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There aren't too many things in the world cooler than a Townshend demo. He wrote all the parts for the band. You can tell he was giving them a finished piece each time.

More demos. I remember the day I got Music Must Change and first listened to it. Its the Who Are You demos. Wow. Its the only bootleg demo cd (remember, there's the Scoop series which is very listenable) that I listen to a lot. Happy Birthday is a bootleg of 3 official lp's that Pete released in the early 70's for his guru. It took 30 years for Pete to official release them on cd via his website!!

Life With The Moons is a must-have. It has more of the funny comedy bits that are on The Who's box set. Hear Roger clear his throat (and Pete warn him not to swallow it!) before singing the emotional Behind Blue Eyes. The Collector's Who's Next is a true stereo version of Who's Next. I donno, I can't tell the difference. Ghost Songs has Daltrey doing Quicksilver, if you remember that 80's flic. And other rarities.

Another Who bootleg dedicated to Keith Moon - Moon Life. Moon plays a drum solo (the only time he did this with The Who). Maximum BBC was the only place to hear The Who at the BBC until early 2000 when the official BBC cd was released. Some Who audiophiles swear that the sound on the bootleg version is better.

From Lifehouse To Leeds and Pure Rock Theatre were popular Who bootleg lp's during the 70's. Leslie West, from Mountain, played some of Who's Next. Some of those songs were finally released on the remastered Odds and Sods and Who's Next. But not everything! Higher Education is the same as Cops and Robbers (Georgetown 1969) + demos and outtakes. Why get it? There's an alternate vocal take of the song Eyesight To The Blind that only appears on the Japanese version of Tommy. Higher Education's got it.

Wanna hear Pete doing an air force commercial? The other songs on Who Zoo Two are sped up so much that The Who sound like The Chipmunks! (If this were MTV Popup Video, the screen would say, "Chip Monck was the voice at Woodstock introducing the bands. You've heard him say, "Ladies and gentlemen, The Who.") This last cd is the coolest bootleg that a fellow Who fan sent me. When we were kids we'd make 'greatest hits cassettes' and give them to our friends. Romeo Strakl lives in Slovenia. He made this cd and sent it to a few other Who traders. The people he's sending it to have already spent a fortune on The Who, so no harm done. The booklet is 28 pages of Who stories and a comprehensive discography. Its amazing how a fan can make such a quality cd. The color artwork is as sharp as an official cd. The booklet has more pages than most official cds. Friends are always impressed by Romeo's cd. It ends with John Entwistle playing The Real Me.