Page 2 - The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and More on Silver Disc

You've seen my Who silver discs, now you want to see the rest. Who's Back (on the previous page) was my first bootleg - I got it in Tel Aviv in 1992 not knowing what it was. I bought my next bootlegs in Houston in 1998, a bunch in New York City in 2000 and in visits since then and the rest either online or via trades from people I met online.

Beatles - Not For Sale

My first (and so far only) guide to bootlegs! Not For Sale was written by Belmo and published by Hot Wacks in 1997. Time hasn't affected the value of this book - most of the core Beatlegs were out by then and most of what has been released since then are upgrades (like the BBC recordings). It has extensive information about solo bootlegs as well - great for McCartney collectors. The only thing missing are Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr's solo performances since 1997. Belmo's intro starts with a quote from Paul McCartney's "Hi, Hi, Hi" - "You were standing at the station with a bootleg in your hand..." He even has a list of "Desert Island Beatlegs". Every few years, I browse Not For Sale and find I'm more familiar with the recordings mentioned. This is the kind of book you keep near your computer so you can use it while looking up bootlegs online. I bought it in Houston in 1998.

Black Market Beatles

I finally got my second Beatleg book in January 2010. Its the perfect companion to Not For Sale. Not For Sale covers Beatles bootlegs as well as solo bootlegs, but Black Market Beatles is only about The Beatles. The main chapter goes through all of the Beatles periods and events where Beatlegs come from. The history of Beatlegs is a fun story to read. The most interesting part for me was reading about the recording of Abbey Road and how those acetates of outtakes got out and ended up as Beatlegs. Black Market Beatles tells the story of how the 1988 Swingin' Pig release of Ultra Rare Trax and the 1989 Yellow Dog release of Unsurpassed Masters helped convince The Beatles to do the Anthology series.

There is a chapter with three interviews from past bootleggers. Not your typical story - the life and times of the 70's bootlegger. An underground world with 70's culture and technology. The perfect story to read to Lounge and Crime Jazz! Another chapter was about The Beatles and Beatlegs. John Lennon and Ringo Starr both collected Beatlegs during the 70's. Here are some of the best quotes -

"I collect the memorabilia - why not, it's history man, history! The things I really want are the bootlegs; some of them are even better than the final products that we released - like that Beatles in Sweden bootleg." - John Lennon, September 1974

"I'm as interested as anyone else really. I mean, they get tapes from all over the world by people, you know - they're just bootlegs." - Ringo Starr, November 1990. Asked if he had kept up with the multitude of bootleg releases, Ringo responded, "No there's too many bootlegs. I've never had a bootleg cd but I have bootleg albums. I used to live in Amsterdam, and that's the capital of bootlegged material over there."

Ringo continues, "You know people are interested. I mean I used to get uptight. I always felt that what we put out was what we thought was the best. And then you know the bootlegs came out and there were enormous sales on them. I put my two cents in, that I want to put out The Beatles bootlegs by The Beatles. You know, instead of someone else putting it out, we should do it."

If you're a collector of Beatlegs, both Not For Sale and Black Market Beatles should be in your collection. Not For Sale is more a Beatleg discography, but Black Market Beatles has a huge list in the appendix. The two gave me a full picture of the Beatleg bootleg scene.

The Beatles - It's All In The Mind Y' Know

One of the first Beatlegs I got my hands on and still one of the best. If this silver disc had only one song - the alternate version of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds with the first verse sung by Jeremy from Yellow Submarine - it would still be worth buying. I've yet to hear this on an official Beatles cd. Here's the lyric that is sung in place of John's opening lines:

Picture yourself just of nuclear fission with library cards and a metaphor skies (ha ha ha ha). Somebody quotes you, you read from a source book, a concept with microscope eyes (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha).

That's what silver discs are all about - stuff the record companies never released. The rest of the track list is excellent - commercials promoting Beatles movies really take you back!

The Alternate Abbey Road and The Abbey Road Companion

Abbey Road outtakes! Note the Abbey Road Companion photo of The Beatles - they're walking in the opposite direction than in the bootleg and official cd! Its cool when bootleg labels add photos that are connected to the cd. Many of my bootlegs have pictures of whatever band that were taken during the show - that adds to it all! The Beatles quit the road in 1966 and entered the most creative period that any band ever experienced. There are only a few short performances after Candlestick Park 1966, so the studio outtakes become even more important.

