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The Sixties

Pink Floyd 60's shows are a special part of the 60's. The original psychedelic band. None of this music was intended for mass audiences. Some great songs are in these shows - If, Atom Heart Mother and Cymbaline are my favorites. This is so relaxing.

The Seventies

As you can see, nothing beats Pink Floyd bootleg artwork. Some of these look even better on paper because I bought them. Focus, Mooed Music, Aphrodite, Meddler are 70's shows with a 60's setlist. I have 2 of the 3 Azimuth Coordinator shows. There's an interesting story behind Azimuth Coordinator if you're into Floyd-lore. I don't have too much live Animals material so what I have I cherish. Dark Side of the Pig and Plays the Animals are two of them. The Great Gig In The Sky, Live In Japan 1972 and The Darkside Rehearsals are from the famed Dark Side of the Moon tour. Imagine hearing that for the first time live! In fact, The Darkside Rehearsals is the first Dark Side of the Moon show! Due to equipment failure, they stop Dark Side a few minutes into Money and go onto older material. Collectors consider this to be a historic show.

I got a cd and dvd of the April 29, 1970, Fillmore West show in January 2006. Wow! Pristine sound - I can't believe they won't release this stuff. The dvd is a classic - it moves between the band and a video camera on a low flying airplane. Every Pink Floyd fan should see this. I recognized it from a 3 tape Pink Floyd vhs collection that many Pink Floyd fans bought at small record stores in the 90's. The quality wasn't so good, so this is an appreciated upgrade.

The Eighties and Nineties

A New Era - Opening Night '87 is the first show of the Momentary Lapse of Reason tour!! This is the first Pink Floyd show without Roger Waters. Nothing Is Changed is a show in Italy during the 1988 Momentary Lapse of Reason tour. Venetian Night is another show from Italy, a year later. Pink Floyd (like Led Zeppelin) did a memorable performance at Knebworth. I love The Division Bell and everything about it. One of my favorite Pink Floyd tours. The Bell Gets Louder, Mutinae, and The Live Bell are from this tour. The Live Bell is from Miami. Pink Floyd only played The Wall a few times live. Live Wall is one of them - at Earl's Court, London. 1980 of course.

A Passage Of Time is a soundboard recording from a September 13, 1994 show in Torino, Italy. I can't listen to anything but soundboard recordings lately. It makes me appreciate even more the excellent soundboard recordings that show up.