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Studio and Misc Bootlegs

If you need info on Pink Floyd bootlegs, here's where to go. Pink Floyd does the soundtrack for More, a 1969 film. This is the only place where you'll hear Roger Waters singing on Cymbaline. Under Construction and The Wall Rehearsals were too hard to resist. Granny Takes a Trip has Syd Barrett on a few songs. Early Pink Floyd studio outtakes and demos are yet another important part of the 60's. The quadrophonic version of Dark Side of the Moon gets great reviews on a few other web sites. Outtakes From Outerspace is one of the few Israeli bootlegs that I have. Its full of outtakes and live songs from "Hippy Shit Label". I wonder who they are and what other bootlegs they've done. The Hebrew text says "rare clips" and "all rights reserved."

Pink Floyd - solo bootlegs

Goodbye Mr. Pink Floyd is Roger Waters' first live solo concert. November 7, 1987 in Quebec. (The Momentary Lapse of Reason tour began without Waters on September 9th of that same year in Ottawa, Canada.)

Comforting Rain (March 7, 2002, Buenos Aires, Argentina) and Just Add Water (August 11, 1999, Camden, New Jersey) are two excellent soundboard recordings that I got in January 2006. As I'm only keeping the ones with near-commercial level sound, these two must be good!

David Gilmour's New Game is one of my favorite live shows. Its from June 29, 1984 in Berkeley. I like how Pete Townshend is credited on About Face Tour for the two songs that he wrote for Dave. Dave plays on Townshend's White City (on the song Give Blood you can really hear the David Gilmour effect).

A Treeful of Secrets

A Treeful of Secrets. Its the ultimate set of Pink Floyd and solo outtakes and everything else. All four members of the band are well represented. I have a 40+ page printout of this collection. My two favorite songs from A Treeful of Secrets are David Gilmour covering Like A Rolling Stone and Roger Waters covering Knockin' On Heavens Door for a soundtrack to the movie Dybbuk of the Holy Apple Field. As it is an Israeli movie, you can hear Hebrew in the background! I'd love to get the soundtrack to this. But there're lots of other great songs in this 17 cd collection.