The Beatles - The Alternate Hey Jude Album

Six different versions of Hey Jude on one cd! Another favorite song, Rain, is here too. I saw this in a Tel Aviv music store - the same one that years earlier gave me my first silver disc bootleg - and didn't hesitate.

The Beatles - The Ed Sullivan Shows

Another must-have Beatleg. All of their Ed Sullivan Show performances on two discs. It wasn't just those three times in February 1964 - The Beatles were on Ed Sullivan ten times - including once in 1970. Its cool to hear The Beatles and Ed Sullivan speaking about that first US performance years later. Many rock collectors consider February 9, 1964 to be the day modern rock'n'roll was born. I'm one of them and I make sure to play this every anniversary!

The Beatles - Last Night In Hamburg

Such nice packaging its hard to believe this isn't an official release! These December 1962 performances are the moment before The Beatles became stars. Within a year of playing in this German club, Beatlemania would take over the world. The Beatles would be playing in stadiums, not clubs. I found this in Manhattan and it came with a 10 X 14 inch full color fold-out poster!

The Beatles - Magical Mystery Demos

I love the Magical Mystery Tour movie. These alternate versions, outtakes and mixes make for a nice stoney hour of Beatlegs!

The Beatles - Nothing Is Real (Private Tapes 1965-1967)

The liner notes say this: "The idea behind this CD is to collect together all the known pieces of private recordings made by John Lennon when he was still a Beatle. Added to this are some of his more unusual contributions for the Beatles in order to create a more complex aural picture of what was going through his mind during those crucial years 1966-67."

The Beatles - Psychedelic Years - Volumes 1-3

A mostly complete set of the Sgt. Peppers sessions. And who might the label be? LSD Records! As you can see above, they're even labelled LSD-001, LSD-002 and LSD-003. This box set finds The Beatles in the middle of their creative peak.

The Beatles - Sgt. Peppers Monomix

Back in the day, John and Paul would work on the mono mix. George Martin did the stereo mix afterwards. This silver disc has the original mono mix and a bunch of studio outtakes as a bonus. This is how Sgt. Pepper sounded in the 60's!

The Beatles - Unsurpassed Masters Volumes 3 and 4

This series marked the beginning of the modern bootleg scene. The Beatles Anthology series was based on these. Volume 3 is 1966-1967 outtakes and volume 4 is 1968. Great compilations!

The Quarrymen - At Home

The Quarrymen was the first incarnation of The Beatles. Luckily, they recorded this 1960 rehearsal. The sound is rough - for completists only. I enjoyed the early version of I'll Follow The Sun - proof that Paul wrote many Beatles songs when he was a teenager. The cover of Sweet Georgia Brown, a jazz standard (and The Harlem Globetrotters theme song), is cool.

The Beatles - Sessions

This collection of studio outtakes is like Unsurpassed Masters, only it doesn't focus on one period and skips through the years. Most of these were released on the Anthology series. While My Guitar Gently Weeps and Besame Mucho are my two favorites here.

The Beatles - Secret Songs In Pepperland

According to the website Bootlegzone, the first nine songs here are mono duplicate masters made for producers of the Yellow Submarine film, with many alternate versions, made on 1 Nov 1967. The rest of the cd is the mono version of Sgt. Pepper.

The Beatles - In Case You Don't Know

The main part of this Beatleg is the February 11, 1964 Washington Coliseum show. The band is "on" and the sound quality is excellent for a recording from 1964. The other songs are from various British TV shows. The label here is Spank Records, a side label of Vigotone.

Paul McCartney - Saturday Night Rehearsals 1993

I found this in a small Jerusalem music store in 2001. I remembered seeing Paul's performance on Saturday Night Live eight years earlier - he's in some funny skits and he and his band play a powerful version of Hey Jude as well as two songs from Off The Ground - Get Out Of My Way and Biker Like An Icon. Yellow Cat Records is a subsidiary of Yellow Dog Records!

