The Pure Beach Boy

Irish Jack telling Keith Moon stories. It doesn't get much better than this. I went overseas for a year of high school and when I got back I found this cassette in my room. For 13 years I didn't know how I got it until one day I received an email from Irish Jack telling me that The Who Fan Club mailed it to me! The powers that be were kind enough to let Irish Jack include two songs on it -- Keith doing Don't Worry Baby and Barbara Ann. Far out. I was lucky enough to help Irish Jack turn this cassette into a cd.

The Who Concert Guide

Irish Jack co-authored this kick ass book. Thanks to this book, I found out that The Who played in Chicago on the day I was born (August 18, 1971). I was lucky - there's a popular bootleg of that show. That show + the Miami '89 show that I saw are great to have. I hope they update this book. I can't be the only Who fan willing to buy a yearly subscription to get updates on the info in this book..

If you're here for The Pure Beach Boy artwork, click here and here. While I have your attention, another thing I've done with the music hobby is collect over 80% of Woodstock! I put it together from over 75 sources. I can't give it away (its not mine to give!), but I have a website which tells you how you can build your own version of "Woodstock Complete" and listen to the festival in the same order as it happened. Enjoy!

Kenny Sahr