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The Beatles on cd

There's nothing I can add to what's been said about The Beatles. Let's stick with the music. The Anthology series is The Beatles' answer to Beatlegs (Beatles bootlegs) - they picked their favorite studio outtake/demo of every Beatles song and put them on 6 cds. They did a great job - with all the Beatlegs that I have, this is the best overall selection of songs. I first discovered The Beatles as a kid in the 70's with my parents 8-track version of the blue 1967-1970 cd. Let It Be and Abbey Road are The Beatles' last two albums. Abbey Road is my favorite Beatles album if I had to pick one. I like how the songs flow into one another. Let It Be has some great moments (like The Long And Winding Road and Let it Be).

Yellow Submarine is maybe the best movie to come out of the sixties. A psychedelic fairy tale like no other. Sergeant Pepper is considered the first 'concept album.' Revolver is their first psychedelic album. First and The Best have old songs. I like finding exotic Beatles cds. Live At The BBC shows what The Beatles were made of before they became famous. They were a working band for years. There's a 9 cd Beatleg with all Beatles BBC performances (The Beatles and The BBC are like pizza and cheese), but Live At The BBC gets the point across in 2 cds. The Savage Young Beatles is a semi-official cd with Pete Best on drums in one song! Not A Second Time is an old interview with the boys. Finally, "Paul McCartney - Orchestral Suite N1" is actually a Beatles cd as it has orchestral renditions of Dear Prudence, Blackbird, Because and Golden Slumbers. Some Beatles followed by some Bach!

Paul McCartney and Wings on cd

I'm as much a fan of Paul McCartney as I am of The Beatles. Paul McCartney earned the right to write silly love songs. I once read that he sold as many records after The Beatles as The Beatles themselves sold. He was by far the most prolific after-Beatle (and he had some good competition!). Band On The Run is Paul's (and Wing's) best album. I also have the 25th anniversary edition which has an extra cd of outtakes and interviews. Outtakes of Band On The Run make it well worth picking this up. The picture on the left of London Town is a great visual of the seventies.

Ram gets my vote for 'stoniest' McCartney album! And the picture in Wings Greatest gets the 'stoniest cover' award. Get this cd and you'll be convinced about the others. Run Devil Run came out in 1999 and supplied the material for the famed December 1999 Cavern Club Concert. The disc (next to Tug of War) is how they did the cd itself for Run Devil Run! Fitting for covers of 50's rockers. David Gilmour plays lead guitar, giving it a certain sharpness.

McCartney is Paul's first solo effort. You'll recognize some of this stuff from The Beatles Anthology - apparently he tried some of it with The Beatles. Maybe I'm Amazed is the hit here. McCartney sets the stage for Paul's stoney love songs. Pipes of Peace comes next. Michael Jackson shows up on Say Say Say and The Man. The song Tug of Peace sounds like Tug of War - I like when musicians play with their own music, redoing a song for another cd. Reminds me of how a part of The Who's Sparks, from Tommy, originally showed up in their previous album The Who Sell Out. So Bad is my favorite tune here. Tug Of War has a colorful cover and a few good songs - Tug Of War, Take It Away and of course Ebony And Ivory which features Stevie Wonder, who also sings and plays synthesizer on What's That You're Doing. Driving Rain came out in 2001. The song Freedom, written for The Concert For New York, was added to Driving Rain without being mentioned on the cd or booklet. Flowers In The Dirt is Paul's collaboration with Elvis Costello. Catchy love tunes.

Give My Regards To Broad Street is another favorite. Some Beatles songs + an instrumental, Eleanor's Dream. Keep dreaming up music for all the Eleanor Rigby's, Paul! The best song here is No More Lonely Nights and we get a few versions of it. Paul Is Live takes us back to Abbey Road. Tripping The Live Fantastic is an awesome live show. A friend gave it to me when I was starting to go beyond The Beatles. Standing Stone (not Standing Stoned) is Paul doing classical music.

All The Best is an expanded version of Wings Greatest. Nice little cartoons in the booklet. Oobu Joobu was a radio show that Paul did! This episode was officially released by Best Buy. Off The Ground is Paul's most "activist album." Songs about peace, animal cruelty and an extra part of a song called Cosmically Conscious is tacked on at the end. Flaming Pie is the last album he did with Linda. Wonderful Night is the hit here. A Linda McCartney album? Yep. And its not bad either.

Venus and Mars are alright tonite! I love that sentence, its a great opener for a song about stadium rock. I've heard Venus And Mars and Rock Show on a bunch of 70's Wings bootlegs that I have and as of November 2005, I finally have the official cd! The inside photo has Wings standing on a desert-scape and the booklet is full of stoney photos which fit the lyrics and sounds. Spirits of Ancient Egypt and Listen To What The Man Said are my two other favorites here.

Wings At The Speed Of Sound has a few classics and a few nice but forgettable McCartney songs. Let 'Em In and Silly Love Songs are the two most known songs here. Beware My Love and Cook Of The House are also cute.