Paul McCartney - The Cavern Club

Paul's last show of the millenium - December 14, 1999 at the Cavern Club to a small audience and millions around the world as it was also an Internet broadcast. There's an official video of this show - I'll eventually get it. He plays the 50's classics he covered in Run Devil Run with David Gilmour on guitar. I also have two cdr's of this show. Each of the three version I have of this show has different bonus tracks.

Paul McCartney - Highlights Downunder

November 13, 1975 in Melbourne, Australia. Its a soundboard recording but is not the entire show. It does have the classics from Venus and Mars - I love that album almost as much as Band On The Run.

Paul McCartney & Wings

Paul's first US show since Candlestick Park in 1966! May 3, 1976 in Fort Worth, Texas. The recording is from an excellent audience recording. The label, Heart Breakers, is the same label that released The Who's Toronto 1975 - another excellent audience recorded silver disc. Glad to have this one!

Paul McCartney - Empty Space Delights

The music is from the December 1992 Up Close show that he did with MTV. Fun performance and excellent sound. The bonus in a bootleg like this is that the artwork and packaging is nicer than most official cd's. It even included a two sided postcard and a paper label like that of a good bottle of whisky, only it says Paul McCartney on both sides. The label is Vox Populi. Great bootleg!

Paul McCartney - Imagine in Liverpool

The classic June 28, 1990 show in Liverpool where Paul plays a rare tribute to John Lennon. He plays a medley of Strawberry Fields Forever, Help and Give Peace a Chance. It includes an eight page color booklet. The label is Red Phantom. Yet another quality silver disc!

Paul McCartney - Out In The Crowd

Live in Charlotte, North Carolina on June 15, 1993 and the last date of the US tour. I like the mix of songs from Off The Ground with Beatles and 1970's Wings songs. Like the above Imagine in Liverpool, I've had a downloaded version of this for years and finally have the real thing! The label is Nikko Records.

Led Zeppelin - Fillmore West January & April 1969

These early 1969 Fillmore Shows are historical. This is where Led Zeppelin's career began. How Many More Times, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You and Dazed and Confused are my favorite Led Zeppelin songs from their early period. Look at how young Robert Plant looks here!

Led Zeppelin - Who's Country Joe

Another silver disc of January 9, 1969. This one was released by Homer Entertainment Network (see Homer Simpson!). I got this one in a May 2008 trade.

Led Zeppelin - White Summer - London, England - June 27, 1969

A must-have show from 1969. This is a "grungy" Led Zeppelin that most people haven't heard. Two months after this show, Led Zeppelin played to hundreds of thousands at the Texas Pop Festival - that's where many Americans first heard them. Oil Well is also the label behind a few Who bootlegs that I have - Sparks On The Bay and Let's See Action - as well as Jumping Jack Flash below.

I bought Another White Summer in Tel Aviv after seeing Blood, Sweat & Tears. For 10 shekels ($3!), I couldn't resist. Its the same show and sound as White Summer.

Led Zeppelin - Three Days After - Los Angeles, California - June 3, 1973

I love the style of the artwork here. Its an excellent audience recording. There are as many Led Zeppelin bootlegs out there as there are Beatles bootlegs. Often for each Led Zeppelin show there are a few releases. I hope to get more of these.

Led Zeppelin - Earl's Court '75 - Earl's Court Arena, London, England - May 24, 1975

Led Zeppelin hadn't played at home in two years and these five Earl's Court performances would be their last until Knebworth '79. The complete bootleg of this show is 4 cds! One of my favorite Zeppelin shows and probably the one I listen to the most - the silver disc and the complete cdr version. I also have a video of this show. Its very 70's-style psychedelic. This one is by Great Dane Records, a popular bootleg label that is best known for a Beatles BBC box set and a Woodstock box set which I have below.

Led Zeppelin - Eternal Mistery

My only Led Zeppelin compilation bootleg on silver disc. The artwork looks as good as the real thing. A mix of live and studio. Speaking of Led Zeppelin in the studio -- their outtakes are as cool as Beatles studio outtakes. There are some awesome Led Zeppelin bootlegs out there with studio material and they're a trip to listen to.

