Pardess Chana. You spent a year or more at that place in high school. All in all it was great. Everyone (including some who didn't complete the year) has incredible memories from that small school that made you pick oranges once a week, and had you listen to this old lady discuss the Bible before lunch on Saturday. For most of us it was our first real experience on our own. Thinking back to that small classroom with 10 of us and one teacher is amazing. Did any other school give you memories of having a winter class in a dorm room??

We're glad you found us. Turns out a few of us former PH'ers have found our way online. It started with two of us in 1997.

June 2014 - Years have passed and our high school days are decades behind us. I moved this site to and will keep it here as a reminder of the great year we had at Pardess Chana.

June 2006 - If you're a Pardess Chana American Program alumnus, please join the Pardess Chana Alumni Yahoo Group. Post a message, say hi. Be patient - even if it takes a few months or years for a friend from your year to see it, its worth it. For those of you hesitating - today I heard from a friend I haven't seen since 1988 thanks to a fellow PH'er who's good at googling!

August 2004 - I visited Pardess Chana this summer on the way to Eilat. Take a look at a few pic's.

May 2004 - The American Program is closed for 3 years now. The school itself had a close call in 2003 -- financial problems. In the end, it was resolved and the school year began. Israeli alumni held a protest at the intersection near the army base and the Israeli media covered the story for a few weeks. There were lots of discussions about it - and information - in the forums on Its bad enough that our program closed - I hope the well known and even legendary school we went to stays open forever!

What we're up to now. You can Email me to be added.
Read the old (and funny) guestbook.
The American Program of the Pardess Chana Agricultural School has closed. A look at the last graduation (June 2001) and the last moments of the program from one alumni who was there.

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Every Group The Pardess Chana American Program Yahoo Group!!
87-88 A few pictures
88-89 The Dak - The Dak was the underground yearbook of the class of 88-89
88-89 Something else worth seeing
90-91 A page that they're updating

When we all went to PH, there were two other high school programs that we heard about. One at Beit HaShita and another at Kfar Blum. One had 10th grade, and the other 11th. I remember going on a few tiyulim with the other schools and a few of us had been on the other programs.