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Roger Daltrey's first solo album was released in 1973. Let's start off this this premise - only Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, Robert Plant and Roger Daltrey have earned the right to sing love ballads. With that understanding.. One Man Band is the best song on this album. It's A Hard Life and Giving It All Away are great and fit together like one continuous song. It's not rock'n'roll, but I like it.

Ride A Rock Horse

The cover is so cool that it won an award! Ride A Rock Horse has Daltrey doing love ballads and pop songs. Oceans Away is the best love ballad and World Over is the best pop tune. This one is remastered and has three bonus songs - You Put Something Better Inside Of Me, Dear John and an alternate version of Oceans Away. I have a stunning poster of the album cover with 4 Daltreys-on-a-horse put together.

One Of The Boys

Oceans Away is the best song on this album. His most consistant album to date, One Of The Boys is full of songs that carry the album: Parade, Single Man's Dilemma, Leon, One Of The Boys, Giddy, Martyrs and Madmen and Say It Ain't So Joe. Another cool thing about One Of The Boys is the song Giddy - Paul McCartney wrote it!


A killer cd, this one flows like a movie. Roger Daltrey enters the 80's. Now the songs are love ballads with pop added on the top. I remember seeing the Free Me video on MTV a lot in the 80's.

Under A Raging Moon

Who fans will of course enjoy Townshend's After The Fire. This album is very 80's - with lots of lyrical references to 80's icons and memories. The song Under A Raging Moon has a drum tribute to Keith Moon. This is the first time Zak Starkey played with Roger - definitely not the last!

Can't Wait To See The Movie

Is this 80's pop, Beavis?

Rocks In The Head

Rocks In The Head for President! I got it while living in a far away place - getting a new Daltrey album made my month. Rocks In The Head was never released in the UK! My favorites are Who's Gonna Walk On Water and Unforgettable Opera, but all of the songs here rock. Daltrey's doin' the blues.

The Wizard Of Oz In Concert

Roger solos on If I Only Had A Heart. A bunch of other celebrities are on this charity show - Debra Winger, Jewel, Natalie Cole and Jackson Browne. Roger also sings on other songs (he is the Tin Man, after all!).

Mack The Knife

Roger solos on two songs - Mack The Knife and Mack The Knife Reprise. It fits his image to be the happy-go-lucky narrator!

The Hunting Of The Snark

The only cd I know of that has Roger Daltrey, Art Garfunkel and Julian Lennon in one place.


I have two copies of Lisztomania - each with different covers. This movie is weird! Roger is Franz Lizst and Ringo Starr is the Pope. And that's before you see the weird erotic scenes. The music is great! Paul Nicholas, who played Cousin Kevin in Tommy, also sings a few songs. Peace At Last is one of my favorite Daltrey songs.

The Real Lisztomania is Rick Wakeman's 2002 remake and remaster of Lisztomania. It's a huge improvement and is worth getting - there are new songs and there's a bonus outtake of Daltrey singing Love's Dream at the end of the cd. Daltrey sings on 4 songs (Orpheus Song, two versions of Love's Dream and Peace At Last).

The Chieftains - An Irish Evening

Very cool to hear Roger playing with The Chieftains! He sings one Who song and two Chieftains songs.

The Lost Boys Soundtrack

Daltrey does Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me. Is this a return favor to Elton John for Pinball Wizard? Works for me.

A Celebration Of The Music Of Pete Townshend

How many years did we wait to hear Roger Daltrey sing The Sea Refuses No River. Now we wait for him to finally do a version of Uniforms and Slit Skirts..

A Celebration Of The Music Of Pete Townshend

Same cd, different cover.

Best Of Rockers And Ballads

My first Daltrey greatest hits album, this one brings me back to where I was at the time. I have three Roger Daltrey greatest hits albums and know of only one for Townshend. I don't mind it when a band repackages their stuff a few times - even Kleenex comes in a few colors!


A few changes and you get to hear It's A Hard Live and Giving It All Away in a different order. The 80's songs Walking In My Sleep and If Parting Should Be Painless are here.

Martyrs And Madmen

I like that World Over was added. Where's the song Martyrs and Madmen?

British Rock Symphony

Here's the idea - take a bunch of rock stars and have them cover the classics backed up by a supergroup and an orchestra. If you like Ringo's All Starr Band (I do), this is for you. Roger Daltrey sings Kashmir and Let It Be. Alice Cooper covers The Who's 5:15! I wonder how often Alice Cooper is out of his brain on the train? Tommy Shaw, of Styx fame, closes the cd with See Me, Feel Me and Listening To You. Simon Townshend, John "Rabbit" Bundrick and Zak Starkey (Ringo's son for those who don't know) - all familiar musicians to Who fans - are part of the band. Cool artwork.

Roger Daltrey - 2011 Tour

In the summer of 2011, Roger Daltrey toured the UK. In September - October 2011, he toured the US and Canada. The shows were sold online at I bought three shows - July 9 Nottingham, September 13 Hollywood, Florida and September 15 Alpharetta, Georgia. I got the FLAC-HD versions for $26.95 each. In HD, each show is 2.3 gigs. Pete's brother Simon plays guitar and sings Pete's parts. The rest of the band is terrific. Daltrey's goal was to play Tommy as it sounded on the original album. The acoustic pop rock sound is very different than the louder 1960-1970 Tommy tour. It's a lot tighter than the 1989 Tommy tour. His voice is incredible - as strong as ever.

After Tommy, Daltrey sings songs from his solo career as well as The Who. Giving It All Away (from his first solo album) and Without Your Love (from McVicar) were my two favorites. He's rarely performed those two old hits live. He ended each show with an obscure Townshend song from Why By Numbers - Blue, Red & Grey. It was fun listening to these three shows and I'm looking forward to more! These are my first complete soundboard recordings of Roger Daltrey live. The 1985 bootleg Summertime Blues, a partial show, is my only other Daltrey concert. Besides these, there are a few songs from 2005 and the 1999 British Rock Symphony. That's not a lot of live solo material for such an accomplished rock singer!

$26.95 is a lot to spend on a digital show. $15.95 for the mp3 version isn't much cheaper. There's no cd cover or booklet. In the future, they should include cd artwork. I kept the original FLAC files and burned them with the WAV files. Was it worth it? Yes. I've never been able to choose from dozens of Roger Daltrey shows at a real music store. The only live Daltrey cd I've ever bought at a music store ("A Celebration of the Music of Pete Townshend") was a single cd version of a much longer show. These 2011 shows are unedited and complete. This is where live music is headed!