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This is where my favorite Led Zeppelin shows are. They will leave you speechless. And Led Zeppelin has only one live release? With The Who (both bands are often compared - they crossed paths many a time - the same management, Page was a session guitarist during I Can't Explain in 1965, when The Who almost split in 1966, Entwistle and Moon were going for call their band Led Zeppelin and lastly Plant opened for The Who in 2002), you have live releases from different periods with Live At Leeds, Isle of Wight, The Kids Are Alright and the box set video (for starters!). Led Zeppelin were a tighter band. Less music was released - all of it counted. Unlike The Who, once the drummer died, they never used the Led Zeppelin name again (besides a 1985 Rock'n'roll Hall of Fame show which is to the right of the dinosaur). If you want to blow your mind, get Zeppelin shows from 1975-1980. Especially the ones pictured here. Destroyer and Listen To This Eddie are my two favorites.