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Paul McCartney Beatlegs

The Cavern Club Concert is my favorite Paul McCartney show. I liked it so much I ended up getting three copies of it! As you can see in the picture, the great David Gilmour plays lead guitar. On December 14, 1999, as the millenium came to an end, Paul played at the old Cavern Club in London. This is one of the clubs where The Beatles made their mark along the way. I like the idea of ending the millenium by going back to your roots. Working class and modest. There are also before-and-after interviews. The Who did the same thing at the end of the millenium - they did a show in their old neighborhood, Shepperd's Bush, on December 22, 1999. Roger Daltrey opened with, "We're home!" The songs played at the Cavern Club Concert are from Run Devil Run - 50's rockers that inspired then budding Beatles. The sound is so crisp!

The Animated Film Soundtrack has Paul doing a different groove - children's music! Who else could do stoney, innocent music? Another Flaming Pie is a great look at Paul McCartney during the Flaming Pie period. Including is a performance and interview from Oprah's tv show. Appaloosa Love - Paul loved his wife. He wasn't as in-your-face about Linda as John was with Yoko. Paul and Linda are cool seventies icons.

B-Sides Himself is one of many Paul Beatlegs with songs that are unreleased or hard to find. While there aren't any "Hey Jude's" or "Let It Be's" in the vaults, there are some great tunes here. The Charity Gigs starts off with The Concert For New York. Also has The Concert For Kampuchea, The Prince's Trust and Live Aid. The two Cold Cuts cds take us back to B-Sides Himself - more rare and unreleased songs! I listen to these a lot.

Paul and Wings are great on stage. Not much talking between songs, but a lot of energy during the songs. The Complete 1979 Glascow Concert is one of the most popular Wings shows among Beatleg collectors. He plays Coming Up for an audience that hasn't heard it yet! Got Any Toothpicks - Wings shows from the early and mid-seventies are classics. Historical and evolving. Wings did a great cover of the song Richard Corey (that Simon and Garfunkel also covered).

Paul returns for a few shows at The Ed Sullivan Theatre with Looking For Changes. Even I can't always get through both cds of The Lost McCartney Album. This is his weirdest period - from McCartney 2. McManus is otherwise known as Elvis Costello. They worked together on Flowers In The Dirt.

Oobu Joobu is a radio show that Paul did. Other rock stars appeared on each episode. Linda talks about vegetarian culinary. Pete Townshend appears on Part 4. The Piano Tape is full of home demos! Remember Dana Carvey in Saturday Night Live playing the struggling songwriter at the piano? This is what Paul's doing! Very cool to hear him struggle to create melodies. Mull of Kintyre and other classics are heard in raw form. And unlike on Saturday Night Live, these songs ended up being hits! Look for Pete Townshend on the cover of Rockestra Session.

I have good memories of watching Paul's 1993 Saturday Night Live performance. He was in two skits and played two sets, ending with a riveting version of Hey Jude. Toronto 1976 Complete is the best look at Wings in the mid-70's in existence. Stoney, romantic, happy, and innocent. Wings 1st Show - Paul called up Nottingham University and asked if he could do an unpublicized show. This band became Wings. I love hearing this ex-Beatle starting his new career as a member of Wings. Together On Stage has Paul McCartney and Paul Simon playing the song I've Just Seen a Face together! I have a framed poster of the April 26, 2002 show on my wall. Someone traded me a bunch of posters for a bunch of spare cds. Matching posters and cds!