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Wild Action is Pete's first solo concert, from 1974. Brixton is one of my favorite Pete Townshend solo concerts. David Gilmour joined Pete for Brixton and Cannes.

Music Must Change means Psychoderelict live! And he even does A Quick One for the first time in decades. The Complete Fillmore Performance is another 'one of the best' shows. I have the official version of it as well.

Sadlers Wells was also officially released. Someone sent me two Daltrey shows on cassette in the mail. I had someone convert them to cd and look what we end up with! I love the 50'th Birthday show. The bootleg has the complete show whereas the official release has 1/3 of the songs from the show. At least they were smart enough to put The Sea Refuses No River on the official one - they could've easily messed this up! Now I await a Roger Daltrey version of Uniforms.

Part of a live Daltrey show. The only one I have where he does old stuff like Giving It All Away. And an obligatory Entwistle show that I bought.