These are shows of bands that I like that took place in Israel. Lots of other Israel shows have taken place over the years - go find the ones you like! They're not so hard to find. Join the Yahoo Group of any specific band and you can find them. They often show up on the torrent sites if you're patient and visit the good ones. Enjoy!

Paul Simon - Live in Caesarea

Paul Simon in Israel!! May 7, 1978 at the amphitheatre in Caesarea. He plays many of his best songs - if you're a Paul Simon fan, you know the set list. The Jessy Dixon Singers joined Paul in Israel - they add that gospel feel that many of his 70's songs had to them. Most of the 2 cd show is soundboard quality. I know that Simon and Garfunkel also played in Israel on September 26, 1983 and another unknown date. Anyone have it? I'm a big Simon & Garfunkel and Paul Simon fan. I like listening to Simon & Garfunkel shows from the sixties - they toured universities and colleges and these shows are classics. And they're not hard to find.

Bob Dylan in Israel

The Master in the Holy Land. Bob Dylan played at least 5 shows in Israel. Below are setlists for each show. The best song? That's easy - it doesn't get much better than Bob Dylan singing, "Let my people go!" I've found lots of artwork for these shows - they're so special to me that I print each one that I find.

The bottom cd is a bootleg titled Semi-Precious Memories Volume 5. Its a bootleg box set that is a compilation of live songs. Go Down Moses from the September 5, 1987 show is a part of this bootleg. It sounds better here than on the show itself - whoever put this together did a great job at improving the sound.

In November 2005, I finally got my hands on a silver disc ("original bootleg" as opposed to cdr) of Visit To Israel (or Visit To Islael as it says!) from a Japanese dealer.
Hayarkon Park / Tel-Aviv, Israel / September 5, 1987:
Maggie's Farm / I'll Be Your Baby Tonight / Senor (Tales Of Yankee
Power) / Highway 61 Revisited / I And I / Watching The River Flow / Simple
Twist Of Fate / Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again / In The
Garden / Joey / Dead Man, Dead Man / I'll Remember You / Tangled Up In Blue /
All Along The Watchtower / Knockin' On Heaven's Door / Blowin' In The Wind / Go
Down, Moses

Sultan's Pool / Jerusalem, Israel / September 7, 1987:
The Times They Are A-Changin' / Man Of Peace / Like A Rolling Stone /
Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35 / Emotionally Yours / Shot Of Love / Ballad Of A
Thin Man / You're A Big Girl Now / John Brown / License To Kill / It's All
Over Now, Baby Blue / Gotta Serve Somebody / Slow Train

Tel Aviv, Israel / 17 June 1993
Hard Times (acoustic w band) Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis
Blues Again All Along The Watchtower / Just Like A Woman / Tangled Up
In Blue You're A Big Girl Now / Watching The River Flow Jim Jones
(acoustic w band) / Tomorrow Night (acoustic w band) Mr. Tambourine
Man (acoustic w band) Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (acoustic w
band) / Everything Is Broken I And I / Simple Twist Of Fate /
Maggie's Farm / Ballad Of A Thin Man Highway 61 Revisited / Blowin'
In The Wind (acoustic w band)

Beersheva, Israel / 19 June 1993
Hard Times (acoustic w band) Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis
Blues Again All Along The Watchtower / Just Like A Woman / Tangled Up
In Blue You're A Big Girl Now / Watching The River Flow Jim Jones
(acoustic w band) / Tomorrow Night (acoustic w band) Mr. Tambourine
Man (acoustic w band) Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (acoustic w
band) Knockin' On Heaven's Door (acoustic->electric) / Cat's In The
Well / I And I Simple Twist Of Fate / Maggie's Farm / What Good Am I?
Highway 61 Revisited / It Ain't Me, Babe (acoustic w band)

