew, people were sending me stuff via email. Today, everything you need is at The - guitar tablature. Seeing that even a Who guitar site could work, it hit me that someone would eventually have to put up a collection of homework too. That's how the mind works..

The Who Article - July 2002

The Who in People Magazine!

Classic Performances of The Who - Volume 1

Stewart Hellman is a Who fan since before I was born. He's also a helluva photographer. He put this book together in 2001 from pictures he took in the late 60's and early 70's. Most are from Tanglewood, July 7, 1970. The action shots of Daltrey in the middle of the book are my favorite. So are a few photos of Townshend, Daltrey and Moon - the three showoffs of The Who - together, doing their stuff. I have bootlegs of all of the shows covered in the book and even videos of most of them. This book makes a statement of who The Who were in the prime of their career. Click here if you want a copy of this book. I really appreciate it when a fan puts something like this together - somehow it means more than all the other books.