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Beatlegs M-Z

The Psychedelic Years is full of studio outtakes from their psychedelic period. They look ripped in the picture of the first one! Paul Is Dead is from a radio show about that silly conspiracy theory. Original Master Recordings is the kind of Beatleg that pisses of the recording industry. Mono versions (this is how there were originally released) of their first four albums. Anyone trading this stuff has already spent over $500 on The Beatles, so no need to get excited.

No. 3 Abbey Road NW 8 is a must have for Donovan fans. Its Donovan and Paul in the studio!! I listen to this one a lot. Men and Horses, Hoops and Garters is a Beatleg put together by The Beatles' Internet community. Best place to go looking is Yahoo Groups. There are a few Beatlegs groups there with over 1,000 members each. Magical Mystery Demos is another classic with outtakes and film versions of songs.

The Beatles gave away lots of songs. Even David Bowie's song Fame was co-written by John Lennon! Lots more Beatleg secrets hidden here. Shea Stadium and Candlestick Park (their last live concert) are two historical shows. Rabbi Saul is a funny one! Rubber Soul outtakes. Ruling Queen Elizabeth II has some key Beatles concerts in England. Most of what's out there is either BBC or overseas concerts, so its good to have this as a reference for Beatles shows played at home.

Yellow Dog is the first and most popular Beatleg publisher. Unsurpassed Masters was one of the first Beatlegs. Outtakes from each period of The Beatles. Unsurpassed Masters set the standard for quality Beatlegs.

Tragical History Tour has a cool cover. There are even video Beatlegs. That is, cds that play video on your computer! The Beatles Cartoons is one such Beatleg. Yes, there was a Beatles cartoon in the sixties. Its not Yellow Submarine (no psychedelic references) but its a cool time piece. The BBC Sessions is a 2 cd mp3 version of the 9 cds of the BBC Sessions Beatleg. The Sweetest Apples has John Lennon singing Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues! The Beatles in Tokyo bootleg has two shows from their 1966 tour. Its great to hear them playing Yesterday, Day Tripper and Nowhere Man live. The Ultimate Live Collection Volume 1 is a treat - 4 complete Beatles shows from 1964 and 1965 - all soundboard. I know most of us (myself included) prefer their later material, but give these shows a listen and you'll see what Beatlemania was all about.