Led Zeppelin - Through The Years

This is an excellent bootleg box set! A collector mailed the box and booklet (not the silver discs) to me in 2002 or 2003. It covers Led Zeppelin from 1968 to 1980 with live material from soundboard recordings. Few of the songs are from hard to find performances - most collectors can look at the song list and put this together at home. When I want to hear 5 hours of Led Zeppelin, this box set and Another Trip (another similar box set) are the way to go. I hope to get the original silver discs for Through The Years and Another Trip one day. I didn't add the entire booklet as unless its in hi-res, its hard to read the text. The booklet is colorful and full of stories and of course has detailed song information.

Led Zeppelin - Studio Haze

One listen to Studio Haze and it became my favorite collection of Led Zeppelin studio outtakes. The acoustic melodies here are impressive and flow well. Not every cd of studio outtakes is listenable by friends who aren't music collectors. This one is. There's something about Led Zeppelin and Beatles studio outtakes..

Led Zeppelin - Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

I bought this silver with Another White Summer, above. It has the band's Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame performance. The bonus material is awesome. We have Page and Plant in the studio playing Wonderful One and When The Levee Breaks and four songs from Robert Plant's June 26, 1993 Parkpop Festival show (Denhaag, Holland).

Led Zeppelin - Any Port In A Storm

Any Port In A Storm - The Lost Soundboard Show is a newly discovered (2007) soundboard tape of the January 22, 1973 Southampton show. Excellent quality, excellent packaging, excellent silver disc. I love the set list - Misty Mountain Hop, Since I've Been Loving You, The Song Remains The Same, The Rain Song, Thank You, How Many More Times..

Led Zeppelin - Bringing The House Down

I've wanted to get my hands on a Led Zeppelin 1977 soundboard silver disc for a long time. I happily blasted this and Any Port In A Storm on a hot summer day when they came in the mail. Bringing The House Down is from May 26, 1977 at the Capitol Center in Landover, Maryland. What a show!! Why do I so much love Led Zeppelin's 1977 tour? Led Zeppelin's 1977 tour was unique in that they did super long shows - over three hours! These shows are three cd's. The only other bootlegs I have with such long shows are The Who's 1989 tour when they played lots of rare songs. Its also in the quality of the music - there is an acoustic set in the middle with songs like The Battle of Evermore and Going To California. What a show! I hope to get more of these.

Led Zeppelin - Historical Birthday

This and the next bunch (until Mannheim, Germany 1980) of Led Zeppelin silvers are from a trade I did in July 2009. This one is January 9, 1970 at the Royal Albert in London. Historical Birthday was released by Shout To The Top Records. Explosive Led Zeppelin!

Led Zeppelin - British Story

Can't get enough of Led Zeppelin's 1973 tour! January 7, 1973 in Oxford and was released by Wendy Records. What a mix of songs - Led Zeppelin 4 and Houses of the Holy when both were new and fresh on the radio.

Led Zeppelin - Dedicated To Rizzlers

And a week later, we have Led Zeppelin in Stoke (January 15, 1973). Dedicated To Rizzlers was released by Equinox Records. I love the title - dedicating the show to a company that makes rolling papers!

Led Zeppelin - Bonzo's Birthday Party

It is May 31, 1973 and its Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham's birthday. What better place to celebrate than Los Angeles? Another great title by Wendy Records.

Led Zeppelin - Windy City Adventure

July 6, 1973, Chicago. Another excellent 1973 show. This one is also from Wendy Records.

Led Zeppelin - Flying Circus

The legendary show in silver disc! February 12, 1975 at Madison Square Garden, New York City. So many labels have released this one. Here's the Empress Valley Supreme version.

Led Zeppelin - The Zeppelin Express Physical Rocket

The Earl's Court 1975 shows have also become legendary among fans and collectors. Here is Empress Valley Supreme's May 25, 1975 Earl's Court, London silver disc.

Led Zeppelin - Mannheim

My first silver disc of their 1980 tour. This show is from Mannheim, Germany and took place on July 2, 1980. The bootleg label is Flagge.

Led Zeppelin - For Badgeholders Only - The Complete 1977 LA Forum Tapes

Wow! June 21, 22, 23, 25, 26 and 27 at the LA Forum. A classic icon of the 70's - Led Zeppelin playing the LA Forum. This is the last time they ever played in Los Angeles, as it turns out.. Only 300 copies were made - 150 with the photo on the box as you see here and 150 with another version. It really looks like its handmade. The cardboard cd cases are not what you find at the music store - they're bigger and nicer. I love the booklet and the copy of the "badge" (backstage pass) that Robert Plant talks about during the shows.

