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Led Zeppelin studio outtakes? Are you kidding? Yes, and lots of it. In Through The Outtakes, Physically Present, Houses of the Holy, Studio Daze, IV, Stairway Sessions and Hairway to Steven (hehe). That's three cds of IV outtakes! Zeppelin studio outtakes are as important to rock'n'roll as Beatles outtakes. And they're fun as hell to listen to.

Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and Page and Plant

Jimmy Page played with The Black Crowes (kinda like Pete Townshend playing with Eddie Vedder) and the shows are powerful. Page and Plant are very under-appreciated. These shows are making me listen to Walking Into Clarksdale more. The Zeppelin songs that they play end up sounding just fucking heavenly! Robert Plant also has a cool solo career. His shows are fun to listen to. Bright-pop music. July 26, 2002 and August 3, 2002 are two shows of Robert Plant opening for The Who. I also have The Who's show of those nights. An hour of Robert Plant and two hours of Who. Now that's a bargain! "Today, Yesterday ... And Some Years Ago" has three songs from a Page and Plant acoustic session at the BBC in 1994, five songs from a Robert Plant acoustic session in 1993 and the entire four song Led Zeppelin Reunion For Atlantic's 40th Anniversary which took place at Madison Square Garden in 1988. A bit of Zeppelin, a bit of Page and Plant and a bit of Plant!