Haifa, Israel / 20 June 1993
Hard Times (acoustic w band) Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis
Blues Again All Along The Watchtower / Just Like A Woman / Tangled Up
In Blue Shelter From The Storm / Watching The River Flow Little Moses
(acoustic w band) / Tomorrow Night (acoustic w band) It's All Over
Now, Baby Blue (acoustic w band) Mr. Tambourine Man (acoustic w
band) / Cat's In The Well / I And I Positively 4th Street / Maggie's
Farm / Man In The Long Black Coat Everything Is Broken / It Ain't Me,
Babe (acoustic w band)

Neil Young & Pearl Jam - Jerusalem and Caesaria

Neil Young and Pearl Jam visited Israel in 1995. They played twice - August 22, 1995 in Jerusalem and August 23, 1995 in Caesarea. Both shows are 2 cds. Neil Young played at Woodstock. He plays one song that he played at Woodstock - Mr. Soul. Rockin' in the Free World, live from Jerusalem!

The bottom pictures are from Thin Air Issue 6 - Mirrorball Live. Its a Neil Young and Pearl Jam compilation - all of the songs are from the same 1995 tour. Act of Love and Mr. Soul from the August 23rd Caesaria show are included.

U2 - Shalom Israel

U2 performed in Tel Aviv on September 30, 1997 (actually at the Ramat Gan Stadium). A kickass show - of all the Israel shows here, this is the easiest to find. There are at least three different versions of the cd artwork out there.

Jethro Tull in Israel

There are three Jethro Tull shows out there that took place in Israel - June 30, 1986, November 11, 2000 and November 12, 2000. None are hard to find. Two of them were recorded from a radio broadcast, so the quality is soundboard. These are some of my favorite Israel shows.

In September 2008, I downloaded a Jethro Tull bootleg with TV and radio performances from 1989-1992. Two songs - Bouree and Fat Man are from May 1992 in Israel. The bootleg doesn't mention the exact dates, but Jethro Tull played three shows in Israel that month - May 19, 1992 in Beersheva, May 21, 1992 in Jerusalem and May 23, 1992 in Caesaria. The Jerusalem and Caesaria shows are the source for five songs from the official live cd, A Little Light Music. So here are two more songs from that tour.

Jethro Tull did a bunch of shows in Israel over the years. They're around long enough to have played at the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival - the last major 60's-style rock festival that has Jethro Tull sharing the bill with The Doors, Hendrix, The Who and others. We're lucky that such a cool band found its way to our little country!

David Bowie - Holy Unorthodox

David Bowie has performed in Israel a few times. The only one I've found so far is from 1996. Holy Unorthodox is compilation of parts of three shows - June 18, 1996 in Moscow, July 3, 1996 in Tel Aviv, and July 20, 1996 in Balingen, Germany.

Sting - An Englishman In Jerusalem

Sting played in Israel in 1994. September 18, 1994 - Jerusalem and September 20, 1994 - Rishon L'Tzion. First to Jerusalem. This show is circulating among Sting collectors as of early 2003. I named it and did quick artwork for it. The taper decided to sing along with the first few songs! The finale, Fragile, in which the crowd sings along with Sting, makes it worth it. Why didn't he play Mad About You (which mentions Jerusalem!)? I bet by the time these great performers are done dealing with Israeli promoters, they lose lots of their idealism for our wonderful Israel. Ha. I saw Sting in Miami when I was in high school. Took a while to find that show. I got September 20, 1994 in May 2005. It was obviously recorded by the same people who recorded the Jerusalem show. The last song, Fragile, is touching. I know of a September 19, 1994 show in Tiberius that I'm working on getting.

Eric Clapton in Jerusalem

Even the great Eric Clapton has played in Israel! Three shows - February 6, 1984 and July 13, 1989 (the artwork for one of them has different dates) at Sultan's Pool in Jerusalem. The third show, The Lost Israel Tapes, is from October 29, 1979. This bootleg was originally on LP and showed up in 2007 on DimeaDozen. Great sounding for an audience recordings from the 70's. The bottom photo is from the 1984 show - I'm happy to receive photos from Israel shows and put them up here.

James Taylor - Israel Radio Broadcast, Live 1987

This show took place in Rishon Letzion in 1987. This is the radio broadcast from Galei Tzahal - the Israel Defence Force's radio station.

