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The Who right after the millenium began! Wow do they kickass for mid-50's! Every show is as good as the rest. Relay (a 1972 song about the Internet, as Pete explains at every show), I Don't Know Myself, Pure and Easy and other Lifehouse songs are played for the first time in years.

Yeeeaaaaaahhhhh! These "Year 2000" shows get lots of stereo time at my place. The Who hadn't played with such energy since 21 years earlier in 1979.

Solid rock'n'roll. The encore ends with a defiant My Generation. Nice artwork, whoever did these.

The Who ended the US part of 2000 tour with a bunch of shows at Madison Square Garden in October. I have a bunch of them. Pete plays with an edge. Who Heaven is the last show of this tour - played at The Royal Albert Hall.

February 8, 2002 is John Entwistle's last show with The Who. He's the only bass guitarist who played lead because Pete was too busy playing complex rhythms!

Summer of 2002

The Who with only 2 original members left. They still kick ass! I miss John Entwistle - may his soul rest is peace.