The winter of 2003 in Jerusalem - it was snowing then.

At the World Trade Center, March 2000! One of those hi-tech business trips. I have more memories of the cds and videos I found in The Big Apple than I do of the business meetings, though they were cool too!

From the NY Times - Sept. 10th, 2001 - the day before September 11th. I woke up that day expecting more media to play follow the leader and call me. Something much more important than School Sucks entered America's agenda.

From the summer of 2003 - a few of us went to the new archeological park just south of the Wailing Wall/Temple Mount. I went there a few times during that summer - each time discovering more. Don't miss it or the Wailing Wall Tunnels next time you're in Jerusalem!

I'm not a graphics artist, but School Sucks made me learn a little bit. I played with the colors and brightness on this one.

Me, Yoda, and part of my Mad Magazine collection! Note the Beatles standups to the left (Yellow Submarine) and right of me.

I visited the Old City of Jerusalem a lot during the two years that I lived there. These are from the summer of 2003. I got the Woodstock tshirt from another Woodstock collector. The Old City of Jerusalem will always be one of my favorite places in the world.

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