Official cds and videotapes

If it looks like I have more bootlegs than official cds here or anywhere else, remember that in the early 80's I probably bought a lot of cassettes of each band. Then in the early 90's I bought the cd. By the late 90's most bands figured out how to do cds 'right' and released a remastered version of everything.

The Police only released 5 official albums, one live album and 3 greatest hits. An impressive body of work -- especially when you consider they disappeared off the face of the earth. The only post-80's Police reunion was in 2003 -- a few songs for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Zenyatta Mondatta was their third official album, released in 1980. It opens with Don't Stand So Close To Me. The other big hit here is De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da. Ghost In The Machine is next. Hits include Spirits In The Material World and Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, but Ghost is an improvement over the first three cds - every minute counts. Synchronicity was one of my favorite albums in high school (and one of the few contemporary things I was listening to). The Police - The Greatest Hits is an interesting cd. They appear to be different versions of all of the songs. Anyone have any info on this? The Soul Cages is from Sting's best period. Though I wish he'd continued with The Police, I love his solo stuff too. Great chillout music. I waited for months for Brand New Day to come out! Despite the 90's pop touch to it, I like it. A great snapshot of where we all were at the end of the millenium. I remember playing this cd a lot in Jerusalem during the winter of 1999-2000. Sacred Love came out in 2003. I bought it when I was living on a kibbutz in the northern Negev at a store in Sderot. It continues on the same musical theme that you heard in Brand New Day. A bit more gentle. The Fields of Gold video is one of the coolest videos that I have. Far-out graphics that create that Sting kinda atmosphere in the room.

The Police and Sting bootlegs

Brand New Tour was recorded at the Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles on October 29, 1999. It has all of Sting's great chillout songs. Covering Them is a great series of bootlegs. Sting covers The River (Bruce Springsteen), Get Up And Stand Up (Bob Marley), Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix), Mack The Knife (Roger Daltrey sang this onein the movie), Home On The Ranch (Woodie Guthrie) and more. Awesome cd. Sting and Gil Evans - Last Sessions is from a radio show. Sting - Live In Houston is from 1996. His live shows are better than his studio albums - I hope he releases some live material. The Police - Live In Paris is great. Live Police shows are hard to find. Sting - Rock In Rio was recording on January 12, 2001. Cool to have a show from someone after the millenium. This one is a favorite among collectors. Sting - Live USA Volume 2 is the only Sting bootleg that I found in a record store. 29 shekels (about $6).

Sting in Montreaux, The Police in Barcelona on Sting's Birthday, Sting Live at the Silver Bowl and Sting in Montevideo, Uruguay

Let's say there's a band you really like - you have lots of their official cds - and you want to get some of their best shows. You find a collector who specializes in that band and do a trade with him. Let him pick the best shows to send you. This is what I did here and these four shows are soundboard + the cream of the crop.