This is where everything else goes. Everything else that's not on any of the above music sites, that is. So you won't see Janis Joplin or Jefferson Airplane's box sets - they're on the above Woodstock site.

The Best & Rariest of Shindig & The Blues Brothers Live in the USA

Rariest? That's how its spelled on the cd and the bootlegger knows best! One of those cds that should've been an official cd but will never happen. Shindig was a British pop show in the 60's. This cd has a mindblowing mix of songs by The Who, Rolling Stones, Yardbirds, Kinks, The Byrds, Donovan, The McCoys, The Turtles, Gerry & The Pacemakers and The Beatles. Its a rare treat to hear The Beatles playing somehow with their peers. Reminds me of The 1965 New Musical Express Pollwinners' Concert. The Blues Brothers opening for The Grateful Dead in the seventies! I got this in 2001 and in 2004 downloaded an upgrade of the short show. That's how the Internet works -- even seemingly silly parts of music history are preserved and remastered by fans. Speaking of The Grateful Dead...

The Grateful Dead

American Beauty is a classic. Its strange how unknown The Grateful Dead are outside of the US. Its hippy Americana! The Pyramids show is cool - lots of artwork for it to choose from. I can imagine The Grateful Dead playing at the Pyramids - what a trip. Speaking of cool trips, check out my Dylan section for The Grateful Dead playing with Bob Dylan. There're a few bootlegs out there, like the above, but the official cd is best.

The Byrds perfected folk-rock. Boston was popular where I grew up (Miami) in the 80's. I got into ELP because of their 1970 Isle of Wight set. And a kickass CSNY show from 1970.

Genesis and Phil Collins

The first concert I went to was Genesis in 1988. The self-titled Genesis and Incredible Touch were always on the radio in Miami in the 80's. Face Value was Phil Collins' first solo album. It starts off with a bang -- In The Air Tonight. I recognized most of the songs here. Hand In Hand is a great instrumental that I've heard on bootleg concerts. I read that Earth, Wind & Fire's horn section contributed to Face Value - it shows on I Missed Again. Face Value ends with a Beatles cover - the psychedelic Tomorrow Never Knows. Wow! Great choice for a cover - hard to compare it to other Beatles covers I've heard. Like the lyrics ask of us, Play the game existence to the end of the beginning! After hearing this, I now want his three other 80's solo albums (Hello I Must Be Going, No Jacket Required and But Seriously).

The Keef Hartley Band

The Keef Hartley Band played at Woodstock. I have a cool story about them -- One day I got an email from a friend of Keef Hartley. I told him I had an audience recording of a song he and his band played at Woodstock and offered to mail it. I did and got an autograph in a return. Keef never got a copy of any songs he and his band played at Woodstock. I can't believe it took until 2004 for him to get this small momento of history!

Richie Havens

Thanks to Woodstock collecting, I became a big Richie Havens fan. Mixed Bag is his first cd - songs like High Flyin' Bird, I Can't Make It Anymore, Handsome Johnny and even two covers - Just Like A Woman and Eleanor Rigby - make this the first one you should get. Stonehenge has a stoney cover and more classics - Minstrel From Gaul, It's All Over Now Baby Blue, and I Started A Joke are my favorites. I like the short essay/poem that's included. Connections takes us to 1981 - its the same Richie Havens but sounds like the 80's with keyboards and other instruments. Mamma We're Gonna Dance and We've Got Tonight are the two most popular songs here. Simple Things is a classic - I remember hearing Drivin' on the radio in the 80's. It has Arrow Through Me, a Paul McCartney song. Sings Beatles And Dylan is so good I can't stop listening to it! Why? The setlist will explain all!

Here Comes The Sun, If Not For You, Lay Lady Lay, In My Life, Strawberry Fields, All Along The Watchtower, Imagine, My Sweet Lord, It's All Over Now Baby Blue, Eleanor Rigby, Just Like A Woman, The Long And Winding Road, Let It Be, License To Kill, The Times They Are A-Changin', Working Class Hero, Rocky Raccoon, With A Little Help From My Friends.

I have Time autographed and framed on my wall. Wow - Havens gets better with time. Zodiac, Freedom (Extended Live Version) and I Was Educated By Myself (Live) are the best songs here. I like hearing live songs mixed in a studio album. The Best Of Richie Havens is mostly made of Mixed Bag and a few others. Nice bio and pic's inside.

I have a bunch of Richie Havens bootlegs. As his sets are mostly acoustic, even audience recordings sound good. He comes across as a wise and mellow troubadour. I Don't Wanna Know was recorded in 1990 somewhere in the USA.

We listened to a lot of Jethro Tull in our cars in high school. Aqualung would be pounding through smokey parking lots. Remember Journey? I have memories of playing the Journey video game at one of those family-oriented pizza places that happened to have 200 video games. Many of the best writers in rock dig The Kinks. This cd is always a fun trip to listen to.

