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Before they were The Who, they were The High Numbers. They look high to me. Who's Back and Live in London are the same bootleg. Live in London is my first bootleg. A guy at the Tel Aviv record store gave it to me and it wasn't until 7 years later that I realized it was a bootleg and that there were others like it! I thought I knew of every Who cd and had most of them. A huge door opened. I haven't recovered since.

The Who's 1968 performances at the Fillmore are popular among collectors. The 1968 American tour has The Who between My Generation and Tommy. One of these has a rare version of the songs Relax and Little Billy (the first from The Who Sell Out and the latter an anti-smoking song Pete wrote for the American Cancer society from Odds & Sods).

Tommy!!! During the summer of 1969, Tommy was introduced to the world. Flying To New York To Go To Court is a popular show from June. Live In Amsterdam is a great sounding show - and performed at the Amsterdam Opera House! Accept No Substitute and Sparks On The Bay are both from October 22 at The Fillmore East in New York City. Cops and Robbers is from Georgetown University, November 2, 1969. There's nothing like a soundboard recording of The Who playing Tommy. Its not only on Live At Leeds and Isle of Wight where The Who took the audience to rock nirvana. These shows get lots of play on my stereo.