Deep Purple - Live in Tel Aviv

Deep Purple in Israel! The show took place on September 28, 1991. Its the full show - two cds worth.

Leonard Cohen in Israel

Leonard Cohen's November 24, 1980 performance in Tel Aviv isn't hard to find - I was surprised at how many of Cohen's shows are out there. There's no artwork for it. 2 discs. During the show he talks about what he did during the Yom Kippur War - he flew to Israel and tried to join the Israel Defense Forces. He ended up spending a few months playing his unique music-poetry for soldiers. How Jewish, poetic and humble. Like Jethro Tull, Leonard Cohen also played at the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival - he's on the cd and video. In 2005, a soundboard of Cohen's April 19, 1972 concert in Tel Aviv showed up on This artwork above is from this show.

Frank Sinatra - The Jerusalem Concert

Frank Sinatra played a one hour show in Jerusalem on November 27, 1975. He toured Israel and Iran and donated the proceeds to a Jewish-Arab charity. He says nice things in between the songs and I recognized almost all of the songs. My favorite? A cover of a Beatles song, "Something".

Sinatra in Israel - 1962

Sinatra in Israel is a 1962 documentary of Frank Sinatra's trip to Israel. The 22 minute film shows Sinatra in various places in Israel - Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Nazareth with a few minutes of performances. Anyone interested in Israeli nostalgia will love this - its a brief picture of Israel in the early 1960's. I found this on New Years 2011. I'm not counting this as a new bootleg, but it has its place here!

Lou Reed - Tel Aviv Cinerama

Lou Reed in Israel on American Independence Day! July 4, 2000. 2 cds and an average-sounding audience recording.

On November 7, 2005, Phil Collins did a show in Tel Aviv. Part of the show (10 songs) was broadcast on Israeli radio and it was seeded immediately on

Dire Straits 1985 Israel Documentary

Dire Straits was in Israel in 1985 and this excellent documentary found its way to the Internet. You are treated to 29 minutes of Dire Straits in Jerusalem - playing music and poignant interviews. The audio and video quality couldn't be better. I didn't know Mark Knopfler was such a fan of our little country. Considering how so many musicians go off the deep end with their political views, its nice to see a band that knows how to act like travelers on the road. They play So Far Away, Walk of Life, Brothers in Arms and Ride Across The River. The first time I saw this was with a friend who appreciated it as much as I did!

In May 2008, I downloaded an upgrade from It has as extra 4 minutes of the documentary - the first missing four minutes. Band members are shown on the airplane and landing in Israel. This one doesn't have the Live USA material. Reminded me what a great dvd this is!

Roger Waters in Israel

On June 22, 2006, Roger Waters performed in Neve Shalom, Israel. Neve Shalom is just outside of Jerusalem. The show was broadcast live on Israel's 88FM so those of us who didn't make it got to hear it live. I listened to the show at home and loved it! Glad a member of Pink Floyd visited and performed in Israel. I have a cd (lossless) and mp3 version of the show. As mp3's miss those high frequencies, the mp3 version is ironically better sounding as its without all the high-pitched crackles. These days, Waters preaches to other bands not to perform in Israel. I'm glad they're not listening to him!

Mick Taylor - Dead Sea Blues Festival

Mick Taylor, who was in The Rolling Stones in the 70's, played at The Dead Sea Blues Festival on April 12, 1990. It's an FM soundboard recording. I found this on DimeaDozen in April 2008.

John McLaughlin - The Free Spirits - Live in Israel 1995

John McLaughlin and his band play a sharp 27 minute set on Israel TV. The video is grainy black and white but it sounds good.

The Scorpions - Tel Aviv 2005

I found this interesting Israel show on new years eve 2011. The Scorpions live in Tel Aviv on July 7, 2005. The only source I could find was a 128k mp3 which I hope to upgrade. They play a terrific version of Jerusalem of Gold.

