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John Lennon Beatlegs

In 1973, John, George and Ringo got together to help Ringo record his single, I'm The Greatest. This was the last time that three of The Beatles were in the studio together. Beatleg History.

A Toot And A Snore is obscure but its also as historical as it gets. In 1974, John and Paul found themselves at a party in LA. They jam together (with Stevie Wonder and others) - the last time John and Paul play music together. And someone was nice enough to record it. You can hear John ask for a joint (and some other things). The music is as unreleaseable as it gets, but friends are always impressed with this. The cd next to it is a BBC radio show on what would've been John Lennon's 60'th birthday.

The rest of John's Beatlegs are home demos and outtakes. Bermuda Shorts is an important one. John recorded some new songs (like Starting Over, Woman) onto a cassette while vacationing in Bermuda. He hadn't recorded music in four years. This cassette later become his last album, Double Fantasy.

George Harrison Beatlegs

There aren't too many George Harrison concerts, so get what you can. Washington 1974 is a popular show. George's demos are incredible.

Ringo Starr Beatlegs

Its Ringo again! Ringo gave a good concert. The All Starr Band show rocks - you know Roger Hodgson from Supertramp, Greg Lake from Emerson, Lake and Palmer and other not-as-famous-but-awesome musicians to play a slew of old hits. Starr on Stern!

The Rutles Beatlegs

Rutlegs! Rutles Beatlegs are Beatleg decadence. Its bad enough to be a fan of The Rutles, a band satiring The Beatles. But to trade for Rutles Beatlegs? Total decadence!! The covers are funny and so are the cds.