One of those Mamas & The Papas cds has a few extra songs. They did a memorable set at The 1967 Monterey Pop Festival. My favorite Manfred Mann song is their cover of The Might Quin. Timothy Leary. Now let's pause for Leary. Take a deep breath. Go read up on him, its worth it. He was one of those crazy people that helped make the sixties what it was. There's a 15 minute song/rap with Leary accompanied by Stephen Stills, John Sebastian (he was at Woodstock + did the song Welcome Back, Kotter!), Jimi Hendrix (on bass) and Buddy Miles. The cd cover opens up into a campaign poster of Leary For Governor (he ran in California!). Go on a quest for it!

The Alan Parsons Project is good chill-out rock. Rush's Tom Sawyer is a classic power-chord song. I don't hear them on the radio much in Israel but I have this cd and two soundboard shows.

Acoustic Maggie by Rod Stewart. Supertramp's Breakfast in America is one of those albums that got lots of playing-time on AM, FM, elevators, car dealerships, airports and on cruises throughout the late seventies and the eighties. Most people know of the movie version of Hair but its the musical version that has more of a sixties sound to it. Animal House!! How many times have you seen this one? This is the listen-while-you-play-video-games version. Nuggets is an insane collection of 60's psychedelic pop.

The Bee Gees

The Bee Gees! They got lots of airplay and media attention in Miami in the 70's. The 70's without The Bee Gees is like pizza without cheese. You may've loved to hate disco in the 70's, but after techno/trance/house, Hello, Sister Disco - with your flashy trash lamps! Best of Bee Gees covers their early period - up to 1969. Main Course is an interesting one. The cover is psychedelic but it is The Bee Gees first disco album! This is the album that featured Nights On Broadway and Jive Talkin' yet few people have seen Main Course. The cover of Spirits Having Flown is an unforgettable icon of the 70's! I remember buying this LP when I was a kid in the 70's. Tragedy, Too Much Heaven, Love You Inside Out and Spirits Having Flown are the ones I remember most.

Saturday Night Fever is a snapshot of 1977. Yeah, its surreal to listen to it after all these years. Its aging fine with me. Children Of The World was released a year after Main Course. You Should Be Dancing is the most popular song here. First Hits is a collection of old Bee Gees songs - including some lesser known oldies from their first albums.

Phish - Lawn Boy

Phish have been around for a while - their audience is very Grateful Dead-like. That's a compliment! Pleasant, stoney jams. I first heard Phish in Miami in 1995 - they're popular on campuses. Every Halloween for a few years, Phish covered classic rock albums. I have three of them - The Who's Quadrophenia, The Beatles' White Album and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. Another Phish cd, Hoist, is in the Israel-related rock section above.

Brothers In Arms (with The Police's Synchronicity and Pete Townshend's White City) is one of my three favorite albums to come out of the 80's. A tour-de-force that gives you the sound and feel of the 80's. I first realized that I liked Chicago when I heard their Texas Pop Festival set (its part of The Woodstock Project above). In SAT language, Flutes are to Jethro Tull as horns are to Chicago!

The 5th Dimension - you've probably hear Up, Up And Away and their version of Age Of Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In. But you haven't heard Stoned Soul Picnic and other classics. This double cd covers it all and has a booklet with a nice bio of the band. One of the band members left his wallet in a NYC cab. The passenger who found it called him. He was producing Hair. They each invited the other to see what the other was up to and next thing you know, The 5th Dimension has a hit single from Hair! If you've listened to enough rock on the radio, you've heard of the King Biscuit Flower Hour. My favorites on this cd are Billy Squier doin' The Stroke, Greg Kihn's Jeopardy (remember the MTV video?), John Sebastian's Welcome Back (from the TV show Welcome Back, Kotter - that's where John Travolta got his start!).


Santana! The cd on the left is Santana's first cd - it came out in 1969, just before their Woodstock performance. This version was released in 2004 as two cds and has Santana's complete Woodstock performance as well as a bunch of studio outtakes from 1969. Viva Santana! is a double cd tour de force compilation. Inner Secrets was released in 1978. In the late 70's and 80's, Santana lost favor with the media and had a comeback in the 90's. That's what the media would like us to believe - listen to this 1978 cd and you'll hear for yourself that the band Santana has been creating the same awesome music since 1969 and every album of theirs is the same Santana to me! Another Santana cd is in the Israel-related rock section that shouldn't be missed.

Jimi Hendrix

A year before Woodstock, Michael Lang - who to this day owns Woodstock Ventures - put together the Miami Pop Festival. It worked and a bigger idea was born. Jimi Hendrix rocked Miami for an hour. The recording is sharp for a soundboard from the sixties. I got into Jimi Henrix via the rock festivals of the sixties. He performed at Monterey 1967, Woodstock 1969 and Isle of Wight 1970. Most of my Hendrix cds are in within the Woodstock Project site.