Chaos And Creation In The Backyard was released in September 2005. I bought the cd at Dadeland Mall in Miami, a few days before the concert and then saw the special edition at the concert and had to get it too. What a show!! Never thought I'd get to see a Beatle and it was worth every cent. Chaos And Creation takes Paul back to the early 70's - slower, pensive songs with strong melodies. Jenny Wren and English Tea remind me of The Beatles. Instead of fast pop tunes, Paul went back to his quieter side and it works. The Special Edition includes a dvd with a documentary titled Between Chaos And Creation, a studio performance of Fine Line, and an animated film that slowly moves to Riding To Vanity Fair, At The Mercy and Anyway. The dvd menu plays How Kind Of You. Remember how Off The Ground ends and all of a sudden a secret song plays? The last song, Anyway, ends and you'll hear a psychedelic secret tune!

Memory Almost Full came out in the summer of 2007 while I was backpacking South America and Jamaica. I got it in the US on the way home and its a great addition to my McCartney collection! Dance Tonight is a fun dance tune, Ever Present Past and That Was Me are two thoughtful looks at the past. Vintage Clothes is in the same direction. Then there's End Of The End and Nod Your Head - good songs. The bonus version has three extra songs and 26 minutes of Paul McCartney commenting on the music of Memory Almost Full. Its always easy to find McCartney's bonus cd's on Ebay - and worth getting. More upbeat than Chaos but just as thoughtful/pensive.

Paul Is Live Promo cd's

I bought these two and the below reggae and tropical cd's in January 2010 from a Beatles collector selling his huge collection. The back of both of these say cd mpl001 and cd mpl002, suggesting they are promo cd's. I'll keep looking these two up and find out more about them. Of all musicians, Paul McCartney has released a lot of special editions, multiple versions of cd's and singles with different songs - and at decent prices. He's been doing this since the 70's. Many of the rare songs on bootlegs were originally released as special b-sides in the 70's and 80's. I love his 1993 tour as he played a mix of his own songs, a few Beatles songs and even some of the 50's rockers that he later did on Run Devil Run. Six of the nine songs on Live in Japan are Beatles songs while Soundcheck in Japan has some great songs - Midnight Special, C Moon, Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying, Ain't That A Shame, The Long And Winding Road, Twenty Flight Rock and more.

John Lennon on cd

All You Need Is .. The John Lennon box set! 4 cds of this Beatle's post-Beatle material. Double Fantasy is John's last cd. The cd with the sky is The Plastic Ono Band - Live In Toronto 1969! In My Life is a 3 cd collection of John Lennon interviews. Doesn't looks like it was released by Apple, but its official as I bought it at Tower Records. John Lennon For President has Yono Ono on it.

George Harrison on cd

I only have two George Harrison cds. His songs are quiet and introspective. But he's also got some great pop tunes reminiscing about the sixties like When We Was Fab.

Ringo on cd

Hehehe, Ringo! His son is playing drums for The Who since 1996. Vertical Man was released in 1998 and has a cover of Love Me Do. The other well known song here is La De Da. Ringo's done his All Starr Band for years -- he brings musicians from other bands (John Entwistle from The Who is on this one!) and its all for fun. Beaucoups of Blues is a country album, of all things. I had to get his greatest hits and found it in 2005. You're Sixteen, No No Song, It Don't Come Easy, Photograph, Back Off Boolaloo and I'm The Greatest (written by John Lennon!) are my favirote Ringo tunes. His best solo is The No-No Song - start with that and you'll be hooked to his 'happy stoner, teenybopper style!'

George Martin on cd

If there was a 5th Beatle, this is that man. The Beatles' famed (and he deserves every superlative that he gets) producer put out this cd in the late 90's. Robin Williams, Jim Carrey and others sing. The best song? Easy. Sean Connery doing In My Life!! Whoa..

The Beatles in print

Wanna know what each Beatle did since 1970? Day By Day? Here's the book for you! Next is Paul's official biography. A must read. Find out his version of the story about how Bob Dylan got them stoned for the first time. The Lennon Diary came out shortly after John was killed. I was 10 and remember it well. Not For Sale is my Beatleg Bible! It lists almost every Beatleg that I have and thousands that I don't have. I wish something like this existed for The Who and Led Zeppelin. Tripping The Live Fantastic - the chords of course.

The Beatles on the Big Screen

No one did movies like The Beatles. Instead of a big money Hollywood feel, you get a cool art school feel. They could've easily missed the mark here but they hit the target each time. Magical Mystery Tour and Yellow Submarine are my two favorites, but I watch all of them a few times a year. The two McCartney videos are cool too - a concert and a behind-the-scenes-making-an-album. Hehe Ringo! And a band of All Starrs. And now a surprise.. If you haven't seen The Rutles, stop what you're doing and go get it. George makes a cameo appearance but that's the least of it! I'll give you another reason: Its a joint (pun intended) effort by Saturday Night Live and Monty Python. The Rutles admit to taking tea and Paul Simon talks about getting stoned and listening to the end of A Day In The Life.

World Music Tributes To The Beatles

These are awesome! Beatles cover done to rock music aren't so exciting - there's not much rock can add to The Beatles. But Beatles songs always had that bit of Tropical Calypso in them - in the witty stories and the Lennon-McCartney pop song style. Songs like Ob-La-Di, Hello Goodbye, With A Little Help From My Friends, and Here Comes The Sun sound so natural in Reggae and Tropical! I usually listen to these all together. These cd's are fun, upbeat and relaxing. Isn't that what music is for?