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1980-81 has The Who touring Face Dances. You Better, You bet! Live In Essen is a popular show. There's also a video of it. Nice artwork! The Who and The Grateful Dead shared the bill at Essen. I have a rare video with Pete joining The Dead on the stage for Not Fade Away! I like the rare live version of Another Tricky Day - a song The Who didn't play again on stage until 2002 as a wiseass tribute to John Entwistle. Shea Stadium was a big show in its day.

The Who's first farewell tour! The Toronto show was playing on HBO a lot in the early 80's. I first heard The Who at sleepaway camp before 7th grade. My counselors played Tommy and Its Hard all the time. When I got home, I bought Tommy on cassette and was addicted.

In 1989, The Who got back together to tour again. They played Tommy and lots of other songs. In fact, they played so many other songs that this is their only tour in which every show requires 3 cds! From 1964-1968, Who shows were one cd (to use a modern standard to measure the length of a show). From 1969 and until today, Who shows were 2 cds. The only exception to this is the 1989 tour. They may've been doing this one for the money, but they gave a nearly 3 hour show. Lots of rarely played songs - from White City and even covers of Born On The Bayou and I'm A Man. The Miami show that I was at is here.