One day someone sent me a soundboard Blondie show and I remembered a bunch of songs I liked way-back-when. I have a few 1978-1980 shows and one from 1999. I enjoyed the sound and energy on these - it didn't take long to start liking the songs I hadn't heard before. Blondie Live is a mix of 1998-1999 performances. It has all of her best songs and she sounds as fresh as she did in the 70's and 80's!

Olivia Newton-John

I always loved Olivia Newton-John's angelic voice. During a trip to the US in 2005, I picked up this 2 disc collection. I never knew that her first hit was a cover of Dylan's "If Not For You". My favorite songs here are Have You Ever Been Mellow, Sam, Xanadu, Magic, Suddenly and Physical. Olivia's country song are fun to listen to - you can hear how she made many in Nashville jealous! Why not go back into your past with music? Brings back good memories..

Earth, Wind & Fire

I remember hearing lots of Earth, Wind & Fire during my childhood in Miami. Every weekend we'd go to the skating rink and songs like Fantasy and September would be blasted while we skated around a disco ball, played pinball and got our first taste of video games. I bought The Best Of Earth, Wind & Fire while on our Florida honeymoon in 2005 and the double cd Essential Earth, Wind & Fire in 2006. The more I got into world music, the more I understood Earth, Wind & Fire.

That's The Way Of The World is a film soundtrack that Earth, Wind & Fire did in 1975. The movie didn't do so well, but the soundtrack brought us the classic songs Shining Star and Reasons. There's even a bossa nova version of That's The Way Of The World on the 1999 cd release. I bought this in Eilat in June 2008 - on a very hot day! Today they're one of my favorite bands.

Gratitude was Earth, Wind & Fire's second #1 in a row. It was released in December 1975 - sounds like a great holiday gift! Gratitude is a live album and you can feel the live power of this band. Hits here include Reasons, Shining Star, Sing A Song, Gratitude and everything else!

The music of All 'N All (1977) is just as imaginative as the cover. Fantasy is my favorite song on All 'N All. Fantasy has a certain allure to it that can carry you to your own fantasy. I also love the Brazilian songs. In the liner notes, Maurice White says, "We never thought of ourselves as a funk band. I always felt we made universal music."

The back of the cd reads -

Riding a rhythm as ancient as Africa and the groove of a shrinking globe, Earth, Wind & Fire's Maurice White sought inspiration beyond the L.A. skyline. The Latina muse called him to South America to explore the secrets of the samba and tell the story of the serpentine fire. With soothing tropical strings and galaxy-blasting horns, EW&F created a distant planet where fantasy lives and freedom is a decree for all.

Men At Work and U2

Men At Work!! The early 80's band from Down Under. This cd has all of my favorites -- Who Can It Be Now, Down Under, Its A Mistake, Be Good Johnny, Dr. Heckyll & Mr. Jive and others. Surreal listening to them after all these years. One day I saw their name popup on the Internet, and the next thing I know they're on my "to buy" list. U2 was always my favorite 80's band and these are their best 80's songs.

Saturday Night Live - The Musical Performances - Volume 1

I saw this on Ebay and couldn't resist. The Grateful Dead, Paul Simon, Sting, Eric Clapton, Billy Joel and more. It ends on a funny note with Randy Newman's I Love LA (funny because SNL is so identified with New York City!).

World of Warcraft - Burning Crusade Soundtrack

In early 2008, I bought the World of Warcraft expansion - Burning Crusade. Amazing video game. The collector's edition came with playing cards, a mousepad, a behind the scenes dvd, a hardcover book of graphics and illustrations and of course this soundtrack. Oh, it also included with the game itself on cd and dvd!

Blood, Sweat & Tears

I was first exposed to Blood, Sweat & Tears on the radio in the 70's and 80's. When I started collecting the music of Woodstock on my Woodstock Project site in the early 2000's, I listened to and even watched the available parts of their set. They stood out from the other bands at Woodstock. Jazz Rock at a hippy festival?! Their Woodstock set was outstanding. In 2005, I bought Super Hits while in Miami remember listening to it while driving to Orlando and Key West.

On September 22, 2008, we saw Blood, Sweat & Tears perform in Tel Aviv. We went with a few friends and had a great time. We all agreed that its a good thing this band keeps at it!

In December 2008, we went on a trip to Georgia, Florida and a Carnival cruise to the Western Caribbean. I bought the self-titled Blood, Sweat & Tears in Savannah, Georgia. I bought Found Treasures and Extended Versions in Orlando at Orlando Premium Outlets. Considering that mall is full of high end fashion, there were lots of cd's there for well under $10 a piece.

Found Treasures is a 1972 compilation of songs. Instead of the usual hits, we're treated to a bunch of many lesser known songs. Extended Versions is a collection of live songs. There are no liner notes, but some online research turned up this information - the songs are taken from Live And Improvised, a double live album covering their 1975 tour. The songs were recorded live at -

Schaefer Music Festival, New York City on July 5, 1975
City Hall Plaza, Boston, Massachusetts on July 20, 1975
National Arts Center, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on August 11-12, 1975
Monterey Jazz Festival, Monterey, California on September 21, 1975