Six shows of three discs a piece plus a bonus dvd - 19 discs total. What a find this was - I hope I can get my hands on more Led Zeppelin silver disc box sets!

Led Zeppelin - Demand Unprecedented In The History Of Rock Music

May 25, 1975 - Earl's Court on dvd! And by Empress Valley Supreme Disc no less!! So glad to get this. I read up on it and until No Quarter, it has better quality than the previous releases. Absolutely stunning to see this - a must have for any Led Zeppelin fan.

Led Zeppelin - Storm London

December 10, 2007 - O2 Arena, London. The Led Zeppelin reunion!! This one is from Swinging Pig - I guess its also their reunion too. Its a quirky audience shot and the sound is a lot better than the video. But its Led Zeppelin in 2007!!

Pink Floyd - Outtakes From Outer Space

My first Israeli-made silver disc! The Hebrew reads, "Rare clips, all rights reserved". As you can see, its a collection of early outtakes and BBC sessions. The name of the label? Hippie Shit Label.

Pink Floyd - Focus - London, England - September 16, 1970

Pink Floyd's early shows are as legendary as Led Zeppelin's. My favorite songs here are Green Is The Color, If and Atom Heart Mother.

Pink Floyd - At The Playhouse Theatre

The same classic BBC performance as Focus above. A few rare songs are added as a bonus.

Pink Floyd - Oakland Coliseum, 9/5/77

Wait, is it Top Gear or Oakland '77? The artwork is for Top Gear Sessions and the cd's (two) are the May 9, 1977 show and is an audience recording. The person who sent it to me told me that's how he got it!

Roger Water - Let's Open The Doors Of Perception - Radio City Music Hall, New York City, New York - March 28, 1985

A+ for artwork and a B for sound - its a good audience recording and not a soundboard. As the artwork says, this silver disc was concepted and compiled with Syd Barrett's karma! I love David Gilmour and Roger Waters' solo stuff.

The Rolling Stones - There's No Angel Born In Hell

The infamous Altamont performance - December 6, 1969.

The Rolling Stones - Jumping Jack Flash

Jumping Jack Flash is part of the July 24, 1972 Madison Square Garden show. The Oil Well label also published The Who's Sparks On The Bay.

The Rolling Stones - It's Getting Hot Up Here!

The Rolling Stones live in Perth, Australia on February 24, 1973.

The Rolling Stones - More Stripped

The first 13 songs are a compilation from their 1995 tour. An excellent soundboard recording. I don't know where tracks 14-20 are from.
The Rolling Stones - Even More Liver Than You'll Ever Be

This Stones silver disc is three cd's of the November 9, 1969 Oakland show. Discs one and two are audience recordings of the first and second shows and disc three is a partial soundboard (nine songs of 16) of the second show. Not much good I can say about this one - the band struggles with electricity and other problems throughout the show and the audience doesn't make the band more relaxed. The soundboard is nice, but the artwork is better than the music in this case.

Jimi Hendrix - Berkeley, California - May 30, 1970

The soundcheck and both shows! Someone emailed me and offered to send this for a bunch of cdr's and I couldn't refuse. Jimi's shows have so much energy. Read the small text that the bootleg label added.

The Doors - Live in Stockholm 1968 - September 20, 1968

The Swingin' Pig did it again! A terrific soundboard of The Doors.

The Doors - One Hundred Minutes - The Complete Vancouver Concert 1970 - June 6, 1970

This is a famous show among Doors collectors. A couple of the songs here ended up on an official box set. Songs 4-8 are from a November 9, 1968 show in Chicago. The Vancouver part of this is soundboard and the Chicago part is an average audience recording. I can't see putting anything less than an excellent audience recording as filler on a silver disc.

Sting - Beacon Theatre, New York City, New York - February 17, 1991

I found this in a Jerusalem music store. I have a bunch of Sting and The Police official cds and bootlegs and buy every new Sting cd as they come out.

Now to a few Monterey and Woodstock silver discs. First to Monterey.

