In 2005, I bought my first digital camera. I slowly learned how to do QuickTime 3D movies - also called QuickTime VR (QTVR). If you don't have Apple's QuickTime plugin, you're missing out. I love the sense of immersion and motion that they give the photos. These are my favorites. Incredible what you can do with a digital camera and a bit of creativity!

These 3 QuickTime 3d's are from here

These 4 are from here

And these 4 are from here

In 2007, we went on a 9 month trip to South America and Jamaica. Here are the the QuickTime 3d's that came out of our amazing journey.

The view from the beach at Rio's Sugarloaf Hill

Rio's Sugarloaf Hill from above

The view from Rio's Corcovado

Iguazu Falls on the Brazilian side

Iguazu Falls from Argentina

Residencial Los Amigos in Puerto Iguazu

Tres Fronteras - Where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet

El Centro and Plaza De Mayo

Buenos Aires Rose Garden

Buenos Aires - Congress, the Palermo neighborhood and the Japanese Gardens

The desert of Cafayate in northern Argentina

Samaipata and Copacabana in Bolivia

Cartagena, Colombia

Treasure Beach, Jamaica

World of Warcraft


Kenny Sahr