Bob Dylan in Israel - June 20, 2011

I went to this show with a good friend. We had a terrific time! I was ready for a very raw voice and was impressed - Bob Dylan's voice was a lot better than I expected. Yes, he is 70 years old in 2011. But these songs are classics. Even the newer songs were fun to listen to. The crowd was quiet and in a good mood. They ran trains from a nearby train station after the show so it was easy to get home. The newspaper article is from Yisrael Ha-Yom (Israel Today), a free daily newspaper. The first audience recording of the show appeared a day later - I can't believe how sharp it came out. Ten days later, another similar recording showed up. A hardcore Dylan fan collected the HD YouTube clips and put together a dvd - so I have two audio recordings and one dvd. I am so glad I was at this show!!
1. Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking (Bob on keyboard)
2. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Bob center stage on harp)
3. Things Have Changed (Bob on guitar)
4. Tangled Up In Blue (Bob center stage on harp)
5. Summer Days (Bob on keyboard)
6. Simple Twist Of Fate (Bob on guitar)
7. Cold Irons Bound (Bob center stage on harp)
8. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (Bob center stage without harp then keyboard)
9. Highway 61 Revisited (Bob on keyboard)
10. Forgetful Heart (Bob center stage on harp, Donnie on viola)
11. Thunder On The Mountain (Bob on keyboard)
12. Ballad Of A Thin Man (Bob center stage on harp)
13. Like A Rolling Stone (Bob on keyboard)
14. All Along The Watchtower (Bob on keyboard)
15. Blowin' In The Wind (Bob on guitar, Donnie on violin)

Band Members
Bob Dylan - guitar, keyboard, harp
Tony Garnier - bass
George Recile - drums
Stu Kimball - rhythm guitar
Charlie Sexton - lead guitar
Donnie Herron - violin, viola, electric mandolin, pedal steel, lap steel

In May 2013, I found this amazing world music show - the Afro-Cuban All Stars live in Binyamina! Looks like we have another Israeli music collector dedicated to preserving these shows. The show took place on April 27, 2013 and was broadcast live on 88FM. It is the complete show - 2 and 1/2 hours of live music. There is a lot of energy in this performance! Band leader Juan de Marcos Gonzalez speaks a bit during the concert and mentions that he's been to Israel a number of times. I burned my copy on dvd.

In July 2013, I downloaded a show that surprised me - Jefferson Starship in Tel Aviv! It's just amazing that this same band (with mostly different members like with Blood, Sweat & Tears - who also played in Israel, but I never got a copy of any of their shows here) played at Woodstock!! They played all of their classics. The singer sounded so much like Grace Slick that I admit, it worked. I loved hearing a live version of White Rabbit and the other songs were cool too. Here's the setlist -
01 - Somebody to Love 
02 - Fresh Air 
03 - Crown of Creation 
04 - Count On Me 
05 - Let's Get Together 
06 - Miracles 
07 - Wooden Ships 
08 - Harp Tree Lament
09 - Making A List (Cathy Richardson cover) 
10 - Connection 
11 - Fast Buck Freddie 
12 - Jane 
13 - When The Earth Moves Again 
14 - Find Your Way Back 
15 - Pride Of Man (Quicksilver Messenger Service cover) 
16 - The Ballad of You and Me and Pooneil
17 - White Rabbit 
18 - Volunteers 
19 - With a Little Help from My Friends (The Beatles cover) 
20 - The Other Side of This Life 
Caetano Veloso & Gilberto Gil
Tel Aviv - July 28, 2015

Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil performed in Tel Aviv on July 28, 2015. I was lucky enough to get 2nd row seats. An amazing acoustic performance!! There were a lot of Brazilian Israelis at the show - and the two maestros were impressed with the audience that knew the lyrics to all of their songs.

In May 2011, I received these photos from someone who saw Elton John perform in Jerusalem on May 1, 1979.

"The concert was on the night of Yom Haatzmaut. He had one show in Jerusalem and at least one other in Tel Aviv. It was a part of the "Single Man" tour that he took to Russia. No band - just Elton and percussionist Ray Cooper."

Kenny Sahr