Monterey Pop '67 - The Summer of Love

This is the silver disc of a popular Monterey box set. Well, its part of it. There are 5 and 6 cd versions of it and I have discs 3 and 4. I hope to get more Monterey silver discs - if you have any and want to trade, let me know!

The Doors - Palace of Exile

The Doors at the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival! I traded for this in February 2005. It was the last great festival of that era.

Grateful Dead - Woodstock '69

I'm as much a Woodstock collector as I am a Who, Beatles and Led Zeppelin collector so I really appreciate these. I have a cdr version that is more complete, but its Woodstock, man! Brought to you by Freedom Records.

Sly And The Family Stone - Down On The Farm

An awesome Woodstock set, this is a very popular and expensive silver disc. I once saw it go for over $100 on Ebay. I got mine for $29.99 by searching for it on Google. Songs 1-8 are Sly's complete Woodstock set and songs 9-13 are from a September 10, 1970 Amsterdam show. The packaging here is phenomenal - its better than most official cds. It comes with a fold-out poster and I've scanned one side of it.

Woodstock "Freedom"

A compilation of songs played at Woodstock. There's nothing rare on it, but the song list flows well so I listen to it a lot. The same label also released a Who silver disc that I have titled Dangerous.

Woodstock - The Lost Performances

Woodstock - The Lost Performances - Great Dane Records' masterpiece. One disc that is a compilation of songs played at Woodstock - many of which do not appear elsewhere. Another disc of Janis Joplin's complete set. Another disc of Creedence Clearwater Revival's complete set and finally, The Who's complete Woodstock set. All soundboard. It comes with a 44 page booklet in English and Italian - full of interviews, stories and color photos. If the booklet from the official Woodstock box set is too "soft" for you, this is the one the hippies would be proud of. Instead of censored stories, we have quotes with the musicians themselves telling us "what they were on" when they went on stage.

Bob Dylan - Visit To Islael

Yes, Visit To Islael! A Japanese bootleg -- the spelling error gives it away. I bought this in November 2005 after years of collecting Israel shows. Its an average audience recording, but hey, its The Master in the Holy Land!

The Private Affairs of Bob Dylan

This double cd silver disc has parts of a few 1997 shows. The last 3 songs are Bob Dylan's performance at a Simon Weisenthal Center benefit on May 21, 1997 and closes with a favorite - Forever Young. I got this in April 2008 from a Japanese collector via

Bob Dylan - Hold The Fort For What Its Worth

The ultimate Rolling Thunder Revue silver disc! May 16, 1976 in Fort Worth, Texas with filler on disc two from various shows from the same tour. Incredible stereo sound. Supporting Bob are Joan Baez, Scarlet Rivera, T. Bone Burnett, Roger McGuinn, Kinky Friedman and others. Dylan's Rolling Thunder Review is as Americana as it gets. I love the official cd and this one is another souvenir from Dylan's best tour.

Bob Dylan - The Supper Club

Many Dylan fans consider the 1993 Supper Club to be better than his 1994 Unplugged performance. With this silver disc, you can hear why. Bob sounds relaxed and smooth here. The sound is stereo soundboard. The booklet offers some background to the show (I love these - written by fans and maybe a friend of the bootlegger!) and a few pages of photos.

Bob Dylan - The Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2

A terrific 3 disc collection of Dylan. Its a mix of studio outtakes, demos and live performances. From - "This incredible 3 cd set is packed full of only the rarest tracks. Some of this material is completely unreleased. The material that has been released before appears here, in most cases, in the very best circulating quality."

U2 - The Flame And The Fire and Second Homecoming

The Flame And The Fire is a March 21, 1985 show in Chicago and Second Homecoming is from July 10, 1987 in Rotterdam. Both are excellent audience recordings.

Bob Marley - Redemption

What a pleasant surprise! A collection of Bob Marley studio demos, outtakes and rehearsals by the Kiss The Stone label (KTS 349). The music is more subdued as it is not a performance in front of tens of thousands. Bob Marley in a studio with a few people in the room is a quietly intense Bob Marley. I found this in the Tel Aviv bus station in May 2009. I appreciate the silver discs I find here in Israel as Israelis aren't as into music collecting as Americans and Europeans. Yes, you can find pirated music in Israel, but its mostly Middle Eastern and ethnic music (which is wrong too and one day those stores and stands won't be there). You don't see pirated Beatles, Pink Floyd like we saw throughout South America. Better a mix of official cd's and bootlegs than pirated music! For those who are just coming across this page - for every bootleg I buy or download, I buy a few official cd's. You bet I believe in supporting the music industry by purchasing the cd's they release!

