There are a bunch of rock songs that I like that have an Israel connection. It started with ELP's Jerusalem. Then I heard Dylan's Neighborhood Bully. Then Roger Water's version of Knockin' On Heaven's Door.. Next thing I know, I had myself a cool category! Never seen this anywhere else.

Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Brain Salad Surgery was ELP's masterpiece of 1973. There's a song called Jerusalem on it. The remastered cd has bonus tracks with even more of the Jerusalem theme. Emerson, Lake and Palmer (like Jethro Tull) helped define Progressive Rock in the seventies. The cd on the right is their greatest hits cd. The song Jerusalem made the cut. Probably the most popular cd on this page.

Jethro Tull - A Little Light Music

A popular live cd by a great band. 5 of the 17 songs here were recorded live in Israel! Four in Caesaria and the last song on the cd is from a Jerusalem performance. There's a line in the song Rocks On The Road (from a Caesaria performance on this cd) that goes,"How about a little light music to chase it all away?" A Little Light Music has quickly become one of my favorite live cds - the sound is incredible. Jethro Tull really put us on the map with this one - go buy it!

Bob Dylan - Infidels and L'Chaim To Life on Chabad TV Show

Infidels has the song Neighborhood Bully. Read the lyrics - Neighborhood Bully is about Israel! The other songs on this cd are excellent - you've probably never heard it. My second favorite song on Infidels is Jokerman. The booklet has a picture of Bob Dylan picking up a stone in Jerusalem. Bob is saluting us with his song:

Every empire that's enslaved him is gone,
Egypt and Rome, even the great Babylon,
He's made a garden of paradise in the desert sand...

Here's some more text that I found about Infidels:

Although the photographs are uncredited, the photographs were taken by Sara Dylan during a visit to Israel in September 1983 for their son Jesse's bar-mitzvah. The front picture of Bob was taken through a car window. The rear picture is a drawing by Bob that was originally intended as the front cover. The photograph on the front of the inner sleeve shows Bob on the Mount of Olives with Jerusalem in the background. (Information from Rod MacBeath.)

Rough Cuts is a bootleg with Infidels studio outtakes. Good quality and I like hearing different versions of these songs. There's one take of Neighborhood Bully. See Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits in the picture? He plays guitar on the last song on Infidels - Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight. Outfidels Intakes is similar - there seem to be a bunch of Infidels bootlegs out there.

On September 24, 1989, Bob Dylan appeared on a Chabad TV show, "L'Chaim To Life". It took place at Chabad TV Studios in Los Angeles, California and Dylan appears on stage with his son-in-law Peter Himmelman and actor Harry Dean Stanton. The threesome, who call themselves "Chopped Liver", played three songs - Einsleipt Mein Kind Dein Eigalach, Adelita and Hava Nagila. Its only about 10 minutes, but Dylan singing Hava Nagila with Chabad is both funny and Jewish.

Phish - Hoist

The first Phish cd that I ever heard was Lawn Boy - its covered in the All the Rest section. Hoist ends with a cool rendition of Jerusalem of Gold!

Santana - Milagro

A picture of Santana at The Kotel (The Wailing Wall) is enough to earn a spot here. There's no mention of Israel in the music, but there's a part of Martin Luther King's famous speech here. The music is smooth Santana.

Pink Floyd - A Treeful of Secrets and Roger Waters - Flickering Flame

A Treeful of Secrets is the ultimate Pink Floyd bootleg box set - its the only one you need for studio outtakes and hard-to-find official releases. 17 cds! Among the solo material is Roger Waters singing Knocking On Heaven's Door. He did it for the soundtrack of an Israeli movie, The Dybbuk of the Holy Apple Field, an Israeli film released in 1998. You can hear spoken Hebrew in the background. The song is on disc 14. The same song is also on a Roger Waters solo compilation, Flickering Flame. Its the same version as in A Treeful of Secrets, but without the Hebrew speaking in the background.

Duran Duran - "Duran Duran"

Duran Duran's first album has an instrumental called Tel Aviv. I looked it up on Google and found lyrics -- maybe there's another version of this? Here are the lyrics -
The afternoon, it's one maybe two
Sipping away my last goldstar, not so much to do
Dream away the sunny day until it's time to leave
I'll just watch you pass on by
When I'm on my own in Tel Aviv

With the blocks to one side
The beach on the other
And the trees and the leaves
On my own in Tel Aviv
And the trees and the leaves
On my own in Tel Aviv