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Magic Bus

Its not a live album, but it is The Who's first compilation album. Early songs like Pictures of Lily and Disguises mixed with Who Sell Out tunes like I Can't Reach You and Over Love Was, Is. This is The Who from 1965 to 1968.

Odds & Sods

This album shows the true greatness of The Who. These songs never made it on other Who albums - this is the stuff that was cut. How did masterpieces like Pure And Easy and Naked Eye end up not as hits? Another favorite is Put The Money Down. Townshend is (again) comparing the rock star performer to the messiah. Water is a great song. Time Is Passing is a gem.

Who's Missing

The Who doing Shout and Shimmy and Barbara Ann. Here For More is a great introspective Roger Daltrey song. I wonder if he has any others like this. When I Was A Boy is an introspective John Entwistle song (my favorite of his).

The Who Collection

The first of many Who greatest hits cds I've found over the years. This one has some live songs too.

The Who - Digitally Remastered

I'm not an audiophile so can't tell the difference. Two live songs here.

The Singles

What I like about this greatest hits cd is that Let's See Action and Join Together are on it.

Who's Greatest Hits

The one lots of your friends have. I like that they put Love, Reign O'er Me on it.

The Who

A Japanese cd. Let's See Action and Love, Reign O'er Me are included.

My Generation - The Very Best Of The Who

And another one!

Thirty Years Of Maximum R&B

The Who's box set. They remastered a bunch of the songs, added alternate versions of other songs and lots of live too. Part of the Abbie Hoffman incident is here and we get another Woodstock song not found anywhere else on official releases. The Who cover Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting. The Keith Moon comedy bits are like the cherry on the top.

Thirty Years Of Maximum R&B Sampler

A single cd version of the kickass box set. Found on Ebay. Its cool to have what is essentially a greatest hits cd that has some of the Moon comedy bits.

Who's Serious

I prefer the orchestra version of Tommy but nonetheless, this is cool enough for my Who collection.

Talkin' 'Bout Their Generation

Listen to the boys talk..

The Who Interview Picture Disc

Another interview disc..

Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me

My Generation from the BBC Sessions disc is on this groovy soundtrack.

Monterey International Pop Festival

The Who's entire set is here! They're trashing instruments in front of a bunch of flower children. More on this at another site of mine, The Woodstock Project - Monterey.

Woodstock Soundtrack and Woodstock 25th Anniversary Edition

There should be a law making it a crime not to own this one! More on Woodstock at The Woodstock Project.

The Isle Of Wight Festival

The best live version of Naked Eye is here. And a pulsating Young Man Blues. More on this festival at The Woodstock Project - Isle Of Wight.

Professional Music For Singers

The music to five Who songs so you can sing along to them. I Can't Explain, My Generation, I Can See For Miles, Pinball Wizard and Won't Get Fooled Again. Two versions of each song - one with no singer and only instruments and another version with a cheeseball singer who reminds me of Bill Murray singing "Star Wars, if they should bar wars, please let these Star Wars, stay," from Saturday Night Live!

Substitute - The Songs of The Who

The Who being covered by bands that dig them! A few of the songs were recorded at John Entwistle's Hammerhead Studios. The setlist is so phenomenal that it speaks for itself:

1. Cast - The Seeker
2. Ocean Colour Scene - Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
3. Paul Weller - Circles
4. David Bowie - Pictures of Lily
5. Pearl Jam - The Kids Are Alright
6. Fastball - The Real Me
7. Unamerican - Naked Eye
8. Stereophonics - Who Are You
9. Phish - 5:15
10. Sheryl Crow - Behind Blue Eyes
11. The Who featuring Kelly Jones - Substitute
Phish's version of 5:15 is from one of their famous Halloween shows where they covered a full album (they did Dark Side of the Moon, Beatles' White Album and Quadrophenia). The last song is from the Royal Albert Hall show - last night of the 2000 tour which I have has been released on cd and video. Which songs are the most memorable? Cast's take on The Seeker, Unamerican's (who opened for The Who in 2000) take on Naked Eye and Sheryl Crow doing Behind Blue Eyes. I'd love to hear more female singers covering more of The Who's emotional songs (Love, Reign O'er Me and Imagine A Man). The single of this cd has three songs on it.