Official cds and videotapes

A trip back to the 70's! Dennis DeYoung has one of rock's greatest voices. The use of power chords and synthesizers reminds me of Who's Next. I remember hearing lots of Styx on the radio in the late 70's. As to the cds that I have... Grand Illusion came out in 1977. The song is about the grand illusion of fame. I haven't tasted it like they have, but they're onto something. Come Sail Away is a classic. The cd ends with The Grand Finale, a-la Sgt. Pepper Reprise. Edge of the Century came out in 1990 and has two songs that're covered by lots of other bands - Show Me The Way and Carrie Ann. Edge Of The Century is a catchy tune. Styx Classics is the one to buy for the casual fan. All the classics are here - Babe (now that's a 70's memory), Come Sail Away, Mr. Roboto, The Best of Times, Don't Let It End, The Grand Illusion and Too Much Time On My Hands. Crystal Ball came out in 1976.

Kilroy Was Here deserves special mention. I like storytelling in rock - they're called rock operas. That's why The Who are my favorite band. Kilroy Was Here is a story about technology and people. It came out in 1983 - the year I got my first computer (an Atari 1200xl with a tape drive and a 300 baud modem!). Decades before a computer beat the world's best chess player. Kilroy Was Here is a quick and easy story to follow. I like that Dennis DeYoung sat down and wrote something for us that was deeper that a collection of power chords! A good rock opera is better than an excellent collection of singles.

Paradise Theatre came out in 1981 - Too Much Time On My Hands and The Best of Times are originally from this cd. The Serpent Is Rising is from 1973 - Styx's 2nd album. I found a few of these on Ebay - they're sold as two albums in one (like Kilroy Was Here and Crystall Ball + Paradise Theatre and The Serpent Is Rising)! I wasn't sure what I'd think of the stuff I'd never heard. But its good! Styx is a solid band. The video was a lucky find - Return To Paradise Theatre. It came out in 1997 and is a reunion show. They sound as good as they did in the quirky 70's.

Styx bootlegs

Like Rutles bootlegs, Styx bootlegs are examples of bootleg decadence! This one was recorded in Atlanta in 1983 - Styx was still at its peak then. And it definitely sounds like it. I also have a Dennis DeYoung show - I want to get more Styx and Dennis DeYoung cds over the next few years. Hey, I think the 70's were cool.