Official cds

I plead guilty - I don't have enough official Stones cds. Let It Bleed came out in 1969 and is a classic. Flashpoint is a popular live cd from a recent tour. They sound sharp. Comedian Steven Wright once said (in a low, valium-laced voice), "The Stones. I love the Stones. I can't believe they're doing it after all these years. Fred and Barney." Great music for sitting at a pub with friends.

The Rolling Stones Rock And Roll Circus is a classic. This was Mick Jagger's big idea of 1968. While everyone else was going psychedelic, Mick and The Stones arranged a two day circus - a real circus - with rock'n'roll music in between circus acts! The booklet tells the whole story. The music is incredible - we get to hear a young Jethro Tull, The Who's A Quick One (pretty sure its the same take that's on The Kids Are Alright cd and movie), Taj Mahal, Marianne Faithful, The Dirty Mac (a supergroup that is John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards and Mitch Mitchell (Hendrix's drummer!), Yoko Ono (as Sam Kinison would say, I have a constitutional right not to like her shreaking!) with Ivry Gitlis on violin and finally a bunch of songs by The Stones. Some of the songs The Stones play are from Let It Bleed - which hadn't been released yet! Whoever did the branding and packaging of this cd did should be proud of it. In 1968, when his peers and audience were were looking for something deeper in rock music (which is cool), Mick Jagger saw the whole scene as just a circus to enjoy. I sometimes want my rock'n'roll to be deep and sometimes want the circus!

Rolling Stones bootlegs

Altamont and No Angel Born In Hell are both from the December 1969 Altamont Festival. Altamont has Santana, Jefferson Airplane and other bands on it. Read more about it at another site of mine, The Woodstock Project - Altamont. Acoustic Motherfuckers (great title) is Let It Bleed/Beggar's Banquet outtakes. American Tour 1969 is a soundboard compilation from 4 shows. 1969 was maybe the Stones best tour. Very Ancient, Thank You Kindly is a 1972 tour compilation. I love some of the titles for these shows! Beat, Beat, Beat At The Beeb has 2 cds of Stones at the BBC. I have BBC perforances of a bunch of bands (The Beatles, The Who, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd all have memorable BBC performances). The sound is a unique combination of live/studio. Black Box is a 4 cd set of outtakes! The only one you need.

Blinded By Love is a show from Madrid, Spain on June 16, 1990. Detroit Rock City 1975 is from July 28, 1975. Exiles Afternoon "Revisited" has parts of a Perth, Australia show from February 24, 1973 and Dallas, Texas rehearsals 1972. Besides its wiseass title, Get The Fuck Outta Here is an example of terrific bootleg artwork. This bootleg has members of the Stones playing with other bands (like The Chieftains). Jumping Jack Flash is from Madison Square Garden, July 1971. One of the few Stones bootlegs that I bought (as opposed to traded for). Metamorphosis is a 1975 compilation. Oops, it might be official!

Leed Guitars...TV Stars and Get Your Leed Lungs Out are both from Leeds, March 13, 1971. Miami Dice is a cool show. They play Like A Rolling Stone! Next is a Madison Square Gardens show from November 27, 1969. Order In The Court is from Earl's Court, May 22, 1976. Stripped Companion has live, rehearsals and studio outtakes from 93-95. Welcome Back To New York 1975 has beautiful artwork!! It has a show from June 27, 1975 and one song from Los Angeles, July 10, 1975 - Sympathy For The Devil.