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Beatlegs A-L

Beatleg - (n.) A bootleg of The Beatles. Studio outtakes, home demos, live concerts and everything in between. No other band has even close to the number of bootlegs that are available for The Beatles. There are thousands of Beatlegs in existence. Bootleg Zone is the Beatleg Bible. It has information, set lists and artwork for thousands of Beatlegs. There is a story behind each one of these!

First, two of my favorite Beatlegs. The Beatles had already been signed by EMI but had to close out a few obligations first. One of them was a last show in Hamburg at The Star Club. John and Paul had already written a few soon-to-be-classics. The cusp of Beatlemania. Paul toured in 2002 - his first tour since Off The Ground, in 1993. I bet this is his last tour. I hope not. Driving San Jose is a typical show for a Beatle who's still got it!

Anthropology and Anthology Extra are riding on the Anthology name. I love the alternate Beatlegs. It usually means studio outtakes from that album. Notice that one of the alternate Abbey Road Beatlegs has them walking across the street in the opposite direction! The Beatlegger was smart enough to find a different picture from that photo shoot. The Complete BBC Sessions is a popular 9 cd collection of every Beatles BBC performance. When you listen to the full 9 cds (like I have twice) you appreciate what a working band they were. They didn't just form and become famous over night. What The Beatles became was nurtured and developed over time. The fact that there are 9 cds of Beatles BBC material attests to how hard they worked. Remember, they quit the road in 1966! I sometimes am in the mood for the innocence of these pre-rebellious cds.

Come Together and When I Get Older are two Beatlegs released around the time of the Anthology releases in 1995. The Ultimate Collection is one of a bunch of Beatlegs that have Pete Best, their original drummer, on it! With all the talk about The Beatles, not many people have actually heard a Beatles concert. Ladies and gentlemen, Beatles concerts are fun to listen to and they're history. On January 30, 1969, The Beatles climbed up to the rooftop of Abbey Road Studios and played together live for the last time. They knew they were breaking up. Another historical Beatleg.

Every year, The Beatles recorded a Christmas album for their fan club! These cds have all of them. Very innocent and very cool. Its Not Too Bad is an interesting, if not wacko, Beatleg. It has every version of the song Strawberry Fields Forever - from home demo to studio outtakes to the final version of the song. If you want to hear the evolution of a masterpiece, this is the ultimate example. Its All In The Mind, Y' Know is one of my favorite Beatlegs. I like hearing radio commercials for Beatles albums and movies. There's an outtake of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds that has "Jeremy" (the Nowhere Man dude from Yellow Submarine) singing a verse with different lyrics!! I wish they'd released this on Anthology.

At least two producers worked on Let It Be. A version of Let It Be that wasn't the one released found its way to radio stations during the summer of 1970. Some played it. Someone else recorded it and it found its way onto this Beatleg! The Ed Sullivan Shows is another favorite Beatleg. The moment The Beatles first performed on The Ed Sullivan show is the moment modern rock'n'roll was born. They kept appearing on his show for years afterwards. All of The Beatles Ed Sullivan appearances on 2 cds is nothing short of history.

Atlanta '65. The Beatles played in front of 34,000 people on August 18, 1965. Great soundboard.