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Dark Side Of The Moon, Pink Floyd's first masterpiece. Decades later, still an incredible experience to listen to.

The cd with the blinking red light. And the video that MTV played every night in 1994-1995. Pulse is from The Division Bell Tour. Meet the new Pink Floyd, same as the old Pink Floyd. Great selection of songs. Gilmour's voice is smooth sailing.

I always assumed that the Pulse cd and video were from the same show. The video is from London, October 20, 1994 and the cd is from a bunch of shows - see the table below.

Disc 1
1. Shine on You Crazy Diamond London, October 20, 1994
2. Astronomy Domine London, October 15, 1994
3. What Do You Want From Me Rome, September 21, 1994
4. Learning To Fly London, October 14, 1994
5. Keep Talking Hannover, August 17, 1994
6. Coming Back To Life London, October 13, 1994
7. Hey You London, October 13 and 15 (last verse), 1994
8. A Great Day For Freedom London, October 19, 1994
9. Sorrow Rome, September 20, 1994
10. High Hopes London, October 20, 1994
11. Another Brick In The Wall, Part 2 London, October 21, 1994
Disc 2
1. The Dark Side of The Moon London, October 16 and 20 (end section), 1994
2. Speak To Me London, October 20, 1994
3. Breathe London, October 20, 1994
4. On The Run London, October 20, 1994
5. Time Rome, September 20, 1994; Modena, September 17, 1994 (intro); London, October 15, 1994 (explosion)
6. The Great Gig In The Sky London, October 20, 1994
7. Money Modena, September 17, 1994
8. Us And Them London, October 19 (choruses 2 and 3) and 20, 1994
9. Any Colour You Like London, October 19 (ending) and 23, 1994
10. Brain Damage London, October 19, 1994
11. Eclipse London, October 19, 1994
12. Wish You Were Here Rome, September 20, 1994
13. Comfortably Numb London, October 20, 1994
14. Run Like Hell London, October 15, 1994

The Division Bell is one of my favorite Pink Floyd albums. It 'takes you down to Strawberry Fields.' Animals is a political rock opera. 10 points if you read Animal Farm in junior high and didn't use Cliff Notes. The Final Cut is a bit 'bitchy' for me - I love the countries I've lived in. Its more a Roger Waters solo album than a Pink Floyd album.

David Gilmour's solo work is a gift from the Gods. I didn't know about his two solo albums until a few years ago. Both should've been more appreciated by Pink Floyd fans. Two songs from About Face were written by Pete Townshend. And David Gilmour plays guitar on Pete Townshend's White City (and in the Deep End video). Ditto Richard Wright's two albums. Its like hearing two of the Pink Floyd components one at a time. These four get a lot of play - I usually put them in my stereo at once and enjoy a four hour Pink Floyd solo trip.

This is like Cliff Notes for The Bible. A book that explains the lyrics of Pink Floyd. Amen.