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Led Zeppelin - The Complete Studio Recordings is one of the most amazing items you'll find in any music collection. All of Led Zeppelin's studio albums plus Coda (with 4 bonus tracks not on the Coda you'll find on its own) in a stylish box set. Zeppelin I, II, III, IV, Houses of the Holy, Presence, Physical Graffiti, In Through The Out Door and Coda. Gives perspective to Zeppelin - this is their body of work. Powerful and creative. Imagine putting all 10 cds in your stereo and listening to them in order! Walking Into Clarksdale is a Page and Plant album. Still the kind of music you want to hear loud. I remember seeing No Quarter on MTV in 1994-1995 a lot. Same time as the Pulse video. This is Led Zeppelin unplugged, or unledded. One day I decided to try some Robert Plant solo material. I'm now a Robert Plant fan. The solo albums that have come out of bands of this caliber are under-appreciated. Dreamland is his latest solo album. Dreamland is a dreamy mix of psychedelic songs from the 60's. It includes a cover of a Dylan song - One More Cup of Coffee. Each song counts. There's a UK/Japan/Australia-only version of Dreamland that has a bonus song - Dirt in the Hole. If you don't find it, its on Sixty Six To Timbuktu. I listen to this cd a lot - nothing like rockin'/relaxin' psychedelica to keep me going.

Sixty Six To Timbuktu is Robert Plant's greatest hits/compilation cd. Disc one is a compilation of his best songs - stuff from Fate of Nations, Dreamland, Now and Zen, Principle of Moments and Shaken and Stirred. His immaculate version of Sea of Love is also here. Disc two is special - an entire cd of obscure or unreleased material. The booklet explains everything. Robert Plant is a great rock'n'roll storyteller. Each song on disc two has a story and Plant is greatful to others he met along the way. You'll find covers of Hey Joe, For What It's Worth and Louie, Louie. The stuff I hadn't heard was even better - from a treasury that isn't usually opened to give us an entire cd of unreleased and obscure songs. The cd cover is fabulous! It matches with the first song -- Tie Dye on the Highway -- which begins with a clip of Wavy Gravy saying his "breakfast in bed for 400,000" quote from Woodstock. Later on in the song you hear someone from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young congratulating the hippies of Woodstock for making it through "three days". Plant admires the 60's hippy dream. I'm enamoured with Dreamland and Sixty Six To Timbuktu - I look forward to Plant's next creation.

I bought Pictures At Eleven and The Mighty Rearranger in Eilat in 2008. I finally bought Raising Sands in Jerusalem in April 2009. Robert Plant always surprises. From the moment I heard (and saw live performances - especially one that promoted the release) songs from Raising Sand, I wanted it. With all the music stores closing over the past year - in Israel and in Georgia and Florida where we visited - it takes time to find cd's these days! Americana at its best.

How The West Was Won

How The West Was Won - a new (Spring/Summer 2003) Led Zeppelin live cd! The first taste of Zeppelin live on cd (The Song Remains The Same is on cassette and if it is on cd then its out of print). Its about time. This 3 cd set is compiled from two shows - June 25, 1972 at the LA Forum and June 27, 1972 at the Long Beach Arena. Of all of the greats of classic rock, Led Zeppelin's shows were consistently the longest. Who wants to hear a 3 minute version of Dazed and Confused, No Quarter and Whole Lotta Love? They did a great job with this one. As much as I love the live bootlegs that I have, the sound here is light-years better than the bootlegs. I hope the positive response that How The West Was Won is getting will encourage Led Zeppelin to release more live material! How about something from those legendary Fillmore shows of early 1969? And then a 1977 compilation..

Early Days & Latter Days

I bought these in Eilat in March 2005. They came together as a box set but they're also sold as individual cds. Led Zeppelin only released a few greatest hits cds so unlike The Who, I'll one day own all of them. There are only another 2-3 left. Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin have tight catalogs. Early Days comes with a computer video version of Communication Breakdown and Latter Days comes with a computer video version of Kashmir. Cool!

The Song Remains The Same

The soundtrack to the movie. I hope to get this and How The West Was One on dvd soon. Until the BBC and How The West Was Won cd's were released, this was the only official live cd of Led Zeppelin!