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Live At Leeds

The live rock album that set the standard. This is the remastered version of Live At Leeds. I'll get the new one soon. If you didn't know, Live At Leeds is one of The Who's best shows. This catches them at the end of the Tommy tours of 1969-1970. If only for the long version of My Generation, get this!

Who's Last

Even the most sympathetic fan can't cut The Who any slack for this one. I've heard lots of their 1982 shows and the one on this cd isn't in the top 20.

Join Together

The Who doing Tommy in 1989. I like it as this is the tour when I saw The Who (in Miami and it took me years to finally find the show that I was at on cd and video). The 1989 tour is maybe the most obscure Who tour, but it is also the most interesting tour for two reasons: This is the only Who tour in which every show is 3 cds long. Two hours and 45 minutes - 32-35 songs per show. The Who's live show is longer than that of their peers to begin with. Secondly, The Who played the widest variety of songs on this tour. This is the only Who tour that you can hear songs like Love Hurts, Too Late The Hero, Give Blood, Secondhand Love, A Man Is A Man, Too Much Of Anything, Dig, Born On The Bayou, Hey Joe and more. I have 18 shows of this tour (the tour I have the most of is 2000 - 36 shows!).

Blues To The Bush

Yes! This is The Who's Internet album - it was sold online. You could buy individual songs and download them or get the whole thing and end up with a real cd. What's also cool about this is that you get a snapshot of The Who at the end of the millenium - in November and December 1999. They played so well during these shows that they decided to tour in 2000.

BBC Sessions

What's good about BBC performances is that the sound ends up being a combination of live and studio. There's a bonus cd that was only sold at Best Buy that has a bunch of more songs (get this version). I bought this cd the last time I was at the World Trade Center. It was an innocent visit and I couldn't resist going to Sam Goody (and how often are there new Who cds being promoted at record stores lately!). God Bless America.

The Who Live - Marysville, California - July 2, 2002

Was lucky enough to get this one in a trade! If anyone has any real Who memorabilia - cd's, books, tshirts and everything in between - that you don't need, I'll always accept fair trades for my bootlegs. This was the third show of the tour. I love the versions of Another Tricky Day and Eminence Front that they played every night of this tour. Besides the songs that you usually find on their setlist, The Who play Bargain, Relay, and Sea and Sand. Great quality - I hope to get more of these from this and more recent tours.

Since 2002, The Who are recording and selling most of their shows via this site. Its called The Who Encore Series. The profits go to to charity and you get a terrific sounding copy almost all of their shows since 2002. They also sell box sets with every show of the tour and some tours now have dvd versions as well.

The Who - Live At The Royal Albert Hall

I bought this in Washington in 2007. The show is from November 27, 2000 and took place in London. Glad The Who are releasing more live cd's lately - there are a few more cd's and dvd's out that I have to get in 2008 and 2009!

The Who - View From A Backstage Pass

Love at first listen! This came in the mail in August 2008 - my first Who cd since Endless Wire and the above Royal Albert Hall show. For $50, I got full access to, a t-shirt and this double cd. View From A Backstage Pass is a collection of live songs spanning from 1969 to 1976. If you collect bootlegs, it'll remind you of the live compilations that are so common. An excellent job putting this together - they picked the funniest song introductions followed by some of The Who's best performances of the late 60's and 70's. Besides the usual hits, there are songs like Baby Don't You Do It, The Punk And The Godfather, Squeeze Box (rare as it wasn't played live much after 1976) and Dreaming From The Waist (I love playing the chord progession of this one). My favorite part is the Naked Eye - Let's See Action - My Generation Blues sequence from the May 18, 1974 Charlton show. I have a silver disc of this show and knew it would one day be released live. View From A Backstage Pass ends with 8 songs from the June 12, 1976 Swansea show - another heavily bootlegged show that was waiting to be officially released by The Who.

The booklet is better than I expected - a 22 page color booklet of photos of the band playing live. Like with the music, the photos were carefully chosen - even the funny ones. I hope they do one of these every year - I'll gladly pay $50 a year for this stuff!