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Craig Goodman writes that he lives in Israel and his email address is: and he writes...

All is well with me. I do not know where to start. After High School I went to college at San
Francisco State for a semester and then went to Israel on an overseas program at Ben Gurion
University. Got caught in the Gulf War, my program was cancelled and I came back to San
Francisco State. After I graduated in 1993 with a B.A. in Psychology I went back to Israel
and got married to my girlfriend who I had met previously in Israel and maintained a long
distance relationship. We lived there for a year and for various reasons moved back to S.F.
for a year. Then we moved to L.A. where I completed a M.A. in Clinical Psychology at Cal
State University, Northridge, and after three years we moved back to Israel. Right before we
moved in 1998 our Daughter Talia was born. Since then we have been living in Israel where
I completed in 2002 a Ph.D. in Neurobiology from the Hadassah Medical School at the
Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Now I am working at two positions at two different Mental
Hospitals in Central Israel. One is a Post-Doctoral position conducting Neuroscience research
with schizophrenia patients and the other is a clinical psychology residency at a closed ward
psycho-geriatric department with various brands of psychotic patients. I also served a stint in
the Israeli Army and now serve in the Reserves as a Psychologist with the rank of Captain.
Life is good here and it is not as bad as portrayed in the news. I live in the city of Netanya
which is a costal city on the Mediterranean Sea and is very lovely. We work hard but no

Judd Olshan writes..
For the last fifteen years I have been using work and school as an excuse to travel and meet
people. During the school years I have either been attending school or working as an outdoor
educator at residential centers. During the summer months I have been working for a cross
country outdoor adventure company called "Trek America".  I have been back and forth across
Canada, the US and Mexico many times since 1993 when I started. I have been through
California many times and always felt a little wistful that I have no idea where any of my old
classmates are living. Israeli's are considered the hardest passenger to have on a tour but
not for me!  I have a MS in resource management and recently got married and am trying to
 settle down. I'm going back to school again to become a professor and live in upstate New

My thoughts are never too far from Israel, especially with the grim news which has been a
constant for the last few years. I don't know how things will work out but I hope they do soon.

Judd Olshan
69 Hamlin Street
Cortland, NY 13045

88-89 Kenny Sahr ICQ 3022891 AIM kennysahr

Hey. I'm still in Israel. Jerusalem nowadays. I started "School Sucks"
in '96 and its a lot of fun. if you want to
see what its about. There's an Israeli site too -,
otherwise known as "ha-ir ha-maatika!"

I spend lots of time collecting music. Over a thousand cds of The Who and The Beatles -
that hasn't changed! Now that I'm collecting 'free, but awful homework' for a while,
I'm also trying to collect all the music from Woodstock, Monterey and other festivals with

I'm at the beach a lot, but I can't wait till this mess (in Israel) is over.

I'm in touch with a bunch from my year, but a bunch are still missing!

88-89 Sharon Slater

After graduating from Pardess Chana I spent a couple of years at Hebrew
Univ. in Jerusalem in both the American and Israeli programs. Went back
and forth from the States and Israel for about 6 years (meanwhile
finishing some sort of BA from Univ of Arizona). I fell into the computer
graphics scene and successfully freelanced for several years while
finishing another degree in computer graphics and 3D design. Meanwhile, I
moved back to Southern California, married an Israeli (who would've
believed!) and started a family. We have a rediculously cute 2 year old
girl named Zohar and another girl due next month. I am luckily an at-home
mom (though somehow rarely at home!) and love it. My husband and I usual
get back to Israel at least once a year. We are planning for another trip
this December though I wouldn't mind holding off for awhile to see what's
going on.

I am in touch with a couple people from PH though I would love to find out
what happened to others from our year. I saw Elanit Ovadia (89-90) last
weekend (who was in town for a wedding) and I speak with Rachel (Parsons)
Ben Avi (89-90) rather regularly. Others I speak with/email more
infrequently but at least I know whats up with them.

95-96 Daphna Ron ICQ - 3925578 AIM - Daph1979 Yahoo - Daphna_1979

Daphna Ron attended Pardes Hana during the second semester of her Junior
year of high school. Upon graduation, Daphna returned to Wisconsin and
went on to the University of Wisconsin Lax where she is currently a last
semester Art student with an emphasis in Graphic Design.  She plays hockey
for the UW women's team and drums for a band called Shot To Hell
(  Daphna still keeps in touch with her old roommate
Jen Mills VIA email, but has not been able to reach anyone else (except for
the vague memory of drunken Michah and Justin calling her parent's home at
4:30am in 1997, after having been stranded downtown Madison with a flat
tire or something silly like that).  Daphna just returned from a brief
visit to Israel in April of 2002.  During this visit she made the trip to
Pardes Hana and, heartbreakingly, found that the American program no
longer existed.  Instead, the Russians from the Russian Program had taken over
our picnic table, smoking hill, and cement soccer court.

95-96 Jenny Mills

I am currently finishing up my degree in history and women's studies.

96-97 Michael Wolin

Michael is a musician and has a cool website -

96-97 Ariel Farah (which is also his AIM account) 

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