Neil Young - Last Of A Dying Breed

I never thought I'd get a Neil Young silver disc until I got this and the next one. September 25, 1984 at the University of Texas in Austin with filler from other shows on both discs. Disc two ends with audience recordings of Farm Aid 1 and 3 (1985 and 1987).

Neil Young - Verde Valley Music Festival

October 22, 1994 at the Verde Valley Music Festival in Sedona, Arizona (I read up on it - they support a scholarship for Indians). Its a good audience recording. The disc also includes a song from February 6, 1995 in Seattle and has an extra song not listed on the cd.

Queen - Crowning Glory

My first Queen bootleg. I read that its from a Westwood One broadcast.

200 silver discs for now! I didn't realize I had so many until I sat down and put them together here. I bought most of these from 1998-2003 and trade and barter for them since then. I hit 150 silver discs in July 2009 (a fun distraction from the summer heat!). As time goes by, the value of silver discs only goes up. Fewer are produced as most of us know how to download shows from the Internet. They're special to me as they represent a counter-current in music. The silver discs that I have are among my favorite cds - few of these concerts and demos will ever be released by the music industry and I would never have heard these sounds any other way.

In the spring of 2008, I traded for The Private Affairs Of Bob Dylan, Tales From The Who and Led Zeppelin's Who's Country Joe. In the summer of 2008, I traded for Sgt. Pepper Monomix, Led Zeppelin's Studio Haze, Pink Floyd At The Playhouse Theatre and The Rolling Stones It's Getting Hot Up Here!

In October 2008, I bought Led Zeppelin's Another White Summer and Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in Tel Aviv for 10 shekels ($3) a piece after seeing Blood, Sweat & Tears in concert.

In November 2008, a kind friend mailed me 7 silvers - The Beatles Unsurpassed Masters Volumes 3 and 4, Sessions, Secret Songs In Pepperland, The Quarrymen At Home and Pink Floyd's Oakland '77 show (2 cds). That's 7 more!

In January 2009, I bought The Rolling Stones More Stripped and U2's The Flame And The Fire and Second Homecoming in Tel Aviv. Bob Marley's Redemption is from May 2009, same store.

I got Any Port In A Storm, Bringing The House Down and The Who's Complete Amsterdam 1969 in a June 2009 trade.

In July 2009, I did a big trade for a bunch of Led Zeppelin silver discs -
Historical Birthday - January 9, 1970 - Royal Albert Hall, London - 1 cd
British Story - January 7, 1973 - Oxford - 2 cds
Dedicated To Rizzlers - January 15, 1973 - Trentham Gardens, Stoke - 2 cds
Bonzo's Birthday Party - May 31, 1973 - Los Angeles - 3 cds
Windy City Adventure - July 6, 1973 - Chicago - 3 cds
Flying Circus - February 12, 1975 - New York City - 3 cds
The Zeppelin Express Physical Rocket - May 25, 1975 - Earl's Court, London - 4 cds
Mannheim - July 2, 1980 - Mannheim, Germany - 2 cds
In October 2009, I did another big trade for more Led Zeppelin and others.
Led Zeppelin - For Badgeholders Only - The Complete 1977 LA Forum Tapes (18 cds + 1 dvd)
Neil Young - Last Of A Dying Breed (2 cds) and Verde Valley Music Festival (1 cd)
The Rolling Stones - Even More Liver Than You'll Ever Be (3 cds)
Dylan - The Supper Club (1 cd) and Hold The Fort For What Its Worth (2 cds)
In January 2010, I added Queen's Crowning Glory, from Tel Aviv.

In March 2010, I got Bob Dylan's The Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2 (3 cds), Led Zeppelin Earl's Court dvd and Storm London dvd. These took me to 200 silver discs!

Email me if you have any silver discs you want to trade in return for a generous cdr trade.

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