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One day someone mailed me a few Led Zeppelin bootlegs. I'd casually heard the band's music while growing up in Miami. I thought they were all about Stairway. Hearing one show put that thought to rest. They're as good as The Who live! And they also give long concerts. Led Zeppelin get a lot of air time at my place. And look at the cd artwork! Of all bands, Led Zeppelin has the most amount of different releases for each show. Each show was put out by 4-5 different bootleg publishers! Not even Beatlegs have that honor. Zeppelin Art has everything you need. Plays Pure Blues is from the Texas Pop Festival. Three Days After and White Summer are 'real bootlegs' (as in, from a store and not cdrs). Tympani For The Butter Queen is a cute play on words from Stairway. Damn good show from Fort Worth, Texas - May 19, 1973. Lots of 1973 shows have the ultimate song sequence of Misty Mountain Hop, Since I've Been Loving You, No Quarter, The Song Remains The Same, The Rain Song and Dazed and Confused. Makes your eyes red just thinkin' about it.

Holiday in Waikiki has cool looking artwork. The four of them standing in front of a Pan Am plane and looking very much like tourists in Hawaii. September 6, 1970 in Honolulu.